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50+ Black Friday SaaS Deals in 2023

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is a global shopping phenomenon where companies offer eye-catching discounts on goods. It has seen a transformative shift in recent years, so Black Friday deals on SaaS products are particularly noteworthy to try and streamline your workspace.

SaaS and Black Friday

SaaS is a software delivery model where the software is accessed via the Internet rather than purchased and installed as a product. Software as a Service enables users to use various applications and pro tools for content marketing, communication, ecommerce, SEO, social media, email marketing, project management, and many more. SaaSes usually offer annual subscriptions or monthly plans.

And as you already understand, the SaaS industry has adopted Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals worldwide. According to the latest research, the average annual increase in Black Friday spending has been 3.5%. For SaaS businesses, this could translate into significant revenue growth. 

Among these substantial advantages, Black Friday and Cyber Monday generate publicity, increase exposure, and even enhance customer lifetime value (many users value their subscriptions and are less likely to leave in fear of missing out on future discounts). 

This event presents a prime opportunity for businesses and individuals to acquire top-tier SaaS solutions at unbeatable prices, with several benefits. However, Black Friday deals are not merely about discounts. They are about growth, new automation tools and technologies, broadening the horizons of what’s possible, and making strategic moves. You can access premium features not typically available, giving your business a competitive edge. 

So, what are the best SaaS deals on Black Friday 2023? It’s time to gear up for some of the year’s best deals. We curated this Black Friday/Cyber Monday software deals list to help you find the perfect match for your business needs. Explore the possibilities, and make the most of Black Friday SaaS deals.

Must-Check Black Friday SaaS Deals 

Our list encompasses software offers tailored for businesses during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events. We’ve focused on identifying software solutions with substantial price reductions, trial periods, or supplementary features exclusive to this sale window. full logo is a no-code platform to turn your complex data into simple reports. 

With its advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, you can collect, organize, and visualize your business data. offers 200+ integrations with various apps – from ads platforms to databases. Also, there’s a dashboard templates gallery and analytics consultancy services.

Why check this product: when you need your reports to be updated automatically, is for you. Besides, it’ll help you streamline your analytics, get insights from your data, and visualize it.

Best-match audience: PPC specialists, social media experts, other digital marketers, sales representatives, and small business owners.

Key features:

  • one-stop shop for business data analysis
  • variety of seamless data integrations 
  • data transformation module
  • ready-to-use dashboard and reporting templates
  • custom reporting solutions

Black Friday deal: 30% OFF all pricing plans for new users. Using the promo code, new users and those on the free trial will get a one-time discount.

Promo code: BFCM23

Duration: 01 – 30 November 2023


Mailtrap is an email delivery platform for businesses and individuals to test, send, and control their email infrastructure performance.

After years of experience building email flows for unicorns and startups, Mailtrap provides customers with an email platform that ensures high deliverability rates and effortless maintenance. All platform customers can rely on fast and quality support from deliverability experts.  

Why check this product:  to cover all email-related needs with one solution: email sandbox to test, inspect, and debug emails and email sending (API or SMTP service) to deliver emails to your recipients just in time. With Actionable Analytics, you can control your email infrastructure performance.

Best-match audience: mostly developers, but also QAs, managers, and marketers looking to control their email infrastructure.

Key features:

  • helicopter-view dashboard
  • drill-down reports
  • up to 60 days of email logs with email body preview
  • deliverability alerts 

Black Friday deal: Free Email Testing for 3 Months. Applicable for Team Plan.

Promo code: BLACKFRIDAY2023

Duration: 10 November 2023 – 10 November 2024


Plerdy 2 1

Plerdy is a transformative tool that epitomizes the confluence of UX and SEO.

Empowered with AI, Plerdy offers comprehensive website analysis, from enhancing conversions to elevating your SEO game. Users can track, analyze, and convert website visitors into engaged customers. Also, you can benefit from its intuitive heatmap data analysis and easy integrations with other online platforms.

Why check this product: if you seek CRO and UX improvements, conversions boost, SEO enhancement, and understanding of user behavior.

Best-match audience: ecommerce businesses, SEO and CRO specialists, UX/UI designers, SMBs.

Key features:

  • CRO tools
  • UX + SEO analytics
  • ecommerce analytics
  • efficiency reports

Black Friday deal: 50% OFF on annual plans

Promo code: plerdyBF2023

Duration:  24 November – 1 December 2023



Stripo is an all-in-one email design platform. 

Stripo provides all necessary tools for creating emails of any complexity, including those with interactive, real-time, and AMP content. It’s integrated with 80 ESPs/CRMs, which lets you push your emails to your marketing automation system.

Why check this product: when you need to craft your email designs, whether you are an email marketer who uses the drag-and-drop editor or a designer who prefers working with pure HTML code, Stripo will assist you.

Best-match audience: email marketers, designers, marketers, HR professionals.

Key features:

  • 1400+ ready-to-use email templates 
  • no-code email development
  • modular email design
  • AI-powered copy generation
  • The Brand Guidelines kit

Black Friday deal: 50% OFF Medium and Pro annual plans. The 50% discount is valid only for the payment of the annual Medium and Pro plans if you are a new user and for the plan upgrades to the Medium and Pro level if you are a registered user and if the plan at the time of the promotion is lower than your current one.

Promo code: BFSTRIPOeXpZbf

Duration: 23 – 28 November 2023 is an all-in-one sales platform for boosting your sales and marketing productivity.

The platform helps find and verify leads according to your ICP, convert leads via hyper-personalized email campaigns that run on autopilot. If you aim at growing the productivity of your sales team, can bring all the workflows into the built-in CRM and provide unlimited teamwork possibilities.

Why check this product: when you need a robust solution to manage your outbound sales and marketing operations in one platform.

Best-match audience: lead generation experts, sales and marketing professionals, business owners.

Key features:

  • email search and verification
  • integrated sales CRM 
  • advanced email warm-up and domain health checks
  • automated email sequences

Black Friday offer: cuts its annual prices for all premium plans in half only for the Black Friday season. 

Promo code: BLACKFRIDAY23

Duration: 20 November – 01 December 2023



Claspo is a no-code builder to create high-converting and user-friendly pop-ups.

Claspo has 700+ ready-made templates and a simple drag-and-drop editor, allowing you to create a pop-up in 3 minutes. With flexible display rules, you can intelligently implement pop-ups into the user journey and provide a non-intrusive experience. Claspo integrates with many ESPs and CRMs, so pop-ups can harmoniously fit into your digital strategy.

Why check this product: to increase website conversions and user experience with minimal effort on any website regardless of CMS.

Best-match audience: marketing specialists, marketing managers, CEOs, content creators.

Key features:

  • templates gallery
  • intuitive drag-and-drop editor
  • overlap protection and the silent interval between pop-ups
  • any CMS improbability with Google Tag Manager
  • integrations with the most popular ESPs and CRMs

Black Friday deal: 70% discount on any plan for your first three months and receive an additional 10 million free monthly pageviews.

Promo code: coupler_bfridayf1j1gE

Duration: 01 – 30 November 2023



Document360 is an AI-powered knowledge base platform.

It enables the creation of a robust self-service knowledge base catering to external customers and internal users. The new AI Concierge, Eddy, serves as a sophisticated AI-driven search expert equipped with NLP capabilities, allowing users to find information quickly and accurately. Document360 seamlessly integrates with a range of platforms, including Intercom, Microsoft Teams, and many others.

Why check this product: if you need to produce various resources like user guides, internal wikis, FAQs, standard operating procedures, and user manuals. It also offers Private hosting and API documentation features as optional. 

Best-match audience: technical writers, product managers, support teams, content managers, business analysts

Key features: 

  • rich text editor
  • version control
  • branding content organization
  • multi-language support
  • analytics and reporting

Black Friday deal: Save up to 50% on all annual plans.

Promo code: BLACKFRIDAY2023 

Duration: 06 November - 08 December 2023



Onigiri is a platform for running a freelance business.

With Onigiri, you can simplify your freelance business with a tailor-made toolkit. This tool gives you back your creativity time by taking care of all annoying, yet important administrative stuff. There you can keep track of your projects, manage client’s data, create tasks, price lists and invoice your customers in one space.

Why check this product: if you’re a freelancer who needs to set up and streamline your freelance business.

Best-match audience: freelancers, solopreneurs, individuals.

Key features:

  • managing client’s database (billing details, references, contact person, etc.)
  • tracking on all your current tasks
  • creating and sending invoices
  • crafting a price list for your services
  • unlimited number of clients

Black Friday deal: 50% OFF for any new subscription

Promo code: BLACKFRIDAY50

Duration: 01 November – 31 December 2023



Chanty is an all-in-one team collaboration platform for business teams of all sizes. 

Chanty offers an unlimited searchable message history, audio and video calls with screen sharing, and a Kanban board task manager. 

Why check this product: if your business needs to accumulate collaborative efforts in a single place, Chanty is the right tool.

Best-match audience: teams of all sizes in IT, marketing, education, logistics, property business

Key features: 

  • Teambook (a single hub for tasks, conversations, etc.)
  • task manager with the Kanban board
  • audio and video calls with screen-sharing
  • unlimited messaging
  • integrations with 3-rd party apps

Black Friday deal: 20% off the monthly plan; 40% off the annual plan

Promo code: None

Duration: 06 November – 03 December 2023


Newoldstamp logo

Newoldstamp is an email signature management platform.

With Newoldstamp, you can turn your emails into a dynamic marketing asset. You can direct traffic to your website, generate leads, upsell products, and announce both online and offline events by adding clickable links, eye-catching banners, and interactive buttons to your email signature.

Why check this product: to craft email signatures and leverage them for marketing efforts and brand consistency.

Best-match audience: marketing and sales professionals. Also, realtors, lawyers, teachers.

Key features:

  • email signature templates
  • auto-update of signatures
  • email signature segmentation
  • cross-platform compatibility

Black Friday Deal: 25% OFF on any plan. Recurring discount for all next payments.

Promo code: BF2023NOS

Duration: 20 – 30 November 2023



Internxt is an open-source cloud storage provider designed to put users first and protect clients’ data privacy and safety.

Internxt users get access to Internxt Drive, Photos, and Send. All three services work together to empower users to store, share, and back up large files and photos securely. 

Why check this product: if you need a private cloud storage service for unparalleled safety and security.

Best-match audience: businesses and freelancers

Key features:

  • Internxt Drive for storing, backing up, and sharing your files in total privacy
  • Internxt Photos lets you sync the gallery with access on all devices
  • Internxt Send for sharing large files securely
  • Free privacy tools: Temporary email, Password Generator, and more.

Black Friday deal: 91% off the annual plans

Promo code: None

Duration: 13 – 30 November 2023



POWR is a plugins and apps library. 

POWR helps your website improve lead collection and conversions while supporting existing customers. It offers over 60 no-code plugins like Form Builder, Popup, and Live Chat to boost revenue and reduce customer retention. Also, POWR apps are fully customizable to match your brand, and any app will integrate with popular site builders like Wix, WordPress, and Shopify. 

Why check this product: If you are a small company or solopreneur with limited resources and funding, POWR will impact you from day one. All apps start for free. 

Best-match audience: Small business owners, solopreneurs, ecommerce store merchants.

Key features:

  • Patented Live App Editor
  • Data Dashboard for tracking views, responses, orders, payments 
  • automated instant alerts and auto-responders
  • 100s of pre-built professional templates
  • integrated with over 1,000 tools and platforms

Black Friday deal: 30% OFF any app for one year & 50% OFF top 4 conversion apps.

Promo code: n/a

Duration: through 29 November 2023


My Signature

MySignature is an all-in-one email signature and email tracking platform.

MySignature is the ultimate solution for creating professional, attention-grabbing email signatures while offering advanced email tracking capabilities. It allows you to easily create professional email signatures and make your business emails stand out from the crowd.

Why check this product: when you need to build brand recognition and become your brand’s ambassador through personalized email signatures.

Best-match audience: from individuals to marketers and sales representatives.

Key features:

  • customizable templates 
  • addable visual elements (social media icons, CTAs, etc.)
  • email tracking

Black Friday deal: 50% OFF for the first payment for all yearly plans

Promo code: BF2023MS

Duration:  20 – 30 November 2023



Sender is an email and text marketing platform.

The platform helps users create marketing campaigns to boost engagement and sales. With Sender, you can send professional-looking newsletters, capture quality leads, and set up automation sequences such as an abandoned cart, welcome, upselling emails, and more

Why check this product: if you need to create and send effective email and text campaigns without a hassle, as Sender does the heavy lifting for you. 

Best-match audience: small to medium business owners and entrepreneurs.

Key features:

  • Advanced segmentation and personalization
  • Triggered automation sequences
  • Popups and forms
  • Text messaging
  • Detailed analytics and newsletter heatmap

Black Friday deal: 20% OFF all pricing plans 

Promo code: PARTNER20

Duration: NOW – 27 November 2023



Storydoc is an innovative pitch deck and business presentation maker.

It enables businesses to easily create interactive decks that significantly boost engagement. Storydoc’s AI-driven platform automates slide design and integrates seamlessly with CRM, calendar, and other essential tools, ensuring presentations aren’t just visually appealing but also actionable.

Why check this product: to transit from static PowerPoints or PDFs to interactive multimedia presentations, so you can bring your narratives to life and make them more memorable and more persuasive.

Best-match audience: founders, sales teams, and marketers. 

Key features:

  • AI-powered wizard
  • built-in analytics
  • automation and personalization at scale
  • integrations with essential tools

Black Friday deal: 30% OFF all plans

Promo code: n/a

Duration: 23 – 27 November 2023



BoldDesk is a comprehensive help desk software facilitating streamlined customer support and efficient issue resolution.

BoldDesk is designed to streamline customer support, allowing efficient ticket management and robust communication between businesses and their clients. It serves as a centralized platform for issue resolution, offering tools for tracking, prioritizing, and resolving customer inquiries.

Why check this product: when you need a comprehensive ticket management system, streamline your customer support operations, reduce support team workload, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Best-match audience: customer support managers, IT help desk administrators, service desk analysts, SMB business owners, technical support teams.

Key features:

  • ticketing system
  • email to tickets/shared inbox
  • AI assistance
  • knowledge base software
  • workflow automation and SLA management

Black Friday deal: 50% off on all yearly plans 

Promo code: BLACKFRIDAY50 

Duration: 01 November – 05 December 2023


Outgrow 2

Outgrow is an interactive marketing platform.

Outgrow lets creators, marketers, and digital agencies make quizzes, calculators, surveys, forms, chatbots, assessments, polls, and giveaways to boost their marketing efforts. The platform also comes with the power of AI to create a unique interactive tool for you in a couple of minutes without coding.

Why check this product: when you need to boost your marketing efforts and stand out with your quizzes, surveys, and other assets empowered by AI.

Best-match audience: creators, marketers, digital agencies, startups, and other businesses. 

Key features:

  • variety of tools to boost your marketing  
  • powerful funnel analytics
  • smart builder accelerates development to minutes
  • layouts are optimized for conversion, engagement, browsers, and share rates

Black Friday deal: You can start with Outgrow with their 7-day free trial. They have different paid plans for different users starting from $14 per month. However, this Black Friday, they offer one of their biggest discounts of 25% off on all annual subscriptions. 

Promo code: BFCM23

Duration: 01 – 30 November 2023



Cloudways is a premium web hosting for performance-driven websites.

Cloudways offers reliable, scalable, and user-friendly hosting solutions designed for various needs. Whether you’re launching a personal blog or scaling an ecommerce business, the platform ensures optimal performance, so you can enjoy seamless web experiences backed by robust infrastructure and intuitive tools.

Why check this product: to ensure your website is always at its best for your visitors with fast load times and uptime.

Best-match audience: web developers, ecommerce businesses, bloggers, digital agencies, startups

Key features:

  • managed security and backups
  • integrated performance optimization
  • seamless scalability with website traffic growth
  • 24/7 dedicated support
  • user-friendly control panel

Black Friday deal: a massive 40% OFF for 4 months on all hosting plans. Plus, benefit from up to 40 free migrations to make your switch even smoother.

Promo code: BFCM4040

Duration: 13 November – 01 December 2023 



MailerLite is an AI-enhanced, user-friendly email automation platform.

MailerLite streamlines your email marketing with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder and AI content generation. It is perfect for creating engaging newsletters, automating campaigns, and building landing pages that convert.

Why check this product: when you’re a business or creator and want to earn more revenue and grow your business online.

Best-match audience: entrepreneurs, content creators, ecommerce stores, freelancers.

Key features:

  • drag & drop newsletter builder with inline editing 
  • AI assistant for email content and subject lines in multiple languages
  • multi-trigger automations with A/B testing
  • real-time performance analytics
  • ecommerce integrations 

Black Friday deal: 90% off the first month of any paid monthly plan OR 33% off (equivalent to 4 months free) when choosing the annual Advanced plan

Promo code: n/a

Duration: 16 November – 07 December 2023



Jotform is a no-code automation platform that streamlines data collection and management.

With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and customizable templates, Jotform makes it a breeze to build dynamic forms, e-signature documents, and applications. It allows users to collect data, generate reports and dashboards, build approval flows, and collaborate with teammates.

Why check this product: to simplify data collection, analyze and manage data, and automate workflows.

Best-match audience: marketing professionals, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, small businesses, ecommerce businesses.

Key features: 

  • automated workflows and forms without any coding 
  • hundreds of form, survey, document, and app templates
  • various third-party application integrations
  • easy data analysis with reports and dashboards
  • SSL encryption and strong data security capabilities

Black Friday deal: 50% off annual plan upgrades during Black Friday.

Promo code: n/a
Duration: 13 –  27 November 2023


Reply is the ultimate AI-powered sales engagement platform.

It helps sales teams find new leads, engage them via multiple channels, and create endless opportunities at scale. With its AI sales assistant, Reply generates personalized sales emails and outreach sequences and then handles responses by answering queries and booking meetings on your behalf. From building targeted prospect lists with its free 140 million+ contact database to booking calls right through the platform, the platform allows you to automate the entire sales process.

Why check this product: if you’re looking for an all-in-one sales engagement platform to identify and engage potential buyers, Reply’s got you covered.

Best-match audience: sales reps, agencies, outbound marketers, small and medium-sized business owners, recruiters. 

Key features:

  • automated multichannel sales engagement 
  • built-in AI sales assistant  
  • B2B contact database for prospecting 
  • categorize emails in your inbox based on intent to pinpoint the hottest leads
  • reports and analytics to track progress 

Black Friday deal: 75% off all annual plans (first 4 months) + 25% off any add-ons. 

Promo code: HOLIDAY2023

Duration: 20 November – 31 December 2023



Churn360 is an AI-powered customer success platform to retain and expand customers.

Churn360 helps monitor product usage, track your customer journey, and see who needs help. With this platform, you can view all customer data in a single place, as well as automate repetitive tasks and processes, so customer success managers can focus on more important tasks.

Why check this product: when you need to get valuable insights into your customer data and make informed decisions to improve customer retention.

Best-match audience: customer success managers, SaaS CEOs, customer retention managers, customer experience managers, VP sales.

Key features:

  • 360° view of customers
  • customer health score
  • customer segmentation
  • automated plays
  • dynamic dashboards

Black Friday deal: Up to 40% OFF on annual plans

Promo code: n/a

Deal duration: 06 November – 15 December 2023 



Survicate is an effortless survey software.

Survicate is an effortless survey tool that allows you to collect continuous customer feedback via email, web, in-product, and mobile apps.

Why check this product: when you want to create customized surveys, run them where you need (via email, link, etc.), connect with other tools, and capture responses at various points of the customer journey.

Best-match audience: product managers, marketing managers, CS managers, UX managers.

Key features:

  • a wide range of native integrations with third-party tools
  • intuitive drag-and-drop survey creator, no coding required
  • over 400 ready-to-use survey templates, with AI-assisted search and personalized recommendations
  • automated feedback collection with recurring surveys

Black Friday deal: sign up for a yearly plan and receive 1 MONTH FREE! Input the code on Survicate’s website chat and claim your extra month. 

Promo code: “Feedback is the new black”

Deal duration: 24 November – 30 November 2023



EngageBay is an integrated all-in-one marketing, sales, and support platform with a free CRM.

EngageBay offers a comprehensive suite of marketing, sales, and customer service tools designed to streamline business operations and enhance customer engagement. It offers a user-friendly interface and powerful automation capabilities. With EngageBay, organizations can achieve greater efficiency and scalability in their customer-centric activities.

Why check this product: if you need a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for marketing, sales, and customer service needs. 

Best-match audience: SMB owners, digital marketers, sales teams, customer support teams, CRM administrators.

Key features:

  • Automate marketing campaigns
  • Manage customer data in a centralized CRM system
  • Streamline and automate sales processes
  • Provide efficient customer support with a fully integrated helpdesk solution
  • Create and send email campaigns with customizable templates and analytics

Black Friday deal: 40% off lifetime on all first-time purchases across all plans

Promo code: n/a

Duration: 14 November – 30 November 2023



Surfer provides a set of tools to optimize long-form content to drive organic traffic.

Surfer can help you plan and create SEO content using AI. Unlike other SEO tools that rely on users having up-to-date SEO knowledge, their tools are the experts. So whether you’re a novice or an SEO guru, Surfer leverages AI to help you conduct SEO tasks with the click of a few buttons. 

Why check this product: to organize and optimize SEO tasks and content writing.

Best-match audience: content marketers, agencies, and publishers.

Key features:

  • AI writing
  • AI keyword research
  • On-page SEO

Black Friday deal:

  • Monthly plans: 10% off for 6 months
  • Annual plans: 30% off for the first year

Promo code: n/a

Duration: 24 November – 08 December 2023


fomo icon

Fomo is a just-in-time notification software for ecommerce stores.

Fomo offers a “healthy dose” of social proof through two primary features: live social proof notifications that can be placed anywhere on a site and push notifications that help you re-engage your almost customers again. Fomo provides over 108 integrations to connect with many apps to instantly showcase social proof.

Why check this product: to enhance credibility, trust, and sales for businesses by displaying real-time customer interactions on their websites.

Best-match audience: ecommerce brand owners, Shopify business owners, ecommerce marketers, and retailers. 

Key features:

  • live visitor count
  • recent sales showcasing
  • notifications (abandoned cart, push, low stock)
  • flows to create a sales funnel with your notifications

Black Friday deal: 

  • For annual plans: a 33% discount and an extended 30-day trial period, saving you four months on your subscription. You save $1996.
  • For any of the monthly plans: a 16.67% discount on your subscription for the entire year. You save $998.

Promo code: n/a

Duration: 01 – 30 November 2023



Envato provides digital assets and services. They shared two Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in 2023:

  • Envato Market is the world’s leading marketplace for creative digital assets, where you can buy assets as single purchases, as and when you need them.
  • Envato Elements is a subscription that gives you access to over 16 million creative digital assets, including royalty-free music and sound effects, stock video, video templates, graphics, presentation templates, fonts, and more.

Why check these products: when you need various digital assets for your business created by a community of world-class authors and industry experts. Also, you get unlimited downloads for one low monthly price with Envato Elements.

Best-match audience: web designers and developers, graphic designers, video editors, photographers, small business owners.

Envato MarketEnvato Elements
Black Friday dealUp to 60% off WordPress themes, web templates, code and more. 50% off all plans (excluding Enterprise solutions).
Duration19 November, 11:00 PM CST –
02 December, 6:59 AM CST
23 November, 4:00 PM CST – 
28 November, 2:00 AM CST
Deal linkGet DealGet Deal

No promo codes are needed.



Brand24 is an AI-powered media monitoring and social listening tool.

The tool helps to track online brand mentions and provides a lot of valuable insights regarding brand reputation. Brand24 offers a handful of data and analytics about collected mentions such as social and non-social reach, sentiment analysis, influential authors, the context of discussion, popular hashtags, and many more. 

Why check this product: if you need to track real-time data on competitor mentions, which helps you stay informed about their campaigns, activities, and customer interactions. Brand24 analyses social media conversations and provides you with advanced analytics.

Best-match audience: marketing managers, community specialists, social media managers, PR/communications professionals, product managers.

Key features:

  • sentiment analysis
  • AI Reports
  • trending hashtags
  • engagement tracking (likes, shares, comments)
  • presence score

Black Friday deal: 50% off of any plan for 3 months, paid monthly. The price will be automatically reduced on the pricing page.

Promo code: n/a

Duration: 20 – 27 November 2023



lemlist is a cold outreach tool.

lt is the only cold outreach solution that helps you reach inboxes and get replies. Build your lead list with verified emails, write and personalize at scale, and automate cold emails and LinkedIn messages that actually get customers.

Why check this product: when you need to reach out to new customers and close more deals, lemlist offers personalized, effective email and LinkedIn messaging tools that ensure your outreach gets noticed and receives responses.

Best-match audience: sales team, outbound agencies, marketing teams

Key features:

  • manage campaigns across email, LinkedIn, and calls for broader reach.
  • locate and verify leads’ emails and LinkedIn information.
  • a vast 450M+ B2B lead database to find ready-to-buy prospects
  • advanced customization of both images and text in email campaigns

Black Friday deal:

  • $400 per seat per year instead of $600 (33% OFF for the Standard plan (email outreach)
  • $596 per seat per year instead of $996 (40% OFF for the Pro plan (email + LinkedIn + call outreach)


Duration: 24 November – 01 December 2023



NapoleonCat is an all-in-one social media management platform.

In Social Inbox, users can track and reply to messages, reviews, and comments (including the ones on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads). Also, it allows scheduling posts across multiple profiles and platforms and analyzing the results of your social media campaigns. A variety of collaboration-dedicated features will help you delegate tasks and facilitate the approval process. 

Why check this product: to connect various team members and untangle workflows. It’s valuable for social media professionals working in teams.

Best-match audience: social media teams, social customer service teams, social media agencies, social media professionals.

Key features:

  • unified inbox for all social media conversations
  • content scheduling for multiple platforms
  • automated reporting
  • automated comment moderation
  • ads comments monitoring

Black Friday deal: 30% OFF on annual plans for new users. No promo code needed, just register for a free trial using the dedicated link

Promo code: n/a

Duration: 24 – 27 November 2023



Weblium is a website builder to turn your ideas and conceptions into a ready-to-use functional site.

With the assistance of our builder, you can create different types of websites and edit them at any time, adding more content. While integrations with different payment systems and built-in CRM will help you bring your business online, a flexible editor will be an advantage for designers and marketers. 

Why check this product: when you need to create a website, online store, or landing page.

Best-match audience: small and medium-sized business owners, web designers and marketers.

Key features:

  • flexible page editor with 250+ ready-made blocks
  • round-a-clock support 
  • high-speed and advanced SEO settings
  • built-in CRM system
  • contact forms for lead collection with popular integrations 

Black Friday deal: 30% off the annual Pro plan

Promo code: n/a

Duration: 21 – 30 November 2023



Signeasy is the most popular eSignature and contract workflow solution. 

Since customers today expect convenience and security, Signeasy gives you the tools to meet those expectations with a user-friendly and legally compliant eSignature and contract workflow platform. Signeasy offers an easy-to-use, reliable, and modern eSignature solution for technology businesses looking to digitize document-based processes.

Why check this product:  when you need an easy-to-use and secure eSignature solution for internal and external use.

Best-match audience: professionals from sales, HR, legal and compliance, IT, and operations.

Key features:

  • document upload and preparation
  • flexible signature workflows
  • tracking and management
  • legality, security, and compliance
  • integrations, Apps, APIs, and more

Black Friday deal: Users can avail 50% discount only on the yearly plan.

Promo code: BLACKFRIYAY50

Duration: 17 – 30 November 2023



Narrato is an AI content creation and automation platform designed to revolutionize the content creation process. 

The platform offers AI and automation tools to easily create, collaborate, and publish high-quality content in one place. The Narrato AI Content Genie serves as a content marketing autopilot, generating weekly content based on your chosen themes. Plus, you can effortlessly handle freelance creators, agencies, and other stakeholders using the intuitive interface.

Why check this product: to supercharge your content production by up to 5-10 times, saving valuable time and money

Best-match audience: content teams of all sizes

Key features:

  • AI content assistant
  • project management platform for content creation
  • SEO content brief generator
  • custom AI images and graphics 
  • over 100 AI templates for content creation

Black Friday deal: 30% off for the first year on Narrato Workspace

Promo code: BFCM23NRT

Duration: 19 November – 03 December 2023



SocialBee is an AI-powered social media management tool.

The tool helps simplify content creation, scheduling, and posting across all major platforms.

You can leverage AI to generate captivating captions and images or let Copilot create a personalized social media strategy based on your input. SocialBee also offers helpful integrations like Canva, Unsplash, Zapier, and more.

Why check this product: when you need to cut time on the time-consuming tasks out of your social media workflow.

Best-match audience: social media managers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, business coaches

Key features:

  • AI content generation
  • advanced scheduling
  • team collaboration
  • social media analytics
  • social inbox

Black Friday deal: Save 70% on your SocialBee plan by using the promo code at checkout.

Promo code: SOCIALBEEBF23

Duration: 24 – 27 November 2023


ContentStudio is a cloud-based social media management and content marketing platform.

The platform provides a unified dashboard for managing social media and content marketing, including content discovery, curation, publishing, and analytics. Its AI-powered content discovery engine and content composer tool enable businesses to create posts optimized for engagement and conversion.’s team collaboration capabilities allow companies to manage multiple users and teams, assign roles and permissions, and track performance. 

Why check this product: when you need to get valuable insights from your social media and content marketing performance.

Best-match audience: social media managing agencies, brands, and teams.

Key features:

  • centralized social media management
  • easy blog post creation and publication
  • unified response to comments and messages
  • detailed performance tracking reports
  • AI-generated social media captions and images

Black Friday deal: 67% Off Agency Max Plan and 30% Off All Regular Plans

Promo code: n/a

Duration: not indicated



Dorik is a no-code and AI website builder.

Dorik is one of the most beginner-friendly website builders featuring 80+ fully responsive templates with 250+ stunning UI blocks and 20+ elements. You can use the Dorik Collection to store content on the database and present it anywhere on your website. Also, you can build and publish blogs with all the features you need to rank on Google, and the Analytics feature will help you track your audience.

Why check this product:  if you need to create a beautiful website in minutes without any design or coding experience.

Best-match audience: agency owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, web designers, bloggers. 

Key features:

  • AI website builder
  • white-label CMS
  • custom fields and collections
  • membership feature
  • useful Integrations

Black Friday deal: Flat 30% discount on all paid plans.

Promo code: n/a

Duration: 14 November – 08 December  2023



SalesBlink is an AI-powered cold email outreach solution. 

SalesBlink helps you secure appointments by providing leads, automating inbox-focused email outreach, and executing follow-ups seamlessly through BlinkGPT. Using this tool, you can search for prospects, put your cold email sequences on autopilot, view stats and reports for opens, clicks, replies, and more. It has multiple integrations with CRMs and collaboration platforms.

Why check this product: to automate your outreach efforts with the help of AI.

Best-match audience: sales professionals, marketing teams, and business development executives

Key features:

  • BlinkGPT sales sequences
  • cold email outreach
  • B2B leads database
  • meeting scheduler
  • email deliverability

Black Friday deal: 50% off on Scale and Business Plans for the next 1 year for both yearly and monthly plans.

Promo code: BlackFriday2023

Duration: 01 November – 31 December 2023



SVGator is an online SVG animation software.

It lets users create animations without any coding skills. The keyframe-based, friendly interface includes advanced animators like Morph, Filter, Color, Translate, Stroke, and many more. It also supports custom easing functions, snapping, and interactivity, so the animation can be set to start on mouse-over, scroll into view, or click. Besides SVG, there are many other export formats available: GIF, video, .JS, .DART, etc.

Why check this product: if want to create animated graphics for the web or mobile devices, SVGator is the easiest to learn and use animation tool. 100% beginner-friendly.

Best-match audience: Graphic and web designers, developers, solopreneurs, marketers, social media content creators.

Key features:

  • variety of export options, including video and GIF
  • interactive settings with just a few clicks
  • cloud rendering and storage
  • drag & drop asset library of static and animated assets
  • video tutorials

Black Friday deal: 30% off the Annual Pro plan subscription.

Promo code: n/a

Duration: 20 – 26 November 2023



Luzmo is an embedded analytics platform, purpose-built for SaaS companies. 

It brings complex data to life with beautiful, easy-to-use dashboards, embedded seamlessly in any SaaS or web platform. With Luzmo, product teams can add impactful insights to their SaaS product in days, not months. And take their product users from data to decisions, extremely fast.

Why check this product: if you want to add interactive dashboards to your SaaS, but don’t want to go through the trouble of developing it yourself.

Best-match audience: SaaS product managers, engineering teams, data analysts

Key features:

  • drag-and-drop dashboard editor
  • easy embedding of reports in any software
  • direct connector to major databases and warehouses
  • easy embedding components for major frontend frameworks
  • deep interactivity with filters, drilldown, email notifications

Black Friday deal: 10% off your first three months on any plan, for new users

Promo code: n/a

Duration: 24 – 29  November 2023



Groupboss is a Facebook group automation tool that helps Facebook group admins collect unlimited leads.

Groupboss helps Facebook group owners collect the answers to the Facebook group membership questions asked to the new members with a single click. It has direct integrations with popular email marketing autoresponders.

Why check this product: it automates the lead generation from Facebook groups.

Best-match audience: coaches, consultants, teachers, ecommerce store owners.

Key features:

  • access to Google Sheets integration
  • email marketing software integrations
  • option to export data both in CSV and Excel format from the dashboard

Cyber Monday deal: Groupboss is offering a 25% discount on all the plans on Cyber Monday.

Promo code: MONDAY25

Duration: 25 November – 31 December 2023


Replug is a premium link management tool.

It offers link branding, tracking, and brand marketing solutions. Replug is a feature-rich solution with multiple ways to grow and market your brand by placing your own branding.

Why check this product: when you need a complete toolbox for your links and branding.

Best-match audience: brands, influencers, and agencies.

Key features:

  • white label solution
  • branded link management
  • link tracking & retargeting 
  • personalized CTA’s
  • bio links

Black Friday deal: Enjoy 75% off on Agency Max plan and 64% off on Agency Pro plan.

Promo code: n/a

Deal duration: 20 November – 15 December 2023



UserGuiding is a no-code user onboarding platform.

UserGuiding reduces churn using interactive walkthroughs, onboarding checklists, in-app surveys, as well as custom user segmentation, and product tours. It helps startups increase product adoption and you can kickstart the user journey the right way as they experience your product for the first time. 

Why check this product: when you need to improve activation and battle early-churn with all the necessary onboarding elements in the app.

Best-match audience: Project managers, customer success managers, product marketers

Key features:

  • segmentation
  • onboarding checklists
  • product tours
  • in-app surveys

Black Friday deal:  50% off on all plans for the next 12 months

Promo code: BLACKFRIDAY23

Duration: 17 November – 15 December 2023

Rymera Web Co

Rymera Web Co

Rymera Web Co helps store owners grow online by building versatile WooCommerce plugins. Over 500K website owners have downloaded these plugins to implement unique and powerful features on their websites.

Rymera Web Co offers Black Friday deals for their products:

  • Wholesale Suite is the #1 rated wholesale plugin in WooCommerce. It helps reduce admin work, ditch the spreadsheets, and seamlessly bring your wholesale operation online.
  • Advanced Coupons is the ultimate tool for extending coupons in WooCommerce. Run Buy One, Get One deals, store credits, gift cards, loyalty programs, and more to grow your store.
  • WCVendors is the best WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin for swift, hassle-free multi-vendor marketplace setups like Amazon and Etsy.

Why check these products: when you need to streamline, promote, and empower your ecommerce business, particularly your WooCommerce store.

Best-match audience: online store owners, website owners, ecommerce marketers.

Wholesale SuiteAdvanced CouponsWCVendors
Black Friday deal60% off on all plugins60% off on all plugins60% off on all licenses
Duration13 Nov – 01 Dec 13 Nov – 01 Dec 13 Nov – 01 Dec 
Deal linkGet DealGet DealGet Deal

No promo codes are needed.



Podcastle is an AI-powered audio and video production software. 

It allows you to record, edit, enhance, and now also host your audio and video content all in one place. This software is perfect for both beginner and experienced content creators, as it offers professional tools through a user-friendly interface. With powerful AI features and collaborative tools, it not only saves time during content creation but also elevates the overall quality of your productions effortlessly.

Why check this product: if you need a reliable solution to create audio and video content.

Best-match audience: podcasters, audiobook creators, webinar creators, digital marketers, educators

Key Features:

  • Revoice (voice cloning tool) 
  • Magic Dust (automatic background noise remover) 
  • High-quality audio and video recording 
  • AI-powered transcription 
  • Hosting Hub 

Black Friday deal: 25% off on all premium plans, including Storyteller, Pro, and multi-user Teams plans. Apply the code at the checkout. 

Promo code: TDAYPOD01 

Duration: 21 – 27 November 2023



Planly is a social media management tool. 

It allows to schedule and analyze social media posts. Planly supports 8 social media platforms. It offers time-saving features like post scheduling, auto-posting, and AI-generated captions, making it efficient for managing diverse social media channels. 

Why check this product: to streamline social media management across multiple platforms. Also, Planly will help to enhance engagement and understanding of audience behavior. 

Best-match audience: Social media managers, digital marketers, content creators, influencers, and small- to medium-sized business owners.

Key features:

  • support for multiple social media platforms
  • comprehensive analytics
  • AI content assistant
  • hashtag suggestion and optimal posting times
  • for personal branding

Black Friday deal: 50 % OFF on monthly plans and 30 % OFF on annual plans.

Promo code: n\a

Duration: 20 – 30 November 2023



Writecream is an AI-powered text, voice, and image generation mobile and web app.

With this solution, you can generate anything: stories, novels, product descriptions, articles, scripts, ad copy, social media posts, and more. Writecream features AI-based neural voices that sound like humans, which can be used to generate podcasts and narrations for YouTube videos. Additionally, they have recently added a one-click image generation function using DALLE-2.

Why check this product: when you need to speed up the creation of different content types.

Best-match audience: content creators, digital marketers, social media influencers, bloggers, business owners.

Key features:

  • AI article writer 
  • Image & Audio icebreakers
  • YouTube Voice-Over and Podcast
  • 75+ languages
  • browser extension for Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge

Black Friday deal: Get 20% off on Writecreams monthly and annual unlimited plans.

Promo code: WRITE20

Duration: 18 November – 31 December 2023



AroundDeal is a B2B prospecting platform. 

With AroundDeal, you can find your next customer with better data, automate sales engagement, find leads on LinkedIn, and enrich your data automatically. Also, it provides AI recruiting and prospecting capabilities.

Why check this product: if you need to access 120+ million B2B companies and contact data for prospecting, engaging, and generating leads. 

Best-match audience: sales, marketing, recruiting

Key features:

  • people and company search
  • reverse email lookup
  • B2B database
  • enrichment
  • engagement

Black Friday deal: Get 60% off any annual plans or to get 50% off any monthly plans.

Promo code: BF2023SALE

Duration: 21 November – 01 December 2023

OneStream Live


OneStream Live is a live streaming solution provider.

OneStream Live enables recorded and real-time live streaming on 45+ platforms simultaneously. It revolutionizes live content creation with its cutting-edge cloud-based multistreaming solution, providing users with an effortless way to amplify their reach, engage audiences, and elevate their online presence across various platforms.

Why check this product: when you need a solid provider for live streaming.

Best-match audience: content creators, social media managers, business event organizers, live streamers.

Key features:

  • multi-streaming
  • live sales
  • guest invite
  • unified chat
  • embed player

Black Friday deal: 

  • 20% off on all monthly plans for the first 3 months 
  • 15% off on all annual plans 

Promo code: For 20% – BFCM20; For 15% – BFCM15

Duration: 10 November – 05 December 2023 



StatusGator is a status monitoring software.

StatusGator gives you a unified status page showing the status of all of your cloud dependencies. The pages aggregate the status of all your cloud vendors, hosted applications, services, and websites, providing a comprehensive status view of your digital ecosystem. This unified status page is essential for IT teams, reducing the volume of support tickets and enhancing overall efficiency.

Why check this product: to stay on top of cloud outages and reduce the volume of support tickets.

Best-match audience: software engineers, IT support teams, helpdesk teams, and DevOps engineers.

Key features:

  • status page aggregation
  • built-in website and cloud monitoring
  • private status page
  • instant status notifications
  • incident management integrations

Black Friday deal: 20% discount on our monthly and annual Starter plans for new users.

Promo code: BLACKFRIDAY2023

Duration: 11 November – 12 December 2023 is a video hosting and marketing platform. allows creators and brands to host videos and make marketing easy with features like personalized branding, easy integration, reasonable pricing, and more. It offers a comprehensive and customizable video hosting platform, empowering businesses and creators to effortlessly deliver, customize, and analyze their video content across various platforms.

Why check this product: when you need a sophisticated video hosting platform to harness the potential of your videos.

Best-match audience: marketers, sales reps and professionals, content creators, educators, individuals.

Key features:

  • white-label
  • HLS encryption
  • customizable video player
  • domain level security
  • video emails

Black Friday deal: Unlock a 30% discount on the Vadootv Pro Plan annual subscription.

Promo code: BLACKFRIDAY30

Duration: 05 November – 01 December 2023



IdeaBuddy is an all-in-one business planning software.

IdeaBuddy helps you turn your great idea into a successful business. You can effortlessly collaborate using IdeaBuddy’s single-page business model, develop ideas seamlessly with step-by-step guides and templates, and more. It is your all-in-one toolkit for transforming dreams into thriving businesses.

Why check this product: to simplify financial planning and forecasting, creating impressive, editable business plans for potential investors.

Best-match audience: entrepreneurs, business schools, startups, small business owners

Key features: 

  • collaborate with others and build a business model on a single page
  • plan and develop your idea by using a step-by-step business guide with editable templates
  • create a financial plan, forecast your performance, and make cash flow projections
  • build a modern business plan that you can edit, export, and share with investors
  • validate your idea with others and get the Idea Score 

Black Friday deal: 50% OFF on all Annual and Lifetime plans. 

Promo code: FRIDAY2023

Duration: 20 – 30 November 2023


Risely 1

Risely is an AI co-pilot for leadership development.

It offers managers interactive and customized learning journeys to overcome challenges – one nudge at a time. Risely helps managers from different departments to become successful managers by overcoming challenges, seek innovative solutions for training and developing their teams, take their services to the next level with features like assessments, activities, and 24/7 support.

Why check this product: when you need a highly customized solution for management and leadership development, and unlike others, Risely focuses on the person. It moves at a pace that suits their schedules, needs, and availability to solve their challenges.

Best-match audience: people managers, team leads, L&D professionals, HR managers, leadership coaches 

Key features: 

  • guidance and help through Merlin, an AI chatbot 
  • custom learning journeys (choose from 30+ challenges)
  • micro-learning and gamification features 
  • self and (anonymous) team assessments 
  • toolkits and activities for framework building

Black Friday deal: Grab discounts up to 50% on all annual plans 

Promo code: BLACKFRIDAY2023

Deal duration: now – 31 December 2023 


Videobolt is an online video maker for creators of all levels of expertise.

Videobolt offers 7,600+ motion graphics templates for logo intros, music visuals, transitions, and more. Its easy online editor helps create professional videos for standout digital storytelling and makes anyone a high-level video creator. If you’re creating video content regularly, Videobolt can speed up the process. 

Why check this product: when you need a convenient online video editor.

Best-match audience: Content creators, marketing teams, freelancers, streamers. 

Key features: 

  • 10 video categories 
  • easy-to-use online video editor 
  • online rendering 
  • video resolution up to 4K 
  • commercial, reseller licenses 

Black Friday deal: a special deal on annual Pro Unlimited and Business Unlimited plans. Pay for 6 months, get a 12-month subscription instead. 

Promo code: BLACKFRIDAY 

Duration: 21 – 27 November 2023

SaaS Black Friday Deals FAQ

Black Friday is one of the most awaited shopping events of the year, so our ultimate guide for coming SaaS deals might be helpful. This FAQ will cover everything you need, from understanding the terms to tips on making the most of this shopping extravaganza. So get ready to save big this Black Friday! 

This list features top selections and discounts of the industry’s finest offerings. Let’s make 2023 a year to remember by making bold and informed investment decisions and having a resounding impact!

When do Black Friday SaaS Deals typically start and end?

Deals typically start on the last Friday of November and end with Cyber Monday, the next Monday. The specific dates of events can differ yearly.

In 2023, Black Friday falls on November 24. While Cyber Monday is on the 27th of November.

Some businesses start their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals at the beginning of the week, some at the beginning of the month (like we), some companies unite these deals with upcoming Christmas season offers. The duration of discounts varies based on industry, user demand, and market conditions and can be extended even to the entire month.

How much can I save on average during Black Friday SaaS Deals?

The SaaS model has many advantages: convenience, savings, scalability, and innovation. The savings during Black Friday SaaS deals can vary greatly depending on the product and the providers.

On average, companies offer 30-50% off. At the same time, some companies offer discounts as high as 80% on all annual plans, while others provide special lifetime access.

Do Black Friday SaaS Deals include free trials or additional features?

Yes, Black Friday SaaS deals often include opportunities for free trials and additional features.

These deals make trying out new marketing tools easier and lower the barriers to entry, allowing you to test the product before investing in integration into your workflow.

Moreover, if you’re already using certain SaaS products, Black Friday could be the perfect time to upgrade or access advanced features (like API for marketing automation, premium plan, no-code integration, or AI-powered solutions) you’ve been interested in.

Are there any limitations or restrictions associated with Black Friday SaaS Deals?

When considering SaaS deals, remember to check the following parameters:

  • Plan restrictions. Discounts might apply to specific plans or services (yearly plans, mobile app, etc.).
  • Validity period. Black Friday deals have set timeframes.
  • Promo codes. Some require specific coupon codes; use the correct one at checkout.
  • New customers only. SaaS companies create specific deals to target new users or first-time buyers.However, some companies also extend exclusive discounts to existing customers as a gesture of gratitude.
  • Limited quantity. Some offers are restricted. Lifetime deals are a common use case for it.

Before purchasing, always review the deal’s terms and conditions.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind after purchasing a Black Friday SaaS Deal?

You may be eligible for a refund if you change your mind after purchasing a SaaS product.

However, the exact refund policy can differ depending on the company offering the product. Companies may allow you to try their software for 7-14 days before deciding. If you are happy with the software, you can continue using it. However, it’s crucial to thoroughly understand the refund policy before purchasing.

Are you ready for Black Friday SaaS Deals in 2023?

This list features top selections and discounts of the industry’s finest offerings. Let’s make 2023 a year to remember by making bold and informed investment decisions and having a resounding impact!

Don’t see your Black Friday SaaS offering on the list? Drop a line to Dmytro to discuss your deal inclusion: dmytro[at]coupler[dot]io

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