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Connect Trello to Google Sheets and Automate Data Import

According to the Trello Getting Started Guide, you have two options for exporting data from a Trello board: 

  • Export as CSV (available for Business Class and Enterprise users only)
  • Export as JSON

Neither of the above will pull your Trello data directly into a spreadsheet; you’ll need to make additional manipulations anyway. However, there is a tool that connects Trello to Google Sheets right away and imports data automatically. Read on to learn how it works.

How to set up Trello – Google Sheets integration

Install is the GSheets add-on to sync spreadsheets with different data sources, such as Trello, Airtable, Xero, Clockify, and many more. Find on the G Suite Marketplace or install it with this direct link

Alternatively, you can install right from the Add-ons menu of your spreadsheet. For more about the add-on and available importers, visit the home page.

Set up a JSON Client importer

Now, you need to set up a Trello to Google Sheets integration. We’ll use the JSON Client importer to connect to Trello. Follow the instructions below to succeed. Run (from the Add-ons menu of a spreadsheet), click +Add Importer and select JSON Client

The JSON Client importer has several fields, but you’ll mostly need the following ones to connect to Trello:

  • Title – add the name of your Trello JSON to Google Sheets integration. 
  • Sheet Name – type in the name of your sheet.  
  • JSON URL – insert the JSON URL to import data from. The JSON URL will change depending on the data to be imported. For example, here is the JSON URL to pull a particular Trello board:{board-ID}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}

And here is the JSON URL to import checklists on a card:{card-id}/checklists?key={API-key}&token={server-token}

?key={API-key}&token={server-token} is the authentication string, which you’ll need to get an API key and a server token for. This, as well as JSON URLs to pull versatile data entities, are introduced in the section, Trello to Google Sheets integration parameters.

  • HTTP Method – pick GET to pull data to a spreadsheet.

Automatic data refresh lets you automate data import. Choose the frequency to enable the feature or toggle off to disable it. 

Once the parameters are inserted, click Add Importer and run it afterwards to pull data to a spreadsheet. 

What data you can export from Trello to Google Sheets

Trello to Google Sheets integration parameters

Let’s check out how it works. As an example, we’ll import Cards on a Trello board. Here is JSON URL sample for this:{board-id}/cards?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
  • You’ll find {board-id} in the Menu => More => Link to this board 

Or simply in the URL bar:


  • {server-token} – to generate a server token, click Token on the Developer API Keys page and allow access for the server token. 



Replace {API-key} and {server-token} with your values. Here is how the authentication string will look:


And here is the ready-to-use JSON URL:

Insert it in the JSON Client importer, click Add Importer and run it to pull data.

JSON URL parameters to import Trello data

Check out this spreadsheet with a detailed breakdown of Trello data entities.


Data entityJSON URL
Import a Board{board-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Boards in an Organization{organization-id}/boards?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import boardStars on a Board{board-id}/boardStars?key={API-key}&token={server-token}


Data entityJSON URL
Import a Card on a Board{board-id}/cards/{idCard}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Cards on a Board{board-id}/cards?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import filtered Cards on a Board{board-id}/cards/{filter}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import filtered Cards on a Board{board-id}/cards/{filter}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Card{card-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Attachments on a Card{card-id}/attachments?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import the Board the Card is on{card-id}/board?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import checkItems on a Card{card-id}/checkItemStates?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import checkItem on a Card{card-id}/checkItem/{idCheckItem}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Stickers on a Card{card-id}/stickers?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Sticker on a Card{card-id}/stickers/{idSticker}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}


Data entityJSON URL
Import Checklists on a Board{board-id}/checklists?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Checklists on a Card{card-id}/checklists?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Checklist{list-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import the Board the Checklist is on{list-id}/board?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import the Card a Checklist is on{list-id}/cards?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Checkitem on a Checklist{list-id}/checkItems/{idCheckItem}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}


Data entityJSON URL
Import Actions of a Board{boardId}/actions?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Actions on a Card{card-id}/actions?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import an Action{action-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import the Board for an Action{action-id}/board?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import the Card for an Action{action-id}/card?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Action’s Reaction{idAction}/reactions/{action-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
List Action’s summary of Reactions{idAction}/reactionsSummary?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Actions for a List{list-id}/actions?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Member’s Actions{member-id}/actions?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Actions for Organization{organizations-id}/actions?key={API-key}&token={server-token}


Data entityJSON URL
Import a field on a Board{board-id}/{field}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a field on a Card{card-id}/{field}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import field on a Checklist{list-id}/{field}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a specific field on an Action{action-id}/{field}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a field on a Member{member-id}/{field}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import field on Organization{organizations-id}/{field}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}

Custom Fields

Data entityJSON URL
Import Custom Fields for Board{board-id}/customFields?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Custom Field Items for a Card{card-id}/customFieldItems?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Custom Field{id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Options of Custom Field drop down{id}/options?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Option of Custom Field dropdown{id}/options/{idCustomFieldOption}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}


Data entityJSON URL
List available Emoji{API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Member’s customEmojis{member-id}/customEmoji?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Member’s custom Emoji{member-id}/customEmoji/{emoji-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}


Data entityJSON URL
Import an Enterprise{enterprise-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import signupUrl for Enterprise{enterprise-id}/signupUrl?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import whether an organization can be transferred to an enterprise.{enterprise-id}/transferrable/organization/{idOrganization}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}


Data entityJSON URL
Import Labels on a Board{board-id}/labels?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Label{labels-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}


Data entityJSON URL
Import Lists on a Board{board-id}/lists?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import filtered Lists on a Board{board-id}/lists/{filter}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import the List of a Card{card-id}/list?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import the List for an Action{action-id}/list?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a List{list-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Cards in a List{list-id}/cards?key={API-key}&token={server-token}


Data entityJSON URL
Import Memberships of a Board{board-id}/memberships?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import the Members of a Board{board-id}/members?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import the Members of a Card{card-id}/members?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Members who have voted on a Card{card-id}/membersVoted?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import the Member of an Action{action-id}/member?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Enterprise admin Members{enterprise-id}/admins?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Members of Enterprise{enterprise-id}/members?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Member of Enterprise{enterprise-id}/members/{member-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Member{member-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Member’s custom Board backgrounds{member-id}/boardBackgrounds?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a boardBackground of a Member{member-id}/boardBackgrounds/{background-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Member’s boardStars{member-id}/boardStars?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a boardStar of Member{member-id}/boardStars/{idStar}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Boards that Member belongs to{member-id}/boards?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Boards the Member has been invited to{member-id}/boardsInvited?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Cards the Member is on{member-id}/cards?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Member’s custom Board Backgrounds{member-id}/customBoardBackgrounds?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import custom Board Background of Member{member-id}/customBoardBackgrounds/{background-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Member’s custom Stickers{member-id}/customStickers?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Member’s custom Sticker{member-id}/customStickers/{idSticker}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Member’s saved searched{member-id}/savedSearches?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a saved search{member-id}/savedSearches/{idSearch}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Member’s Tokens{member-id}/tokens?key={API-key}&token={server-token}


Data entityJSON URL
Import Member’s Notifications{member-id}/notifications?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Notification{notification-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import the Board a Notification is on{notification-id}/board?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import the Card a Notification is on{notification-id}/card?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import the List a Notification is on{notification-id}/list?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import the Member who created the Notification{notification-id}/memberCreator?key={API-key}&token={server-token}


Data entityJSON URL
Import the Organization of an Action{action-id}/organization?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Member’s Organizations{member-id}/organizations?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Organizations a Member has been invited to{member-id}/organizationsInvited?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Notification’s associated Organization{notification-id}/organization?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import an Organization{organizations-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Members with Pending Invites to an Organization{organizations-id}/membersInvited?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Memberships of an Organization{organizations-id}/memberships?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Membership of an Organization{organizations-id}/memberships/{membership-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Tags of an Organization{organizations-id}/tags?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Organizations new billable guests{organizations-id}/newBillableGuests/{board-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}


Data entityJSON URL
Import Enabled Power-Ups on Board{board-id}/boardPlugins?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import Power-Ups on a Board{board-id}/plugins?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import pluginData on a Card{card-id}/pluginData?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import the pluginData Scoped to Organization{organizations-id}/pluginData?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Import a Plugin{plugin-id}?key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Data entityJSON URL
Search Trello{text-to-search}&key={API-key}&token={server-token}
Search for Members{member-to-search}&key={API-key}&token={server-token}

To wrap up: Should I import data to Trello?

You wouldn’t have got here if you hadn’t needed to pull Trello data to a spreadsheet, would you? Actually, the team has had multiple users’ requests asking how to integrate Trello and Google Sheets. So, this blog post should help them handle this. Besides, you can fill out this form and contribute to the choice of the next ready-to-use importer. If you need a Trello importer, let us know about this. Good luck with your data!

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