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How To Import CSV files From FTP Server to Google Sheets Without Coding

Let’s say you have a CSV file on an FTP or FTPS server. How can you import CSV data to Google Sheets? IMPORTDATA, as well as Apps Script, are no go since they only support HTTP requests. The only actionable option is to download the CSV file using an FTP client and then import it to Google Sheets…or is it? Actually, you can automate CSV import from FTP to Google Sheets using a simple solution – CSV importer by Let’s explore how it works.

CSV from FTP to Google Sheets on a schedule

CSV importer is a ready-to-use integration to import CSV and TSV data to Google Sheets from files stored in the cloud. It works with Google Drive, Dropbox, OnenDrive and different apps. CSV importer is one of many other Google Sheets integrations available at, such as Airtable, Pipedrive and many more. 

At the same time, CSV importer allows you to connect to a CSV file stored on an FTP or FTPS server and import data to Google Sheets. For this you need to complete two main steps:

  • Install and add the CSV importer
  • Provide the URL to your CSV file on FTP 

CSV importer by

You can install from the Google Workspace Marketplace

Then you need to open your Google Sheets doc and launch as follows:

  1. Go to Add-Ons. 
  1. Select and click Open Dashboard.
  1. On the dashboard, click +Add importer and choose CSV.

Now let’s go to the next step.

URL of a CSV file stored on FTP server

You need to tailor the URL of a CSV/TSV file stored on the FTP server in the following format:

  • username – the username to access the FTP server
  • password – the password to access the FTP server
  • host – the address of the FTP server 
  • port – the port on which the server listens (it’s 21 by default).
  • path-to-file – path to the file on the FTP server

Note: For FTPS servers, the URL will be the same, but the port will change (usually to 990).  

And then enter it in the CSV URL field of your CSV importer.

Let’s explore this via an example. 

Example of Google Sheets import CSV from FTP server

We placed file.tsv in the root of a demo FTP server with the following credentials:

  • Host:
  • Username: demo
  • Password: demo

Why TSV? Unfortunately, the Wing FTP Server Online Demo doesn’t let users store CSV files.

But it’s not a big deal since the CSV importer supports TSV as well. 

So, to import data from this file, we need to construct the following CSV URL:

Insert the URL in the CSV URL field.

Now you are ready to import data. Click Save&Run and there you go!

With, you can schedule your automatic import. For this, enable the Automatic data refresh feature in the Settings section of your CSV importer and customize the schedule.

CSV to Google Sheets from anywhere

The team is constantly expanding the geography of the CSV importer. Currently, it can import data from:

Moreover, the CSV importer supports three data formats: CSV, TSV and XLXS (Yes, you can import data from Excel files to Google Sheets!).

If you feel that some source is missing here, feel free to fill out this form and tell us about it. By doing so, you will contribute a lot to the evolution of Good luck with your data!

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