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The Alternative That Stands Out in 2023

Today’s companies have to continuously gather data from different sources and store it in a couple of data destinations. is one solution that allows users to extract, transform and load data into a file, API, or database. 

However, is a CLI-based tool that requires some coding knowledge. If you prefer to use a non-technical tool, then you may want to consider another option. In this post, we’ll discuss and the alternative for you to try out.

What does do? strives to become “the open-source standard for writing scripts that move data”. It’s an ETL tool that allows users to write scripts for easy data streaming into a data warehouse. 

This tool has two types of scripts – taps and targets. A tap is a script that extracts data from your sources. A target script receives the data streams and stores them in the destination.

1 singer homepage has taps and targets for various data sources and destinations. Some popular taps include: Amazon S3, Facebook Ads, MySQL, Jira, Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, and lots more. 

Some targets for include: Google Sheets, Google BigQuery, Magento BI, Stitch, PostgreSQL, and CSV.  There’s also an option for users to develop their own taps or targets.

Some alternatives you may find out there is a code-based solution that lets you pipe data from more than 110 sources to about 10 data destinations. Below are a few alternatives as well as the pricing, the number of sources and destinations supported by each.

AlternativeNumber of sourcesNumber of destinationsPricing
FiveTran150+10Starts at $120
Supermetrics100+10Starts at $39
Coupler.io30+3Starts at $49

Although has the least number of data sources and destinations, it is no-code, available as a web app and every subscription plan guarantees access to all the features.

A worthy alternative to is a cloud-based tool that you can use to automate data exports from multiple sources to Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, BigQuery, Looker Studio, and Power BI. It’s a web application with an intuitive interface for quick data integration and backup. 

Many businesses such as use for reporting, data sharing, web analytics, backup, and other purposes. You can schedule automatic data refresh by setting up a custom frequency (e.g. hourly, daily, or weekly). 

Now, we’ll proceed to compare and Singer below by a few parameters: pricing, features, benefits, workflow, and data security. vs pricing is free but it is code-based. However, only requires a couple of clicks and hence, it costs money. The three subscription plans – Personal, Squad, and Business are priced at $49, $99, and $249, respectively. pricing 1 allows you to pay monthly or annually depending on what feels comfortable for you. There’s a 14-day free trial so you can test the features and integrations before making any payment. If you have larger needs, you can request a custom plan with custom pricing.

Since is an open-source tool that’s freely available for use, can only compete if it provides some actionable features. Let’s explore them next. vs features features

Automatic data refresh: With this alternative, you won’t have to perform manual ETL transfers anymore. allows you to easily set up automatic imports of data to your chosen destination. The custom schedule for your updates can be very frequent (15 or 30 minutes) or set as daily, weekly, or monthly.  

Import mode: provides two import modes – append and replace. In the Replace mode, the importer extracts the entire dataset from the source and replaces the existing data in the destination. Using the Append mode, the importer extracts the entire dataset and places it below previously imported data. 

Data integration: This alternative to allows you to back up your data from popular apps such as Quickbooks, Hubspot, Airtable, and more. You can import them to Google Sheets, Excel, or BigQuery. If you want more integrations, you can connect data sources that support JSON APIs without having to write any code. features

Scripts: Singer provides scripts or pieces of code to connect a data source to a destination. It can extract data from several business tools including advertising platforms, payment processors, email service providers, marketing automation, database systems, and more. 

Efficiency: allows for incremental extraction by maintaining the state between invocations. It stores a timestamp in a JSON file to record the last instance at which the target had consumed data from the stream. 

Data exchange format: Singer taps extract data from the source and writes it to a standard stream in a JSON-based format. The target reads and tries to comprehend the data stream’s format before taking the next action.

5 singer taps vs benefits benefits

User-friendly: alternatives, as well as Adverity alternatives, are mostly sought after by people who want non-technical or less demanding tools. provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows you to import data in 2 minutes or less. 

Automation: Users can schedule automatic data refresh with just a few clicks. This allows you to back up and ensures that your data is always up-to-date. You can also customize the schedule to suit your specific data needs. 

Integration: This alternative focuses on solving data integration problems. allows you to seamlessly import data from more than 70 apps or sources into Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, BigQuery, Looker Studio, and Power BI. 

Data consultancy: provides data analytics consulting services for businesses. From building a KPI dashboard to setting up data infrastructure, Coupler’s team of data experts is there to support your organization. benefits

Customizable: is a customizable ETL tool that lets you write scripts to move data from one place to another. You can use the available taps and targets or develop your own.  

Unix-based: The data extraction and data loading scripts (taps and targets) are simple applications that you can run on the command line. No need for any plugins whatsoever. 

JSON-based: Since applications use JSON as their data format, you can implement them with any programming language. You can also define data schemas and rich data types. 

Numerous sources and destinations: With, you can extract data from over 110 source apps. You can also use it to load data into 10 data warehouses or storage platforms.

7 singer targets vs workflow is a CLI-based tool while is available as a web application. Let’s see how these data integration tools work.

How works

You can sign up to with an email or a Google, Microsoft, or Xero account. Click the +Add new importer button, select the source and destination apps then proceed to configure the settings of each.


Connect your source account and configure the basic and optional parameters. This varies depending on your chosen source app. For example, for Microsoft Excel, you need to choose a file and a sheet to extract data. 


Connect your destination account and specify where to import your data. For Google Sheets, you’ll need to select a spreadsheet and sheet. You can also configure the cell address/range, last updated column and the import mode. 


Enable the Automatic data refresh feature and customize the schedule for your data imports. 

Here’s an example of what a Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets importer looks like:

8 coupler importer

Click Save and Run to save the configuration settings and run the importer. 

How works has a GitHub page where you can find repositories containing all the usable taps and targets. This open-source tool doesn’t have any downloadable files. Instead, you’ll have to install a couple of Python libraries in order to use it. 

9 singer github

Here’s what you need to work with

  • Python 3: You need to install Python 3 on your system. 
  • Pip: You also need the package manager for Python.

The process for building an ETL pipeline with is beyond the scope of this vs article. But we can summarize the steps involved. Check them out below:

  1. Choose your data source, locate the tap and set it up for your data pipeline. You’ll create and activate a virtual environment for the tap before installing the Singer package for the tap. Then, add the necessary configuration details.
  2. Next, you’ll find the target for your preferred data destination and configure it. You’ll also create and activate the virtual environment before installing the Singer package for the target. Then, include the target’s connection details.
  3. When the configuration is complete, you’ll use a single-line command provided by to connect and transfer data from your tap to the chosen target.

The process for making ETL transfers might make sense to those who have coding experience. If you’re a non-technical person, opt for a alternative like 

Data security of vs is an ETL tool that can be accessed and modified by the public. As open-source software, there are some risks attached to this solution. The developers who built the taps and targets might not adhere to best practices. The tool also lacks any form of security certification. 

However, is a safe and secure tool that protects your organization’s data. You can rest assured that your private information shared with and data imported from source to destination is secured from any breaches, leaks, or unauthorized disclosures. vs – pros and cons is often used because it allows users to extract data from over a hundred sources. There are also plenty of options for destinations. But is code-based, error-prone, and cannot be understood by non-technical users., one of the alternatives to, allows users to transfer data with just a few clicks. You can also schedule and automate data exports to Google Sheets, Excel, BigQuery, Looker Studio, and Power BI. However the number of sources currently supported by is slightly over 70. 

When should you consider alternatives to is an open-source tool that involves using extraction and loading scripts to move data from source to destination apps. It’s an excellent choice for tech-savvy users who prefer to spend time coding their integrations rather than opt for the ready-to-use options.

If you don’t fancy a code-based tool, there are alternatives to that you can work with. is a solution for businesses, marketers, salespeople, and other experts who need to have clickable options to automate exports of their data to spreadsheets or BigQuery. Also check out as a Hevodata alternative and one of the most affordable Stitchdata alternatives and Zapier competitors to decide whether you should go with it.

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