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10 Best Google Ads Looker Studio Templates

If you rely on Google Ads for your advertising campaigns, you’ll likely have to perform analytics to understand your data and make comprehensive reports. Looker Studio (previously Google Data Studio) is one of such tools that allows you to conduct business intelligence effortlessly through the aid of visualizations. 

You can stick to the manual method of creating reports and dashboards from scratch, but the process is quite repetitive and takes up a lot of precious time. The preferable option is to analyze Google Ads data with the help of templates for a faster and more efficient reporting process.

With templates, you can automate report creation by simply connecting to Google Ads data and continuing with the analytics in Looker Studio. This allows you to focus on measuring campaign performance and quickly gain valuable insights for your business. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 10 Google Ads Looker Studio templates, their metrics description, and how you can use them for reporting.

Top Google Ads report templates in Looker Studio

There are numerous Google Ads Looker Studio templates out there. But only a few contain all that’s needed to analyze and report on ads and campaign performance for different periods. So we’ve carefully chosen the 10 best templates worth your time (and money). We’ll explore each template, the KPIs and metrics covered, and how to get them for your use. 

This Google Ads template is offered by – a data automation and analytics platform that allows businesses to import data automatically from over 70+ applications into their favorite data destinations, such as Looker Studio, Google Sheets, BigQuery, and Excel. 

Template metrics description

There are two main pages and a readme on this Google Ads Looker Studio template. First, we have the Google Ads Overview page, where you can measure total impressions, interactions, clicks, and conversions for all campaigns. It allows you to search and filter through campaigns for deeper analytics. You can also analyze charts across different start and end dates. Other metrics available include CPM, CPA, CPC, CTR, conversion rate and the full amount spent. 

It also provides a detailed rundown of all campaigns so you can measure the performance of each. You can view each campaign’s name, impressions, clicks, CPC, CTR, conversions, CPA, conversion rate, amount spent, as well as the grand total for all these metrics. It also shows the top campaigns by clicks and conversions for quick analytics.

The Performance by Month and Day of the Week page allows you to measure performance based on specific periods. You can check the impressions, clicks, CPC, CTR, conversions, CPA, conversion, and ad spend for each month. The pie charts also help to analyze impressions, clicks, and conversions by each day of the week. At the bottom, you can see the impressions, clicks, CPC, conversions, CPA, conversion rate, amount spent, and total for each weekday.

How to use this dashboard?

The Readme page explains how to start using the dashboard and connect your data. If you don’t already have a account, sign up for a free trial – no credit card required. From the brief Readme tutorial, you’ll follow a link to set up a preconfigured importer that refreshes data automatically (by default at 8am) but you can configure the schedule to suit your needs. Once you head back to Looker Studio, your imported data and calculated metrics will be ready to use in the dashboard. offers an out-of-box solution, so you won’t have to bother about a connector or automation tool.


This Google Ads Looker Studio template is available for free. If it suits your needs, make sure you grab it right now.

This is another report template from However, it’s meant for analyzing three PPC platforms — Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. You can use it to visualize your advertising data by connecting only your Google Ads account and populating the dashboard.

Template metrics description

There are three pages in this paid ads report template. First, the Performance by Ad Group page allows you to measure the clicks, costs, CPC, impressions, CTR, and conversions for all ad groups. You can view other metrics like signups, activations, and acceptable CPAs for each. 

4 google ads dashboard

Next, the Performance by Campaign page is for monitoring your ad campaigns. There are several metrics to help understand the performance of each campaign. You can choose to specify benchmarks in the form of acceptable CPCs, CPAs, and CPCs. It also allows you to filter through groups, campaigns, products, and different advertising periods. 

5 google ads dashboard

The Countries Overview page allows you to measure Google Ads campaign performance based on country-specific metrics, such as leads, signups, sales, MRR, LTV, and so on. You can also use filters to view metrics for several countries or check analytics for each product. 

6 google ads dashboard

How to use this dashboard?

This is a demo template that can be copied for use, but you should note that it doesn’t work out-of-the-box. This means that you’ll have to connect data using a connector like, either directly or through an app like Google Sheets. Then you’ll need to map fields and perhaps do some other small tweaks. Alternatively, if you would like to use this template but you don’t have the time or skills to customize, you can hire data experts to do it for you. They also offer interactive templates for sales, advertising, eCommerce, etc. Reach out to them for custom dashboards and data automation. 


Paid ads dashboard is a free template.

Essential Google Ads Template by Data Bloo

This Google Ads template is from Data Bloo – a company that specializes in Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) templates. They offer ready-to-use dashboards for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, etc. You can use this comprehensive dashboard template to measure your overall Google Ads activity. It helps to explore campaign data and discover what to optimize in your advertising efforts. 

Template metrics description

There are six pages on this Data Studio template. First, we have the Overview page that sums up the metrics of your campaigns. It shows the total clicks, impressions, CTR, CPA, conversions, cost, average CPC, and conversion rate. You can also check performance over time, conversion breakdown, and overall conversions by campaign and device.

7 google ads dashboard

Next, the Campaigns page allows you to take a closer look at your Google Ads campaigns. You can use the charts to detect trends in campaign performance. The campaign mining table also shows the name, conversions, CPA, cost, and conversion rate of every campaign. 

8 google ads dashboard

On other pages of this dashboard, you’ll find:

  • The Keywords page allows you to explore the keyword match type, and keyword quality score, and also use the keyword mining section to measure the performance of each search keyword.
  • The Audience page allows you to evaluate campaign performance by geolocation and audience type. You can also access the conversions, CPA, cost, and conv. rate by country or territory. 
  • The Competition page provides insights into competitor performance. You can analyze the competition trends and their specific metrics. The section for competition over time also shows how most of your competitors’ campaigns have performed overall over time. 
  • The Time page makes it convenient for you to measure performance over time. You can view the metrics, such as clicks, impressions, CTR, impression share, conversions, CPA, cost, average CPM, and CPC that have been aggregated for each month. 

How to use this dashboard?

Data Bloo offers a one click setup for generating Data Studio reports with their templates. After purchasing this template, you’ll copy your Google Ads ID and paste it to connect your account to the report. Next, you’ll click the edit button at the top-right corner of the page to enable access. Then, you’ll be able to apply a start and end date so you can begin your Google Ads data analytics and reporting. 


This Google Ads Looker Studio template from Data Bloo costs €109.

This is another Google Ads Looker Studio template from Data Bloo that showcases a complete overview of your ads and campaigns. You can use it to take a closer look at your ads and gain deeper insights on their visibility, conversion, acquisition, cost, as well as a general overview.

Template metrics description

This dashboard has five pages that are divided into a few sections. The Ads Visibility page helps to explore ads visibility KPIs, performance over time, campaign or keyword ads visibility, audience insights, and competitor trends using a variety of visualizations and metrics. 

9 google ads dashboard

On other pages, you’ll find plenty of other metrics:

  • The Ads Acquisition page displays ads acquisition KPIs, campaign or keyword performance, performance over time, as well as conversions per audience, age/gender, country, and device
  • The Ads Conversion page allows you to explore ad conversion KPIs. You can also measure conversions over time, based on keywords, campaigns, or audiences.
  • The Ads Cost page shows graphs about ads costs KPIs as well as performance over time, audience insights, and cost per campaign or keyword.
  • The Ads Overview page can help you analyze Google ads performance over time, by campaign type or keyword, and also based on audience KPI data.

How to use this dashboard?

Once you purchase the dashboard, you’ll be asked to input your Google Ads ID to connect your account. This will enable you to access the template and get started with your analytics.


This dashboard from Data Bloo costs €79.

This Google Ads template combines otherwise separate sections or pages into one. It’s a single-page template that has been able to feature the most important digital marketing metrics so you can analyze and get quick insights from your Google Ads data without any hassle. 

Template metrics description

With this dashboard, you can measure ads visibility, ads acquisition, ads conversions, and ads cost in one place. It also displays top campaigns as well as specific metrics for each campaign. You can also explore the conversions and CPA for each audience, device, and geography. 

10 google ads dashboard

How to use this dashboard?

The setup for this dashboard is exactly like the other dashboards from Data Bloo. You’ll purchase the template, connect your Google Ads ID, and continue to map your data to specific fields.


You can get this Google Ads dashboard from Data Bloo for €39.

This Google Ads Report was created by – a data automation platform that offers a few Google Looker Studio dashboards. It’s mainly focused on helping you analyze conversions and cost per conversions in your Google Ads data but you can use it to measure campaign performance.   

Template metrics description

There are five pages on this report template. The Overview page displays key metrics such as impressions, CTR, clicks, cost, and conversions. It also uses charts to show all conversions and cost per conversions for each day of the month. You can view account performance for each week.  

11 google ads dashboard

The Campaigns page allows you to analyze campaign performance using metrics like campaign budget, impressions, bounce rate, cost per conversion, conversions, cost etc. 

12 google ads dashboard

 On other pages of this dashboard you’ll find:

  • The keywords page is great for understanding keyword performance. The metrics include: impressions, clicks, conversions, CPC, cost, and cost per conversion. 
  • The Demographics page is meant to help measure performance for each age group, gender and country using a few metrics like cost, conversions, clicks, and impressions.
  • The Trends page shows performance trends over time and also gives the total number of clicks, cost per conversion, impressions, and conversions for each month. 

How to use this dashboard?

When you click on the Get this report template button on the dashboard, you’ll be redirected to the Avian connector page for Google Ads in Looker Studio. After setting up your source, you should be able to connect your data to the dashboard. 


This Google Ads Report Template is free to access, but you need a subscription to connect data.

This is a Google Ads dashboard offered by the Looker Studio team. You can use it to track campaign performance and also use drill-downs to display specific advertising data. 

Template metrics description

This Google Data Studio template uses scorecards, column charts, and tables to help you compare account performance overview with the previous period using metrics like cost, average CPC, clicks, CTR, conversions, and conversion rate. You can also analyze top 10 campaigns performance as well as overall campaign performance. 

13 google ads dashboard

How to use this dashboard?

The Use my own data button on the top-right corner of the dashboard allows you to connect your Google Ads account. Then, you’ll be able to edit and share your reports. 


This template from Looker Studio is available for free.

  1. Google Ad Group Performance Dashboard by Looker Studio

This is another single-page Google Ads template from Looker Studio that you can use to monitor and gain insights into ad group performance for different advertising periods. 

Template metrics description

You can compare account performance overview with the previous period using metrics like clicks, cost, CTR, average CPC, conversion rate, and conversions. There are also charts for the top 10 ad group performance and ad group performance compared with previous periods. 

14 google ads dashboard

How to use this dashboard?

Click the Use my own data button on the dashboard to connect your Google Ads account.


It’s free.

As the name suggests, this Looker Studio report template can be used to monitor your ads performance in Looker Studio. It’s a one-page template from Two Minute Reports – a Looker Studio connector.

Template metrics description

This dashboard contains major KPIs, such as CPC, CTR, impressions, amount spent, and average site time. There are also sections for CTR by date, bounce rate by date, average pageviews by date, CPC by date, impressions by country and device, and campaign overview. At the time of writing, there seemed to be some issues with the underlying data, as you can see below, but the template should work just fine once you connect your data.

15 google ads dashboard

How to use this dashboard?

You need to create a new data source using the Two Minutes Reports connector in Looker Studio. Then, you’ll make a copy of the Looker Studio report and connect the template to the new data source. 


This Google Ads dashboard is free to access, but you need a subscription to connect your data.

This dashboard from Two Minute Reports helps to display an overview of your Google Ads performance in Looker Studio. It’s perfect for quick analytics and reporting.

Template metrics description

There are two pages in this Google Ads Looker Studio template. The Overview page is quite straightforward, and it includes important metrics like clicks, CPC, conversions value, target ROAS, CTR, amount spent, and cost per all conversions. It also has a section where it displays account names and their respective impressions and CTRs. The charts also help to view impressions, CPC, and clicks for every day in the stipulated advertising timeframe. 

16 google ads dashboard

How to use this dashboard?

The How To Use page provides a set of instructions on how you can get started with this template. You’ll have to create a new data source with the Two Minute Reports connector, make a copy of the report, and then connect the template to the new data source.  


This dashboard is free to access, but you need a subscription to connect your data.

How to choose the right Google Ads Looker Studio templates?

Now that we’ve discussed the best Google Ads Looker Studio templates, it’s time to know how to select the best one for you. Below are some things to consider when choosing the right templates that best suit your advertising needs. 

  • Define your reporting goals

You should be clear on your reporting goals in order to determine what Google Ads templates to use. For example, you should be particular about the key performance metrics and KPIs that need to be measured in your reporting. 

It’s a good idea to consider how detailed and granular your reports are meant to be. You also have to take into account the primary stakeholders for these reports and what they value most in ads dashboards. Then, you may proceed with efficient data visualizations that are best for your reporting goals. 

  • Assess template features

There are different Google Ads Looker Studio templates that help you simplify your reporting. Some are focused on helping users measure campaign performance. Others may be based on ad group performance, overview, and so on. 

You may notice that a single-page template is very much straightforward since it’s meant to analyze specific metrics. On the other hand, multi-page templates allow you to analyze your data in one place without having to switch templates. You can also share pages at once. 

  • Seek automation and efficiency

Automated reports make it possible for you to create regular reports faster. For example, offers an out-of-box solution with templates that automatically update precisely when you need them to as well as 70+ ready-to-use Looker Studio integrations. So you won’t have to connect data everytime you want to analyze or create a report.

The right Google Ads Looker Studio template should provide enough efficiency for your reporting. For example, dashboards that come with auto-connected connectors can be set up with a few clicks and may have the capability to automatically populate your report with data.

  • Consider any added benefits

You should consider the benefits that may come with the Google Ads Looker Studio template. For example, offers a number of connectors for various apps including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Analytics 4, and so much more. 

Such a platform provides the opportunity for you to fetch data from several business apps, blend or prepare data before connecting to Looker Studio, and build proper omni-channel reporting.

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