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How to connect Pipedrive to Looker Studio (Google Data Studio)

How would you know whether your sales team is performing if you’re not analyzing your CRM data? Since Pipedrive is one of the most popular CRMs for sales teams, in this article we will show you how to connect Pipedrive to Looker Studio for better and faster reporting. 

Let’s discover how you can connect your Pipedrive to Looker Studio in different ways to extract sales data for in-depth dashboards.

Different ways to connect Pipedrive to Looker Studio

Unfortunately, Looker Studio doesn’t have Pipedrive among its native connectors. However, rest assured! We’re going to show you how to extract data from your CRM directly to Looker Studio. 

To connect the two platforms, you have the following options:

  • Use a third-party connector from Looker Studio
  • Set up an API integration

Connecting Pipedrive to Looker Studio with a third-party integration

As you know, Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) has 20 native connectors and over 600 are partner connectors from third-party providers. They can be used to export data from different sources and create reports. As Pipedrive is not one of the native connectors, you will have to choose from one of the third-party providers. You will need to create an account on the third-party provider’s website, allow the connector to extract data from your Pipedrive account, and then connect the third-party tool to Looker Studio. 

Depending on the connector, the process might differ. Also, make sure that you check the pricing of the connector. Most of these platforms have free trials, so you can test their functionalities before you commit to one. 

Using a third-party integration allows you to connect to Looker Studio in no time, and you can export data from different data sources to your preferred destination. 

In the section below, you’ll find a quick guide on how to automate the connection between Pipedrive and Looker Studio with the help of a popular solution, 

Using an API integration for Pipedrive to Looker Studio connection

The second method is to use API to connect Pipedrive to Looker Studio. For this method, you will need to follow these general steps: 

a. Get API credentials from Pipedrive.

b. Create custom API queries to extract the data you require from Pipedrive to Looker Studio.

c. Transform the data to use it for reporting in Looker Studio.

d. Push the transformed data to Looker Studio and create reports from scratch or templates.

Keep in mind that these are just some general steps. We don’t recommend this method unless you are tech-savvy and know how to work with an API. This option comes with the advantage that you can set up your own data integration, without any third-party connectors. 

However, there are a few disadvantages to using this method. You need strong technical expertise to create a secure connection from Pipedrive to Looker Studio and set up the integration. Also, there’s a risk of data errors when working with an API. If you are interested in this method, we recommend checking Piperdrive’s API documentation as it explains everything in detail.

In this article, we are going to focus on how you can connect Pipedrive to Looker Studio with a third-party solution: 

Before we deep dive into the easy-to-follow tutorial, let’s take a look at the main benefits of connecting these two apps automatically and exporting data on a schedule. 

Connect Pipedrive to Looker Studio for automatic reporting is a data automation and analytics platform that allows you to create auto-updating dashboards and live reports by connecting multiple data sources to your preferred destination. 

Apart from that, can keep updating your dashboards and reports automatically every 15 minutes, fetching fresh data on a schedule. can help you automate data flows from over 50 sources and create reports in various destinations, including Looker Studio. Let’s see how can connect Pipedrive to Looker Studio. You can also check out how you can automate data flow from Pipedrive to Power BI.

Step 1 – Extract data

Log in to or create an account if you don’t have one. Select Pipedrive as your data source and Looker Studio as your destination to connect Pipedrive to Looker Studio.

Connect to your Pipedrive account and select the data entity you want to export. For instance, deals, persons, leads, activities, etc. 

Step 2 – Transform data

In the Preview & Transform module, you can check and modify the data that will be exported to Looker Studio. step2 1

For example, you can:

  • Hide columns that are not important for the dashboard
  • Add, rearrange, and rename columns
  • Filter and sort Pipedrive data 
  • Add formula-based columns or calculate custom metrics
  • Blend data from different Pipedrive accounts or different CRMs into one dataset

Step 3 – Manage data

Now that you connected Pipedrive to, it is time to move to Looker Studio to allow to export the data. Follow the instructions on the screen to connect your Looker Studio account. Then, toggle on the ‘Automatic data refresh’ feature and specify your schedule preferences for extracting fresh Pipedrive information. step3

After your data has been exported from Pipedrive, you can create a report from scratch, or you can use one of the templates that has designed. final 4

Pipedrive reporting templates for Looker Studio by provides various Looker Studio templates that you can use to analyze your data and share with your stakeholders or colleagues. Using templates for dashboards and reports helps you save up time since you don’t have to create a data visualization from scratch. You can also customize the template to add more graphs, plug in additional data sources, or add your logo and other branding elements. Also, these dashboard templates contain the most important metrics you should keep an eye on so you don’t have to hand-pick them yourself. 

For Pipedrive, offers two free-to-use templates. Both of them are very easy to use and allow you to get a copy of these dashboards with your data literally in minutes.

Sales KPI dashboard for Pipedrive

This dashboard allows you to analyze critical sales metrics such as revenue, won deals per stage, and revenue per deal. Also, you are able to spot the number of deals closed by every sales representative. You can spot essential metrics like lost deals, average days to close a deal or pipeline health. 

To use this template, follow the steps in the Read Me tab of the dashboard. 

CRM dashboard for Pipedrive

This full CRM dashboard allows you to explore the key metrics of your sales department. You can get a complete overview of the sales pipeline per agent or per deal label. Also, you can spot open deals, average days to close a deal, close rate, and other essential metrics. 

This is a free-to-use template. To use it with your own Pipedrive data, just follow the steps from the Read Me tab. 

The benefits of connecting Pipedrive to Looker Studio automatically

Save time – Instead of manually adding your data to Looker Studio, you can sit back and relax while data is exported automatically. You only need to spend a couple of minutes setting up the connection from Pipedrive to Looker Studio and then the data is refreshed according to your schedule.

Transform and blend data – comes with a Preview & Transform feature which allows you to check data and make changes before it is exported. You can even blend data from multiple sources or from different Pipedrive accounts, if you are connecting Pipedrive to Looker Studio.

Custom reporting – Looker Studio allows you to customize your reports and dashboards. You can choose from a wide range of templates, including those from third-party connectors, like You can personalize those templates depending on your needs, or you can create your own report from scratch. 

Real-time insights – If you connect Pipedrive to Looker Studio with, you can schedule the exports to create reports that contain real-time insights. Depending on the schedule you selected, your data can be exported every day, month, or even 15 minutes. 

Want to take advantage of those benefits? Let’s see how can help you connect your sales CRM to Looker Studio. 

Automate your Pipedrive reports in Looker Studio

If you want to be able to have an overview of the performance of your sales team, using Looker Studio to create reports with Pipedrive data is a great option. However, since Pipedrive is not offered as a native connector in Looker Studio, you will have to choose from using API to set up the integration or select a third-party solution like for a fast and secure connection. 

To make sure that your data is always fresh and ready to analyze, we recommend using a data automation platform like You can set up the connection in a matter of minutes, and you will be able to create in-depth reports in Looker Studio in no time. also provides comprehensive dashboards to analyze Pipedrive data. Use and customize them so that you’re always in the loop about how your sales operations are performing.

Streamline data analytics & reporting

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