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Top 7 Alternatives and Competitors in 2023 is a data integration solution that serves as a one-stop-shop for everything that involves the collection, preparation, and analysis of marketing data. It allows you to pull data from over 500+ data sources, transform it, and send it to data warehouses or BI platforms. They can also build connectors for users that request custom integrations. 

Although has a free plan, the paid plans can be too expensive for individuals or small companies. There’s also a possibility that the interface may be difficult to understand or set up when trying to integrate your data. In this article, we’ll discuss and compare the features, integrations, and pricing of alternatives. 

Why might you need a alternative? is a great data integration platform overall but it isn’t necessarily for everyone. Most users are impressed with the capabilities and their customer service. However, there are a few reasons why users often opt for a alternative. These main issues below will help you understand what may be lacking:

  • Time-consuming setup

Some users complain that setting everything up in is very time-consuming. If you need to integrate many apps or accounts, you’re in for a busy afternoon.

  • May require training can be difficult for many first-time users to get started with. They often require some training from to understand the dimensions and transformations before they can independently use the platform.

  • Pricing can get a bit pricey for individuals or small agencies with limited budgets. For example, to connect your data to advanced BI tools or data warehouses, you must pay $1000 monthly, billed annually. This can be very limiting for someone that only wants to fetch data from several apps and doesn’t require any advanced functionalities.

  •  Marketing data only is focused on marketing apps, which are mostly available as Core connectors, included with every plan. Many other apps, such as Airtable, Zendesk, BigQuery, Stripe, or SQL databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.), are available upon request for users subscribed to the Business plan ($1000/mo) or higher.

What are the best alternatives?

We’d like to mention our best picks for alternatives here. In a later chapter, we’ll dive into the pros & cons, pricing, and integrations of each platform. 

1. – an all-in-one data automation and analytics platform that allows you to gather, transform, and set up fully-automated data flows in just a couple of minutes.

2. Adverity – an integrated data platform that allows you to connect data from sales and marketing platforms in order to analyze and improve business performance. 

3. Supermetrics – a data integration platform that automates data flows so you can focus on marketing analytics and spend less time on reporting tasks. 

4. Domo – a data experience platform that allows you to automate business insights, create intuitive dashboards and reports, and develop data experiences.

5. Fivetran – an ELT data automation platform that moves data from a myriad of sources into data lakes, cloud data warehouses, and databases.

6. Whatagraph – a data integration solution that helps to connect marketing data, visualize with reports, and share as live dashboards or transfer to BigQuery.

7. Tapclicks – a data automation platform for creating automated pipelines, analyzing marketing performance, and having absolute control of your data.

Top alternatives – comparison table

Data Integration platformData sourcesMinimum Refresh intervalReport templatesWebhooksFree trialStarting price (monthly when billed annually)
Funnel.io500+Source-dependant, several times a dayNoNoForever$400
Coupler.io70+15 minutesYesYes14 days$49
Adverity600+1 hourNoYes14 days$500
Supermetrics130+1 hourYesNo14 days$19/$39
Domo100+15 minutesYesYes30 daysUpon request
Fivetran350+5 minutesNoYes14 daysUpon request
Whatagraph40+NoneYesNo7 days$223
TapClicks6000+DailyYesYes14 daysUpon request

Best competitors

Let’s explore each alternative and what you need to know about them.

1 homepage is a popular data analytics and automation platform with a great interface, swift customer service, and well-priced plans. You can use it to gather and blend data from several business apps into spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets), databases (BigQuery), and visualization tools (Looker Studio, Tableau, or Power BI). There’s also a destination for visualization and workflow management ( allows you to combine your company’s data across different apps and turn it into actionable reports that allow businesses to make data-driven decisions. It can also automatically export your data on a custom schedule that can be as frequent as every 15 minutes. This helps speed up your reporting process and ensure data is readily available for analysis and visualization. Pros

  • Very intuitive interface – has an easy-to-use interface that you can easily figure out within a few minutes. The importer is easy to set up as every step or section is well-labeled, and there are cues to help you understand better. 
  • Data refresh – The platform automatically refreshes your data backups, reports, dashboards, or imports as often as you’d like. You can set a custom schedule to update your destination with data weekly, daily, hourly, or even every 15 minutes.
  • Data transformation – allows you to transform data directly within the interface through filters, sorting, formula fields, and calculations. This helps ensure your data is clean and organized before sending it to the destination. 
  • Dashboard templates – The platform offers easy-to-use dashboard templates for measuring business performance. With just a few clicks, you can set up an auto-updating report and populate it with your business data. You can find templates for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, web analytics, CRMs, and much more. 
  • Affordable plans – offers pricing plans to suit everyone’s budget. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, small team, or large company, you can have access to its awesome features and integrations. 
  • Data visualization – The platform is particular about helping users visualize their data more effectively. directly integrates with Looker Studio and Power Bi, so you can easily create self-updating dashboards and reports. 
  • Data analytics services – also offers custom data analytics services to assist companies in setting up or managing their data infrastructure and business analytics. They can also develop custom data connectors, features, and dashboards. Pricing

All sources and destinations are available on every pricing plan.

  • Free trial – A 14-day free trial with most features. It doesn’t require a credit card.
  • Starter – $49 per month, billed annually. This plan includes 500 runs per month, 2 users, unlimited number of importers, and data refresh once a day. 
  • Squad – $99 per month, billed annually. It offers 4,000 runs/month, 5 users, 30 minutes data refresh, data stitching, webhooks, and guided onboarding. 
  • Business – $249 per month, billed annually. This plan allows up to 10,000 runs per month, unlimited users, 15 minutes data refresh, and guided onboarding. 

Note: There’s an Enterprise plan with custom pricing for large teams with complex requirements. Integrations allows you to extract data from 70+ sources in categories such as:

  • Analytics & marketing, 
  • Email & customer service, 
  • Productivity, 
  • Accounting, 
  • Databases, etc. 
  • JSON API. loads data into destinations such as: 

  • Microsoft Excel, 
  • Google Sheets,
  • BigQuery, 
  • Looker Studio, 
  • Power BI 

You are not limited to these six destinations. Once you export the data to, e.g., Excel or BigQuery, you can connect it to any BI tool or other destinations of your choice. Cons

  • Only six data destinations supported
  • So far, only Looker Studio and Google Sheets dashboard templates are available. 


2 adverity homepage

Adverity is an integrated no-code data platform that you can use to connect multiple data sources, transform your data into what you want, and ensure data quality and completeness. It allows you to transfer data into databases, data lakes, cloud storage, visualization tools, and BI software. Adverity helps automate complex data integration and governance so marketing teams can focus on managing their data and uncovering valuable insights. 

Adverity Pros

  • Great for marketers – Adverity eliminates the need to write code for ETL data transfers and automates the entire process. It ensures that non-technical teams can access, blend, and pull data anytime they want to analyze or create reports.
  • Data transformation – The platform offers impressive features that allow users to improve data quality. You can choose from automated data cleaning, predefined enrichments, or advanced transformations that require custom scripts.
  • Data governance – Adverity makes it easier for marketing teams to access accurate and reliable data. They can easily monitor and manage all their data in a single place as well as quickly spot and resolve any data gaps or issues.

Adverity Pricing

  • Free trial – 14 days free, no credit card required.
  • Standard – €500 per month for access to 15 sources and one destination. 
  • Professional – €2,000 per month for unlimited sources and all destinations. 

Adverity Integrations

This platform has over 600 pre-built data connectors for any marketing data source in categories such as search advertising, affiliate advertising, social analytics, social media marketing, etc. These sources include Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Business, Shopify, Amazon Advertising, etc. Adverity offers 22 destinations e.g., MySQL, Google Sheets, BigQuery, Looker Studio, Snowflake, Databricks, Adobe Analytics, and others. 

Adverity Cons

  • Quite technical and hard to understand
  • Some functionality can be buggy. 


3 supermetrics homepage

A data integration solution that helps companies streamline marketing data so they can focus on the insights. Supermetrics automates and manages data flows for small businesses, marketing agencies, and large corporations across various industries. It allows you to create automated reports and dashboards in order to optimize marketing campaigns faster. Supermetrics also helps facilitate data analysis and optimization.

Supermetrics Pros

  • Marketing focused – Supermetrics serves as a marketing intelligence cloud that you can use to manage, transform, and analyze your data. The no-code solution offers marketing professionals a host of data connectors and automation tools. 
  • Diverse destinations – The platform allows data transfer to several destinations. You can choose a data lake or warehouse for storage or backup. Supermetrics also provides direct integration with spreadsheets and visualization tools. 
  • Simplifies reporting – Supermetrics helps reduce marketing reporting time by half. You can simply set up the integrations once and see your reports and dashboards automatically populated with your business data. 

Supermetrics Pricing

The pricing for Supermetrics is a little complicated since it’s destination-based. For example, Looker Studio has plans starting from $39 per month while Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel both start from $69 per month, . Each pricing plan gives access to a number of data sources, users, and accounts. For other destinations such as Power BI, BigQuery, Snowflake, Supermetrics API, you’d have to contact their sales team for a quote. See how Supermetrics pricing works for the full details.

Supermetrics Integrations

This data integration platform boasts 100+ sources in categories like ecommerce, social media, sales, affiliate marketing, paid media, web analytics, etc. Some popular data sources include Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LInkedIn Ads, Instagram Insights, Google Analytics, and more. Supermetrics offers 16 destinations, e.g., Looker Studio, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Power BI, BigQuery, Amazon S3, Azure Storage, etc.

Supermetrics Cons

  • Expensive pricing plans
  • Difficult to set up and understand


4 domo homepage

A data experience platform for automation and data-driven decisions. Domo allows you to create business apps, intuitive dashboards, and build data experiences that can integrate real-time data from anywhere. The platform can be used by marketing, sales, BI, and IT teams to manage data, improve reporting, and deliver insights faster. Domo has capabilities for data visualizations, self-service reporting, and embedded analytics. 

Domo Pros

  • BI & analytics – Domo makes real-time data readily available to companies for better analytics. You can use the platform to create dashboards, automate BI analytics, simplify the entire reporting process, and work with AI and data science. 
  • Data integration – With Domo, you can integrate data of any size from your preferred sources. There’s a drag-and drop ETL that you can use to connect sources, automate complex data pipelines, and transform data without SQL. 
  • App creation – The platform allows you to develop interactive business apps with workflow automation features. You can choose to build low-code apps with drag-and-drop tools or develop pro-code apps with Domo’s App Dev Framework.
  • Data governance – Domo gives total control and access to your data. It helps to know who made changes to your datasets and what changes have been made. Domo helps to ensure data quality as well as data security and confidentiality. 

Domo Pricing

The data experience platform, Domo, offers a 30-day free trial, no credit card required. Pricing isn’t publicly available, so you’d have to ask their sales team for a quote. Domo’s pricing is based on your overall usage of the platform with factors such as data storage, data refresh rates, the number of users, and volume of data queries, etc.

Domo Integrations

There are over 1000 sources that you can use to connect with marketing and sales SaaS systems, project management apps, social media apps, cloud data warehouses, databases, Microsoft systems, CRMs, etc. Domo has data storage options – Domo Cloud, Domo Federated, and Domo Cloud Amplifier. There are no destinations, but you can analyze data with the BI and visualization features and use the app creation tools. 

Domo Cons

  • Difficult to learn for non-technical people.
  • Might require some knowledge of SQL. 


5 fivetran homepage

A data movement platform that you can use to build automated data pipelines. It simplifies the ELT process of moving data from multiple sources to your destinations. Fivetran has capabilities for automated data transformation, security, and governance. The platform can be used by engineers, analysts, and developers for real-time database replication. Apart from centralizing data, you can use Fivetran to build data solutions. 

Fivetran Pros

  • No-code data platform – Fivetran is a great platform for marketing analytics. It helps marketers automate data movements for faster analytics and insights. Since it doesn’t require code, anyone can set up data pipelines on Fivetran. 
  • Automated data transformation – The platform allows you to automate your ELT pipelines with the help of pre-built data models. It also offers features for integrated scheduling, data lineage graphs, and data transformation alerts. 
  • Data governance & security – Fivetran offers automated data governance to large data science and engineering teams. This is made possible with features like custom roles, granular access control, team and connector permissions, etc. 
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing – Fivetran allows users to only pay for what they use. It charges based on the number of monthly active rows being used per month.

Fivetran Pricing

  • Free trial – 14 days free to test connectors and platform features.
  • Free plan –  a free forever plan, no credit card required. It gives access to all features of their Standard plan and allows up to 500,000 monthly active rows. 
  • Starter – Costs $500 per month for 1M monthly active rows. This plan gives access to 300+ fully managed connectors for 10 users, 1-hour syncs, and automatic schema migration.
  • Standard – Costs $750 per month for 1M monthly active rows. Everything in Starter plus unlimited users, 15-min syncs, database connectors, and access to Fivetran’s Rest API.
  • Enterprise – Costs $1000 per month for 1M monthly active rows. Everything in Standard, enterprise database connectors, 1-minute syncs, and advanced data governance capabilities.

This data movement platform allows you to pay only for changed data. Monthly active rows (MAR) is counted once per month regardless of changes that have been made. You should also know that the more data you sync, the less your unit costs become.  

Fivetran Integrations

Currently, there are 367 connectors available in Fivetran. They allow you to pull data from marketing and SaaS apps, data warehouses and lakes, etc. Some popular ones include: Amazon Ads, Airtable, Freshbooks, Google Cloud Storage, Shopify, PayPal, Salesforce, etc. Fivetran can also send data to 11 data destinations, including BigQuery, Snowflake, MySQL, Amazon S3, Redshift, Databricks, PostgreSQL, etc. 

Fivetran Cons

  • Limited data transformation features
  • Takes time to set up automated ETL transfers


6 whatagraph homepage

A data integration platform for connecting marketing data, building reports, and sharing insights. Whatagraph makes data collection from multiple sources much easier. It also provides features for scheduling report sharing to stakeholders or clients. The platform seeks to simplify reporting for marketing agencies and in-house teams. You can easily integrate data sources, visualize marketing data, and create live reports in one place. 

Whatagraph Pros

  • Data integration – Whatagraph allows you to connect any source with native ads and marketing integrations. You can also transfer data from other unavailable sources through intermediaries like Google Sheets, BigQuery, and custom API. 
  • Data visualization –  The platform seeks to reduce time spent on reports by up to 70%. There’s a library of pre-made widgets and templates for creating reports. You can track key metrics in one tab and combine data from multiple sources. 
  • Data sharing – Whatagraph helps share insights and give access to business data. You can save time with live dashboards, automated reporting emails, the one-click data export tool, and the ability to move data to a warehouse like BigQuery.

Whatagraph Pricing

  • Free trial – You can request a free 7-day trial, no credit card required. .
  • Professional – $223 per month, billed annually. This plan gives access to 25 sources for 5 users, pre-made templates, unlimited reports, and historical data. 
  • Premium – $335 per month, billed annually. It allows 50 data sources for 10 users and includes all the benefits of the Professional plan. 

There’s a custom pricing option for large businesses. It provides access to 100+ data sources, unlimited users, onboarding sessions, and priority support & guidance. 

Whatagraph Integrations

This data integration solution offers 40+ integrations in categories such as paid ads, social media, SEO, email, ecommerce, CRM, etc. Some popular examples include: Facebook ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn ads, MailChimp, Shopify, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc. Whatagraph only allows you to transfer data to one destination – Google BigQuery.

Whatagraph Cons

  • Expensive for small businesses or agencies.
  • Doesn’t offer multiple data destinations.


7 tapclicks homepage

A marketing operations platform that empowers you to take control of your data and make smarter decisions in your business. TapClicks is great for automating data pipelines, workflows, and reporting. It includes tools such as tapReports, tapAnalytics, tapWorkflow, tapOrders, and tapData. Each contains a unique set of features for connecting data, analyzing performance, and also creating reports and dashboards. 

Tapclicks Pros

  • Automated data pipeline – TapClicks helps you send data from over 6000+ sources to common destinations such as databases and warehouses. You can monitor the health of connectors, apply data controls, and combine sources. 
  • Performance analysis – The platform makes it easier to discover trends, drive growth, and outperform your competitors. You can make use of metrics, filters, dimensions, data blending, and advanced calculations to transform your data.
  • Automated reporting – TapClicks allows you to communicate reports to clients as well as collaborate with team members. It provides tools for reporting, e.g., a report studio, dashboards & widgets, report scheduler, and executive summaries. 
  • Workflow automation – The platform supports the management and automation of workflows for ad operations, billing, and fulfillment. The features here include: user availability, webhooks, task manager, automated workflow engine, etc.

Tapclicks Pricing

You can request a TapClicks Demo account. As for pricing plans, you have to reach out to their sales team for a custom quote depending on your business requirements.

Tapclicks Integrations

There are 6000+ sources across categories such as marketing channels, revenue & sales, display ads, and much more. Some well-known examples include: Facebook ads, Google Ads, HubSpot, Salesforce, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc. You can transfer data to common destinations such as spreadsheets and data warehouses. 

Tapclicks Cons

  • Not very intuitive for many users.
  • Can be slow or glitchy sometimes. 

What is all about? is a no-code platform that helps companies make sense of their marketing data. It offers the features necessary to automate your data from any marketing platform to any data warehouse or visualization tool. can be used by digital marketers, data analysts, and IT professionals to monitor marketing performance, create accurate reports, and equip stakeholders with the information needed to make better decisions. Features

  • Diverse data connectors: offers over 500 data connectors to ensure users can easily pull data from all their marketing platforms. It also makes sharing data with spreadsheets, data warehouses, and visualization tools easy.
  • Reliable storage: Apart from having access to accurate and near-real time data, makes it possible to keep track of past marketing data. It saves up to 2 years of historical data so you can easily examine or compare past performance.
  • Easy automation: allows you to automate data collection and sharing to your preferred destinations. It makes it easier to focus on analyzing, creating reports, and building dashboards with your marketing data. 
  • Custom integrations: As a bonus for their users, is willing to include custom connectors and fields for those who make requests. This can prove to be useful if you need something other than what’s readily available on the platform. Pricing currently offers four pricing plans:

  • Free: A $0 forever plan that you can use to learn the interface. This plan allows you to choose from the core sources, but there’s a limited number of flexpoints for accessing the features, and you can only share data to 3 destinations.
  • Starter: Starts from $400 per month, billed annually. It offers 700 flexpoints, all core sources, and lets you share data with just 3 destinations.
  • Business: Starts from $1000 per month, billed annually. It offers 1000 flexpoints, all core sources, 9 destinations, guided standard setup, 3 custom connectors, multiple workspaces, unlimited users, and user roles and permissions.
  • Enterprise: You’ll need to ask for a custom quote. With this plan, you’ll get 1500 flexpoints, all core sources, 10 destinations, guided advanced setup, 10 custom connectors, data region of choice (EU or US), a customer success partner, enterprise single sign-on, and a technical advisory program. 

Note: Flexpoints help to measure your usage of’s sources and destinations. Each plan comes with a set amount of flexpoints, but you can pay for more. Integrations

The number of connectors in is pretty extensive across categories such as e-commerce, email, search, affiliate, content, CRM, social, etc. Some examples include: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Instagram, Shopify, and more. 

Users on Free and Starter plans can only share data to 3 destinations – Google Sheets, Excel, and Looker Studio. Those on Business and Enterprise plans can also connect to Power Bi, Snowflake, BigQuery, SFTP, Tableau, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Looker, Google Analytics, and Google Cloud Storage.

Streamline data analytics & reporting

Streamline your data analytics & reporting with! is an all-in-one data analytics and automation platform designed to close the gap between getting data and using its full potential. Gather, transform, understand, and act on data to make better decisions and drive your business forward!

  • Save hours of your time on data analytics by integrating business applications with data warehouses, data visualization tools, or spreadsheets. Enjoy 200+ available integrations!
  • Preview, transform, and filter your data before sending it to the destination. Get excited about how easy data analytics can be.
  • Access data that is always up to date by enabling refreshing data on a schedule as often as every 15 minutes.
  • Visualize your data by loading it to BI tools or exporting it directly to Looker Studio. Making data-driven decisions has never been easier.
  • Easily track and improve your business metrics by creating live dashboards on your own or with the help of our experts.

Try today at no cost with a 14-day free trial (no credit card required), and join 700,000+ happy users to accelerate growth with data-driven decisions.

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How to choose the best alternative for you? is a great tool for marketers and businesses. It helps to connect, transform, and share reports directly on the platform. However, you may be looking for alternatives that are cheaper, better, and more intuitive. 

For example, a platform like offers a very intuitive interface, data refresh, and important integrations for affordable plans that cost as low as $49 per month. Make sure to choose an alternative that provides the same or better features and can scale up as your business grows. 

If you want to see more tools with similar functionality, check our articles on Databox alternatives and Sheetgo alternative.

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