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Write For Us – Become a Contributor to the Blog

Great news – we accept guest blog posts. This means that you have the chance to publish your piece on the blog and introduce yourself to our audience. 

What articles are welcome? 

We expect you to provide high-quality and unique content that will stand out in Google search. The topic areas include: 

  • Data migration

Articles about export/import of data, backup migration, data transfer via APIs, etc. For example: How to Export All Data from Xero to Google Sheets and Other Formats

  • Data analysis

Articles about analyzing data including best practices , metrics, tools, use cases, etc. For example: Ultimate Guide to What Net Promoter Score Is and How to Calculate NPS for Your Project

  • Data manipulation and visualization

Articles about how you can manipulate and visualize data including best practices, tools, etc. For example: How to Build Sales Tracker with Google Sheets

  • Google Sheets usage

Articles about Google Sheets functionality including how-tos, guides on functions and features, etc. For example: How to Remove Duplicates in Google Sheets | Ultimate Guide

  • Google Sheets for personal use and small business

Articles about Google Sheets use cases – how spreadsheet can solve real-life problems of individuals and small business owners. For example: Build a Custom Currency Exchange Rate Tracker in Google Sheets Without Coding

  • Google Sheets templates

Ready-to-use templates with a detailed explanation of how to build them. For example: How to Build a Weekly Schedule Template in Google Sheets

  • Other data manipulation topics

Show your creativity 🙂

Note: We do not currently accept Excel-related topics. 

How to get published on blog

Step 1: Review our blog

You don’t have to read all our 70+ blog posts, but you need to check out a few of them to:

  • understand what can do.
  • explore the level of quality we aim at.
  • review the areas that we cover in the blog.
  • select which category of blog posts you may want to contribute to.

Step 2: Pitch your ideas

Come up with at least 3 topics (the more ideas, the better) and pitch them to us. Use our internal search or the Google search operator “site:” to check whether your topic idea has already been covered on the blog. 

For example, here is how you can validate the topic “Google Sheets shortcuts“: google sheets shortcuts

Step 3: Email

You can submit your pitch to We’ll respond to you within a week. 

Step 4: Wow! We’ve chosen your article. What’s next?

If your pitch is approved, we’ll provide you with a detailed guide on further collaboration, and you can get to writing. Once the draft is ready, it will pass through 3 rounds of edits:

  • 1st round – general review of the topic idea and how it has been conveyed
  • 2nd round – detailed review of the terms and best practices introduced in the article
  • 3rd round – adding final flourishes to get the article ready for publication

Eventually, your article will be added to our content plan and published according to the schedule. 

How to package your ready article 

In some cases, you may already have a wonderful piece of content that you’d like to pitch to us. So as not to waste your and our time, make sure that your article meets the following requirements:

  • Plagiarism-free rate: 85%+
  • Word count: 1500+ words
  • Formatting: Use headings, subheadings, tables, bulleted lists, highlighted text, and other formatting practices to make the article visually neat and readable.
  • Visuals: Only use unique visuals – we don’t accept visuals from Google image search or free stocks. Visuals used in text should have text names and be shared in a separate GDrive folder.
  • Spreadsheets: If you use spreadsheets with examples described in text, make sure to share them in a separate GDrive folder.
  • Meta data
    • Meta title (40 to 60 characters with spaces)
    • Meta description (140 to 160 characters with spaces)

If your pitch is declined…

We reserve the right to decline your article, but we always try to explain the reason for our decision. If we did not approve your pitch, don’t lose heart – you’re always welcome to come back with a new idea. Good luck!

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