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23 Best AI Marketing Tools for Modern Marketers

You have probably noticed how the internet has been buzzing non-stop since the release of ChatGPT in November 2022. It is all about AI and the incredible things it can do, especially in marketing. The possibilities for using ChatGPT in marketing are endless. From writing website/ad copy to full-length blog posts, ChatGPT has your back.  

But it’s just one of many solutions that can help you with marketing tasks. Other excellent AI tools might outperform ChatGPT for specific tasks. For example, Marketmuse for content planning, Coschedule for catchy headlines, and Writesonic for content creation.

This article gives you an overview of the 23 best AI marketing tools, breaking down their key features, pricing, and use cases. After reading the article, you will have the proper knowledge to choose the right AI marketing tools to invest your time and money in your business.

What is an AI marketing tool?

An AI marketing tool is a software or a platform that leverages artificial intelligence to automate and optimize marketing tasks.

 Such solutions mimic human intelligence by consuming tons of relevant data. They generate actionable insights to build marketing strategies and also create personalized content for your business. For example, an AI marketing tool to write blog posts will be trained on billions of blog posts to generate quality blog content. 

Additionally, it can also help you complete tasks faster than usual by automating repetitive parts of a task, like browsing a website and listing down the issues for a content audit.
Any specific AI marketing tool is expected to do some or all of the following:

  • Automation: These tools automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks like sending personalized emails to customers. 
  • Data Analysis: With rigorous training on vast data, skimming data is a fundamental trait AI marketing tools have. By leveraging this, you can track user behavior, identify patterns and trends, segment audiences, and more.
  • Predictive Analytics: Simplifying A/B testing with predictive analytics can save a ton of time and resources. Using historical data, these AI marketing tools predict the best-performing content, customer conversions, optimal social media posting time, and more. These insights can be constructive in optimizing strategy and content.
  • Personalization: With the help of segmented audience data, AI marketing tools can send personalized messages based on individual behavior, interest, and preferences.

Finally, AI marketing tools enhance a marketer’s capabilities and are there for you every step of building and executing your marketing strategy. Knowing and learning how to use them will help you automate redundant and time-consuming tasks, letting you focus on strategic and creative tasks.
Before we get started with the tools, let’s first understand how to integrate these AI tools into your marketing tech stack and processes to maximize their value. 

How to integrate AI tools for marketing into your marketing tech stack

If you want to double down on your marketing efforts, creating a well-rounded, versatile marketing tech stack should be your first priority. 

While AI is getting more popular day by day, other important aspects like handling digital transformation in marketing, tackling technical debt, and automating marketing processes remain key and evergreen. Integrating AI tools into your marketing strategy without having a comprehensive automation system in place is like cooking a gourmet meal without all the necessary ingredients – it’s incomplete. To truly use the full potential of the available technology, you need a balanced blend of automation options, both AI-powered tools and more traditional mechanisms.

To build this balance and reshape your marketing processes with AI marketing tools, you can leverage a data analytics and automation platform to create a solid basis for further improvements. For example, we can recommend – it’s an all-in-one data analytics and integration platform that allows you to have a holistic view of your marketing data with automated visualization dashboards and reports.

By understanding and utilizing your marketing data better, you can ensure your marketing strategies are driven by insights, keeping you ahead in this AI-driven world.

23 Best AI marketing tools

AI marketing tools provide a diverse range of solutions ranging from content creation to optimzing marketing efforts. They use advanced predictive analytics to help with customer segmentation, competitor analysis, and more. 

Certain tools also have the potential to significantly reduce your expenses and positively impact revenue.
Here are 23 best AI marketing tools, with a detailed comparison of their features and pricing to help you choose the best ones for your business.

1. MarketMuse

01 marketmuse logo

MarketMuse is an AI marketing tool used for developing content strategy and planning. As your content inventory grows, it can get challenging to manually choose suitable topics that can help build authority and rank on Google SERP. The solution analyzes your existing website to identify issues and content gaps, suggesting new topics.

While manual content audits take days to only deal with generic issues, MarketMuse automates the process by replacing subjectivity with data-backed suggestions.

For example, ‘Your blog posts are too long’ is generic, but MarketMuse suggests ‘Shorten a particular blog post from 5000 words to 3000 words by removing specific information’ which is specific.
And it continues beyond strategizing and planning the content. MarketMuse creates content briefs filled with every piece of information a writer needs. It also optimizes content for SEO and improves readability upon receiving the first draft.

02 marketmuse


  • Content planning: MarketMuse takes the load off your shoulders by analyzing your existing content and researching new topics simultaneously.
  • Cluster creation and analysis: With clusters, you create topical authority and improve your chances of ranking on Google SERP. It also helps you guide the buyer journey, leading to improved user experience and better conversions. 
  • Competitive content analysis: MarketMuse analyzes the top 20 SERPs and provides suggestions to fill potential gaps in your content. It gives a detailed report of every competitor on word count, videos, images, page intent, internal and external linking, and more.
  • Keyword research: With tons of keyword data, organizing and prioritizing them can be challenging. MarketMuse uses a cluster-first approach to prioritize keywords that can rank faster.
  • Content briefing: MarketMuse uses AI to analyze 100s and 1000s of pages to build a solid content brief with structure, related topics, questions to answer, and linking suggestions that help writers produce the best content.
  • Content optimization: When it comes to optimizing content, MarketMuse focuses on natural language rather than SEO keywords.

Use cases

MarketMuse is a good fit for any business or marketing professional looking to improve their content strategy.

If you are putting all your efforts into blog content but not seeing any significant rankings, then MarketMuse can help you with keyword research and content clustering. It can create a perfect content brief to get the expected results if you want to scale your content development.

But if you are running a brand-new blog, MarketMuse cannot be the right AI marketing tool for you, as most of the suggestions are based on existing data.


You can sign up for a free 7-day trial with little page-level insights, but it can be an excellent option to explore for new blogs with low content volume. The paid plans start at $149/ month for individual users.
For more details on Marketmuse’s pricing, here is a quick snapshot.

04 marketmuse pricing

Try Marketmuse for free

2. Coschedule

05 coschedule logo

Coschedule has a suite of marketing products to help you manage marketing projects better. But there is only one tool that we are interested in right now – Coschedule AI headline studio.

After ranking on Google SERP, the next goal is to land readers on the blog, for which you need a captivating headline. Coschedule uses a framework that suggests a headline containing a good blend of power words, emotional, uncommon, and common words.

And how did Coschedule come up with this? By getting trained on 1000s of headlines (good and bad ones). 

By adding AI to this, it can now brainstorm and give SEO-optimized headline suggestions based on your requirements.

06 coschedule headline


  • Scorecard: Coschedule gives you a detailed scorecard with word count, word balance, headline type, sentiment, and more.

  • Revisit past headlines: You can access a history of your analyzed headlines. Simply tweak or reuse headlines that have performed well for you.

  • WordPress plugin: You can now analyze your headlines in your WordPress CMS without going to the Coschedule.

  • Chrome extension: If you are not keen on writing your draft in WordPress, you can use Coschedule’s Chrome extension to craft headlines anywhere.

  • AI prompts for headlines: Coschedule headline AI has built-in AI prompts to generate ideas, get real-time feedback, and optimize your headlines for maximum engagement. 

Use cases

Coschedule Headline Studio can be used to generate blog post titles to boost traffic, subject lines for email newsletters to increase email open rates, headlines for social media posts, and ad copy to optimize ad campaigns. 

It can also help you overcome writer’s block by brainstorming and suggesting AI prompts to generate optimized headlines. 


The best part about Coschedule Headline AI is it is entirely free to use forever.

Learn more about Coschedule 

3. ChatGPT

07 chatgpt logo

Even though ChatGPT needs no introduction, here is a quick one for you.
ChatGPT is a conversational AI chatbot built on the latest GPT-4 technology. It can answer any questions under the sun, from basic math to advanced physics. It can also summarize, classify, and correct errors working with human requests and responses.

The OpenAI team is working every day to make this language model efficient in every way. They already introduced ChatGPT plugins, Web browsing, the ChatGPT app, and more.
Still, as of now, ChatGPT is not entirely reliable:

  • The AI marketing tool is only trained with data until September 2021.
  • Sometimes, it generates incorrect and biased responses confidently.

Before discussing how we can use ChatGPT in marketing, let’s glance at its features.


  • NLP and LLM: ChatGPT is trained on a large language model (LLM) and uses natural language processing, so it can easily handle complex conversations.

  • Creative writing: ChatGPT can be creative when cooking fictional stories and writing in different tones.

  • Personalized conversations: Even though it does not store personal information, ChatGPT personalizes conversations based on previous discussions.

  • Multi-purpose utility: ChatGPT use cases can be unlimited. You can learn any concept, translate into various languages, and write emails. You can also train it to write like you, create social media copy, blog posts, etc.

Use cases

The most common marketing use case of ChatGPT is writing first drafts of blogs, ad copy, emails, etc. Most of these are generic, so we recommend using ChatGPT primarily for research and brainstorming new perspectives while writing.

Apart from writing, ChatGPT can also help in content creation, developing strategy, SEO optimization, and more. If you find the right way to use it for your organization, it can be one of the most useful AI tools for marketing to include in your toolbox.


ChatGPT is free for everyone who wishes to use it. The free version is based on GPT 3.5 technology and has limitations like slower response times and ChatGPT often being down due to a heavy user base.  
Upgrading to ChatGPT Plus at $20/ month can help with these limitations and opens doors to every new update on ChatGPT, like Plugins, web browsing, GPT-4 technology, and all future updates.

10 chatgpt pricing

Try ChatGPT for free

4. Content at Scale

Content at Scale

Content at Scale is an AI writer that specializes in long-form SEO content.

The proprietary content automation software of Content at Scale mixes multiple AI engines with two natural language processing and semantic algorithms. It is designed to generate complete, research-backed, search engine optimized drafts of long-form content.

Outside of their subscription services, Content at Scale also has a free AI detector.


  • Long-form SEO content: The AI writer can generate 2,000+ words of research-backed, search engine optimized content in a few minutes. The AI can take keywords, YouTube videos, blog posts, documents, or MP3s and turn them into long-form articles.
  • WordPress and Shopify integration: With Content at Scale’s integrations, users can publish content directly to WordPress or Shopify.
  • Built-in tools: Content at Scale has its own SEO tools. It displays suggested keywords and even NLP information. The platform also has a built-in keyword research tool, an AI detector, and a plagiarism checker.
  • Community and education: Content at Scale has an active and exclusive community of marketers, agencies, business owners, and freelancers. They also offer courses on AI optimization (AIO), content marketing using AI, and building an AI agency.

Use Cases

Content at Scale is useful for companies doing content marketing, marketing agencies, startups, and other businesses that would benefit from SEO long-form content done in bulk or at scale.


Content at Scale has four pricing tiers, starting at $250/month and going as high as $1,500/month for the Agency tier. Each tier has a set number of posts and exclusive features.

Content at Scale pricing

Learn more about Content at Scale

5. Writesonic

11 writesonic

Writesonic is an all-in-one AI marketing tool for content creation. It can cater to both individuals and businesses in content creation by generating blog posts, social media post captions, social media ads, product descriptions, Quora answers, and more.

Using NLP and GPT-4 technologies, Writesonic can generate high-quality, factual, and exciting content, making it one of the best AI marketing tools.

The best part about using Writesonic is its easy-to-use interface. With 80+ templates covering most use cases of content creation, all you need to do is input the required details, and you are all set to go! The expected content is generated in seconds.

12 writesonic


It has over 100+ features that are GPT-4 powered, but its star products are Article Writer 5.0 and Chatsonic. 

  • Article Writer 5.0: It can generate a 2000-word blog post personalized to the brand voice in minutes using GPT-4 technology.

  • Chatsonic: Chatsonic is a conversational chatbot launched to overcome the limitations of ChatGPT, like outdated data, biased responses, etc. 

  • Botsonic: It helps businesses build AI-powered no-code chatbots that can be used for customer service, lead capture, and so on.

  • Multi-language support: Writesonic supports 25+ languages.

  • SEO optimization: Writesonic is integrated with SurferSEO to ensure all content generated is SEO-optimized and boosts rankings on Google.

Use cases

Writesonic has unlimited use cases and provides impressive benefits.
Writers can use the AI writer to create long-form blogs, sales emails, essays, reports, and e-books. With Writesonic’s content, ecommerce stores can boost their search rankings on Google and Amazon with optimized product titles and descriptions.

Large marketing teams can leverage Writesonic to scale their content marketing efforts. Early entrepreneurs can write their own landing page copy, sales emails, presentation decks, etc., to save time and money.

While Writesonic can greatly help, it cannot entirely replace writers. The generated content always needs editing to make it perfect.


Writesonic offers 10,000 free words for every user when they sign up. The paid plans start from $19/month for 100,000 words. The pricing is flexible and depends on your usage. For more details, refer to the screenshot below.

14 writesonic pricing

Get 10,000 free Writesonic words

6. Growthbarseo

15 growthbarseo logo

According to G2, Growth Bar is the #1 AI writing tool for bloggers. With the help of AI, it can generate SEO-optimized content that can rank on Google.

Like Writesonic, Growth Bar also supports different content types with AI writing capabilities. Some of them are Chat, product descriptions, press releases, and more to enable all your marketing channels.
You and your team can plan, write, and optimize long-form blog content 10x faster. 


  • 2-minute blog builder: Growth Bar can generate a 1500-word full-fledged SEO-optimized blog post in 2 minutes. 

  • Collaboration: You can invite marketers, writers, and editors to create and publish content faster than ever.

  • Competitor analysis: Growth Bar dashboards present competitor keywords ranking organically, their Google Ads keywords, and backlinks. After analyzing the competitor information, it also provides keyword suggestions to outperform the competition. 

  • Custom AI models: To maintain consistency in brand style and voice, Growth Bar can create a custom AI model to generate all content in a similar fashion.

Use cases

Growth Bar can be effective for marketers, SEO, and content specialists. Finding high-value keywords can help create SEO-friendly content and PPC campaigns. 

With backlink analysis, you can identify opportunities to acquire backlinks for high-authority sites. By revealing the top-ranking content for your target keywords, GrowthBar can help inspire new content ideas.


The paid plans of Growth Bar start from $48/ month, giving access to all features except Writer DraftSharing. 
To enable DraftSharing, you can upgrade your plan to $99/ month.
Before deciding on a paid plan, you can try Growth Bar for free with its 5-day trial. 
And here are the details of pricing and features for each plan.

18 growthbarseo pricing

Sign up for Growth Bar free trial

7. Algolia

19 algolia logo

Algolia is an AI search and discovery platform that can be used, in particular, to improve website or application searchability. 

The machine learning models of Algolia AI are trained on random search data. During the training, the ML models identify patterns when a search result is accurate based on parameters like click-through rate, time spent on the website page, and conversion rate. 

Algolia also uses NLP techniques in handling typos, incorrect grammar, synonyms, etc. 


  • Full-Text Search: It enables speed searching on your website. For every query, the whole database is searched for accurate search results.

  • Typo-Tolerance: As trained with NLP, the Algolia AI can understand synonyms and typos but still gives accurate results.

  • Geolocation: The AI identifies the location and shows search results that are location-relevant.

  • Advanced Analytics: Based on website search data, Algolia provides detailed insights into user behavior and preferences.

Use cases

Algolia is useful in ecommerce websites to enhance the searchability of products, in SaaS applications to improve the navigation within the platform, and in job portals for job seekers to find relevant opportunities quickly.


You can build your first search platform using Algolia for free with 10,000 search requests. Beyond that, you need to pay $0.5 for 1000 search requests.
If you plan to build more than one search platform, you need to contact Algolia’s sales team for custom pricing.

21 algolia pricing

Try Algolia for free

8. Tidio

22 tidio logo

Tidio is an AI communication tool used by businesses to simplify customer conversations by combining live chat, chatbots, and email marketing capabilities.

It is mainly used for enhancing customer interactions and increasing company conversion rates. Moreover, Tidio helps simplify the customer interaction processes and provides personalized customer service. 

23 tidio working


  • Live Chat: Tidio provides a live chat feature that allows you to have real-time conversations with visitors on your website. This is a way to quickly respond to any questions they may have, address their concerns, and build relationships.
  • Chatbots: You also have the option to create and deploy AI chatbots through Tidio. These chatbots can engage with visitors, answer asked questions, collect leads, and even help with sales around the clock.
  • Email Marketing: In addition, Tidio makes it easy for you to follow up with leads or existing customers through email marketing. You can send newsletters and promote offers effortlessly.
  • Integrations: The tool seamlessly integrates with other platforms like WordPress and Shopify, ensuring data synchronization and smooth operations.
  • Visitor analytics: By using Tidio, you gain insights into your website visitors’ browsing behavior and past interactions through visitor analytics. This information can be used to provide personalized service tailored to their needs.

Use cases

Tidios chatbots are helpful to ecommerce stores with customer service simplification. They effectively handle questions, assist customers in navigating the store, recommend products, and even assist with the checkout process. In doing so, they improve the customer experience and have the potential to boost sales growth.

For bloggers, Tidio is a tool for engaging readers, collecting feedback, and promoting newsletter subscriptions or exclusive content.


Tidio is free and comes with 50 live chat conversations, 100 chatbot triggers, and unlimited ticket handling.
If you want to add Tidio to your business techstack, then you can upgrade to one of their paid plans, as shown below.

25 tidio pricing 1

Explore Tidio for your ecommerce business

9. Chatfuel

26 chatfuel logo

Chatfuel, an AI chatbot builder, is used to create AI chatbots to interact with customers and improve customer relations. These AI chatbots support apps such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and websites as well. You can use them to talk to customers in real-time and address inquiries, provide solutions, and send promotional messages without any coding skills.


  • Automated Responses: Chatfuel is very convenient to set up replies for frequently asked questions or trigger automated responses when the customer uses specific keywords.
  • Conversation Flows: You have the ability to create structured conversation flows that smoothly guide users through interactions, like giving product recommendations or assisting in service bookings.
  • Integrations: Chatfuel can be integrated with tools like CRM systems, customer support software, and ecommerce platforms. This makes accessing customer data (transaction details, preferences, product information, etc.) simpler and more centralized.
  • Analytics: Moreover, the platform offers analytics on bot performance and user interactions. This enables you to gain insights into customer behavior and optimize the AI chatbot according to the results.
  • Broadcast Messages: By using Chatfuel, you can easily send messages or updates to your Messenger or Whatsapp audience.

Use cases

Chatfuel is a tool that can really elevate the customer experience on ecommerce websites. It empowers businesses to deliver tailored shopping assistance, offer product recommendations, and efficiently keep track of orders. Moreover, it comes in handy for upselling by suggesting products to customers.
When it comes to service-oriented businesses like salons, cleaning services, or home repair companies, having a Chatfuel bot at their disposal can greatly facilitate appointment bookings, handling inquiries, and even providing follow-up support after services have been rendered.


Chatfuel offers a free plan, providing access to essential features like creating and deploying a chatbot, basic integrations, and up to 50 conversations. 
You’d need to upgrade to a paid plan for advanced features and additional capacity. 

29 chatfuel pricing 1

Learn more about Chatfuel

10. Crayon

30 crayon logo 1

Crayon is a competitive intelligence platform that offers businesses valuable insights into their competitors’ activity. It diligently monitors and analyzes various factors, such as a company’s website modifications, pricing alterations, and even its social media engagement. By delivering thorough market intelligence, Crayon proves to be an indispensable tool for success in the marketplace.


  • Competitor Tracking: Crayon monitors various online sources to keep tabs on your competitors. This includes keeping an eye on any job postings, press releases, new products and services, and more.
  • Insights and Analysis: The tool analyzes this data, provides actionable insights on your competitors’ strategies, and keeps you updated on market trends.
  • Alerts: Crayon offers the option to set up customized alerts so that you can stay informed about specific competitor activities or any changes occurring in the market.
  • Reporting: Detailed reports equip you with valuable information to better understand your competitive landscape, measure your performance against competitors, and plan your future strategy accordingly.

Use cases

Crayon can serve as a valuable asset for various businesses. 
Marketing teams can utilize Crayon to monitor competitor marketing strategies, assess their messaging, and apply this knowledge to set themselves apart from the competition through their offerings and campaigns. Sales teams can employ Crayon to access competitor information, which can aid them in addressing objections and securing successful deals. 

Additionally, product teams can rely on Crayon to stay informed on competitor product advancements and features, which will, in turn, influence their product roadmap. We would say this is one of the most useful AI tools for marketing on our list, so we would recommend giving it a try.


Crayon doesn’t publicly share detailed pricing information. They offer a demo upon request and use custom pricing based on individual needs.

Use Crayon to analyze your competition

11. Albert

32 albert logo

Albert is an advanced AI marketing tool that automates and simplifies intricate digital marketing tasks. Employing cutting-edge machine learning algorithms enables data analysis, knowledge assimilation, and real-time adjustments to enhance your marketing endeavors.


  • Autonomous Media Buying: Albert can autonomously handle and fine-tune your media buying strategy across various channels, making necessary adjustments to the budget depending on performance criteria. 
  • Audience Segmentation: Albert can identify and focus on high-value segments within your audience, enhancing your marketing endeavors for increased engagement and higher conversion rates. 
  • Cross-Channel Execution: By orchestrating campaigns across multiple channels, Albert ensures that your customers receive a harmonized and personalized experience throughout different touchpoints.
  • Insights and Analysis: Utilizing advanced analytics, Albert provides valuable insights that can be acted upon to identify noteworthy trends and opportunities, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Use cases

Albert is an invaluable resource for service-based businesses aiming to maximize their customer reach, streamline ad spending, and evaluate the efficacy of different marketing channels. 

Likewise, media companies can leverage Albert’s capabilities to proficiently handle ad campaigns, segment audiences for targeted messaging purposes, and gain comprehensive insights into what content deeply engages their viewers.


Albert does not share pricing information on public platforms. You can contact them by filling out an enquiry form on their website.

Try Albert AI

12. Smartly

34 smartly is an innovative AI marketing tool designed to streamline and enhance your social media advertising endeavors. This platform efficiently handles campaign development, ad optimization, and custom reporting across social media platforms.


  • Easy Ad Creation: With, you can effortlessly create ads using templates that guarantee captivating content. 
  • Efficient Budget Allocation: Utilizing AI technology, the platform analyzes campaign performance. Optimally allocate your budget for a better impact.
  • Tailored Reporting: offers reporting options so you can gain insights into your campaign’s performance. 
  • Testing and Experimenting: You can take advantage of the platform’s A/B testing feature to identify the most effective creative elements and advertising strategies.

Use cases

When an ecommerce company aims to improve its advertising efforts, provides a solution by automating the process of creating advertisements for products.
It effectively allocates the budget according to actual time performance and minimizes manual effort. This advanced feature holds the potential to save valuable hours spent on adjusting ads manually and promises a substantial increase in return on ad investment.


Smartly also does not share any pricing information on their website. You can always book a platform demo, and the Smartly team will contact you.

Explore Smartly

13. Flick Social

35 flick social

With over 2.35 billion monthly active users, Instagram is an important platform for every social media strategy. And creating content on Instagram is not a piece of cake. It takes time and effort to develop ideas, create, publish, and track metrics.

Flick is an advanced Instagram marketing tool that leverages AI to help every content creator and business to succeed on Instagram big time. Some of Flick Social’s capabilities are identifying hashtags for posts, organizing content, and tracking performance.


  • Hashtag Search: To reach the right audience on Instagram, using hashtags is a common and useful strategy. But it can be difficult to find relevant hashtags. Flick can help discover relevant and popular hashtags that can boost visibility and engagement. 
  • Post Scheduler: Taking time everyday to create and upload content on Instagram can be a tiresome task. Instead, with Flick’s post schedule, you can create content in bulk and schedule it for publication. This helps maintain consistency and save time.
  • Performance Analytics: Creating content without understanding its performance is not a good way to grow on Instagram. Flick Social helps with tracking performance analytics for individual posts and overall account performance, empowering you to make informed decisions based on data.
  • AI tool for content creation: Flick can help you with content ideation and writing. Just specify your topic, and Flick’s AI social media tool will come up with ideas on what to post about. In addition to this, it can write tailored captions according to your brand guidelines. 

Use cases

Anyone looking to make it big with Instagram can use Flick Social. From influencers and content creators to small businesses and marketing agencies, Flick Social can easily support individual and multiple Instagram handles.
If you are a social media manager or looking to become one, you should definitely add Flick Social to your tech stack.


You can start using Flick Social for free with a 7-day free trial. It gives users access to most  features for a limited period. You can also upgrade to a paid plan for additional features and capabilities after the 7-day free trial. 

37 flicksocial pricing

Try Flick for social media management

14. Midjourney

38 midjourney

Midjourney is an AI image generator that can create new and unique images based on text prompts. It can be classified as an AI marketing tool as it can create AI images for ad copy, websites, and blogs, as well as other assets for many more marketing use cases.

To create these images, adapting to specific styles like abstract, painting, fantasy, etc., Midjourney uses machine learning models to learn from existing images in its databases.

Using Midjourney is very simple. Just log in and join the Midjourney Discord bot. Now go to any beginner channels and use the command ‘/imagine’ followed by the text prompt.


  • Customized AI-image generation: Using AI algorithms and machine learning models, Midjourney generates images based on text prompts. You can also change or edit these text prompts to create different versions of an image.

  • Artistic adaptation: Midjourney does a great job at learning new image styles and adapting them to the generated images. For example, if you want to create the image of Superman in a garden in an artistic style, you can do it with Midjourney.  

  • Fantasy and sci-fi scenes: If you are a sci-fi or fantasy writer looking to give your characters a visual representation, then Midjourney excels in that area. It creates fantasy environments too.

  • Rapid generation: Midjourney is an advanced tool, and it only takes seconds to process the text prompts and generate images. 
39 midjourney sample

Here are four variations of images generated by Midjourney for an advertising company to use in a ramen commercial. And they look real. 

Use cases

Midjourney is a good resource for marketers as it can create unique and customized AI images in seconds. It eliminates the requirement for extensive graphic design expertise making it particularly valuable to small businesses and startups. 

Midjourney is a game changer in content creation as it allows creators to design AI-generated imagery that can significantly enhance their content and boost audience engagement. With this tool, the possibilities for creative expression are virtually limitless.


Midjourney provides a pricing plan with affordable options – it begins with a free trial to help you start your journey, followed by the basic plan priced at $10 per month.

40 midjourney pricing

Explore Midjourney

15. Photoroom

41 photoroom

Photoroom is a highly efficient and user-friendly AI-powered app for businesses and individuals seeking professional photo editing solutions. This tool is precious in product photography, portrait photos, and more.


  • Automatic Background Removal: Photoroom can effortlessly eliminate the background from any photo, providing a polished appearance that exudes professionalism. 
  • Templates: This app provides an array of templates designed to help you create images suitable for various purposes, such as social media engagement, ecommerce ventures, and more.
  • Easy Edits: With Photoroom, you can edit your own photos without the help of an editor. You can crop an image, remove and replace the background, add texts, add logos, improve focus, and more.
42 photoroom example

The background of the image above was removed with the help of Photoroom, and the visual is edited for ecommerce purposes.

Use cases

Photoroom provides a solution for retailers looking to enhance the visuals of their products on ecommerce websites or social media platforms. It offers cost benefits by removing the necessity for photography services.

Professionals from other areas can benefit from the tool as well. For example, real estate agents can leverage Photoroom to enhance the appeal of their property on sale. 


Photoroom offers a version that provides access to a rich set of features. However, the free version includes a watermark on your images.

To enhance your experience without the watermark, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version.
The Pro subscription prices vary from country to country. According to the Apple App store, the pricing of the Pro version starts from $9.99 and goes up to $249.99 in the United States. 

For more information on Photoroom pricing, you can refer here.

43 photoroom pricing

Learn more about Photoroom

16. Synthesia

44 synthesia logo

Utilizing advanced AI, Synthesia is a cutting-edge solution that enables the generation of professional-grade videos without requiring physical presence or the use of cameras. This revolutionary tool takes away the complexities associated with video creation, transforming it into a task as effortless as composing an email.


  • AI-Generated Videos: All you need to do is type in your script. Choose an AI avatar and language. And voila! Synthesia will generate a video with the chosen avatar delivering your script.
  • Custom Avatars: This innovative software also allows you to create custom avatars enabling you to have an AI version of yourself or someone else deliver the script.
  • Multilingual Support: Synthesia supports multiple languages, making creating videos for an international audience effortless. 
  • Text-to-Video: You can simply write a script and let Synthesia work its magic by transforming it into a professional video with a speaking avatar at your disposal.
45 synthesia

Here is a screenshot from a product demo video created with Synthesia.

Use cases

Synthesia can be a valuable tool for eLearning businesses. It enables them to produce instructional videos in multiple languages. By doing so, they can save time and money that would otherwise be spent on translation. 

Likewise, marketing agencies could use Synthesia to efficiently create videos for clients across different industries without needing specific video production resources.


While Synthesia does not provide a complimentary version, users can create one video without charge. 
The platform follows a pay-per-video approach, where the pricing is determined by factors such as video length and complexity.

46 synthesia pricing

Use Synthesia for AI videos

17. Crystal Knows

47 crystalknows logo

Crystal Knows is an innovative AI-powered tool that offers valuable insights into the personality traits of individuals. It harnesses a wide range of data to assist users in comprehending and enhancing their communication with others to optimize every call, email, and meeting.


  • Personality Assessments: Analyzing one’s online activities, this platform can anticipate and determine their DISC personality profile. 
  • Communication Guidance: Crystal Knows presents practical advice on successfully communicating with any individual by considering their projected personality traits.
  • Playbooks: With their playbooks feature, Crystal provides comprehensive communication guidance for all internal and external meetings, catering to both individual and group settings.
  • Team Culture Analysis: By consolidating individual personalities, this tool allows for analyzing a team’s prevailing culture.
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Use cases

Sales: Crystal Knows can help salespeople enhance their understanding of potential clients’ personality traits. By gaining insights into these traits, they can customize their sales pitches to align with each client’s unique preferences and needs. 

Teams: Crystal Knows can also support managers in comprehending the personality types and work styles of their team members. This understanding allows managers to allocate tasks to maximize productivity and team cohesion, as well as improve team communication and collaboration.

Hiring: Crystal helps HR and recruiting professionals by precisely identifying the perfect personality match for open positions, providing interview playbooks, and facilitating hiring processes with personality insights.


Crystal Knows offers a limited free version, where users can register to receive 10 free personality predictions. Full features, including unlimited personality profiles and communication advice, require a paid subscription. 

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Use Crystal Knows to personalize research

18. Trustmary

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Trustmary is a tool that aids businesses in gathering and showcasing customer reviews and testimonials. Companies can enhance their credibility by effectively managing and presenting valuable customer feedback.


  • Automated Collection: Collecting social proof like customer reviews and testimonials manually can be time-consuming. This is made easy with Trustmary’s automated collection system on your website and social media. 
  • Customizable Forms: Forms are a great way to collect more customer reviews. With Trustmary’s customizable forms, you can choose the questions from a template or add your own questions. 
  • Testimonial Display: Trustmary can be easily integrated with your website and social media platforms to display all the reviews and testimonials as social proof. 

Use cases

Trustmary can be used by any business as everyone needs customer reviews and testimonials. One such use case is for ecommerce stores, where reviews play an essential part in driving sales. As Trustmary can be easily integrated into product pages on ecommerce websites, these businesses can showcase positive reviews and build trust.  

Another use case is that of service providers like cleaning services. They can leverage Trustmary to display customer testimonials on their websites to build a reputation and attract potential clients.


Trustmary offers a free version with limited capabilities, like 200 monthly views. You can upgrade to one of their paid plans that start from $19/ month to collect and use customer testimonials at scale. 

52 trustmary pricing

Learn more about Trustmary

19. Automizy

53 automizy

95% of marketers who use AI for email marketing are saying it is ‘effective’, and 54% of them are saying it is ‘very effective.’ With email users increasing every year, now is the right time to leverage AI to build a solid email marketing strategy. 
Automizy is an AI marketing tool that automates email marketing. It can streamline planning, creating, and sending email campaigns that improve conversion rates. 


  • Email Automation: It allows you to create automated email sequences effortlessly, considering customer behaviors and specific triggers. 
  • AI-Powered Subject Line Tester: It can predict your emails’ open rates before sending them, saving a lot of time and effort.
  • Visual Automation Builder:  It easily lets you visualize and construct email campaigns through its user-friendly interface.

Use cases

Automizy is a helpful tool that online stores can utilize to establish automated email sequences. They can effectively retrieve potential sales that would have otherwise been lost due to cart abandonment. 
Blogs or news sites can employ this tool to send personalized content to their subscribers. This not only helps in keeping them engaged but also contributes to enhancing reader retention.


Automizy offers a 14-day free trial to try its features. After that, they charge based on the number of email subscribers you have, starting from $9/month for 200 subscribers.

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20. Influencity

Influencity is an indispensable tool in the realm of influencer marketing. This advanced platform utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to completely transform how you discover influencers, assess their impact, handle your campaigns, and measure the outcome.


  • Influencer Discovery: Influencity utilizes AI technology to scan multiple social media platforms and identify potential influencers that share your brand’s mission and values. This process ensures you can find influencers who resonate with your target audience. 
  • Influencer Analytics: Influencity provides in-depth insights into an influencer’s audience demographics and past performance through AI. This level of analysis allows you to make informed decisions when investing in influencers.
  • Campaign Management: The AI-driven analytics engine helps you track your campaigns’ progress and accurately measures their return on investment (ROI). By eliminating the need for guesswork and saving time. This valuable feature streamlines campaign management for your brand.

Use cases

Suppose you are a startup operating in the sustainable fashion sector. Influencity can be a valuable tool for you. This platform lets you find eco-conscious influencers who can connect with your desired audience. 

Even tech companies can benefit from Influencity by identifying influencers who have a strong following of gadget enthusiasts. Using these influencers, tech companies can generate significant buzz for their new products.


Influencity does not have a free version but provides a 7-day free trial after you choose a plan.

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Try Infleuncity for influencer marketing

21. Speechelo

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Speechelo is an AI-enabled voiceover technology that converts text into speech that sounds like a human voice. The converted voices or speeches feel authentic, replicating human voice flow and emotions rather than a robotic monotone.


  • Realistic Voiceovers: Using AI capabilities, Speechelo converts written text into voiceovers with a natural sound, including breaths and pauses, making it more human-like.
  • Multiple Languages & Voices: Speechelo can facilitate projects in 20 languages, offering a range of voice options meeting your requirements.

Use cases

If you are an independent filmmaker in need of affordable voiceovers or a content creator looking to convert blog posts into podcasts, Speechelo can be a good fit for your requirements. It is less expensive compared to hiring voiceover artists and provides decent-quality voices.  


Speechelo offers a one-time payment plan instead, currently for $47.

Learn more about Speechelo

22. Brand24


Brand24 is an AI social listening tool designed to help businesses and individuals track and analyze online mentions of their brand, products, or keywords. 

It covers various sources, including all major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, as well as different review sites, podcasts, and forums.

Brand24 collects mentions of your keywords in real-time. It is an internet monitoring tool with a powerful analytics section. The mentions are stored in a user-friendly dashboard with the option of exporting data to PDF reports.


  • Sentiment Analysis: The tool uses algorithms to analyze the sentiment of mentions, identifying whether they are positive, negative, or neutral. Thanks to sentiment analysis, you can react quickly to negative sentiment, monitor your brand’s reputation, and keep your customers happy by always putting their feelings first.
  • AI Reports: AI Report provides valuable insights and recommendations to help businesses improve their strategies.
  • Topic Analysis: Find out your industry’s top trends, customer expectations, and communication channels.
  • Emotion Analysis: Here, you’ll find a breakdown of emotions about a specific topic you monitor expressed in percentage.

Use Cases
Brand24 is a tool used for monitoring your social media profiles and managing online reputation for both businesses and individuals. Its primary use cases revolve around brand monitoring, enabling users to track mentions of their brand across diverse online platforms.

Additionally, it aids in reputation management by facilitating prompt responses to negative feedback, preventing potential PR crises. 

This platform offers a range of features, including competitor analysis, gathering product feedback, identifying influencers, sentiment analysis, and conducting market research. 

To sum up, it is a comprehensive solution for monitoring and utilizing online presence and conversations related to a brand or business.


A 14-day trial of the tool is available, or you can subscribe for a monthly fee. Brand24 offers four different pricing plans tailored to various business needs. They start at $99/month for Individual, $179/month for Team, $249/month for Pro, and $499/month for Enterprise. 

brand24 pricing

Explore Brand24

23. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is a versatile content marketing tool that generates quality content at scale.

Trained on high-conversion marketing copy, Hypotenuse’s proprietary AI models can generate factually accurate and high-quality blog posts, product descriptions, advertising copy, landing page content, AI images, and more at unbelievable speeds.

Hypotenuse AI is connected to the web to bring you knowledge from around the world instantly.

Hypotenuse AI view


  • Research with one click – With Content Detective, Hypotenuse’s powerful research tool, you can quickly find relevant information and facts sourced directly from the web without leaving the platform.
  • Instruct AI to write for you – Provide specific instructions and generate quality content tailored to your needs using Commands and Compose. This level of control allows you to create high-quality, customized content efficiently.
  • Rank higher with SEO optimization – Hypotenuse automatically optimizes your content by helping you incorporate your SEO keywords seamlessly. This ensures that your content has a better chance of ranking higher in search engine results and reaching a wider audience.
  • Generate content in bulk – Effortlessly create content at scale with Hypotenuse’s bulk generation feature. Save time by generating multiple product descriptions, meta descriptions, or social media captions in one go.
  • Extract insights from PDF – Upload your PDFs to HypoChat and get a quick summary of your document instantly. Query it for specific data and make use of its web connection to find relevant information from online sources easily. 

Use cases

Hypotenuse AI is a powerful tool for any business or marketing expert aiming to elevate their content game.

For businesses in e-commerce, Hypotenuse AI can help you swiftly generate high-quality product descriptions in bulk. Digital marketers can leverage it to create engaging, SEO-optimized advertising copy and blog posts, thereby boosting their online visibility. Content creators can benefit by using it to generate captivating social media captions and blog content efficiently. 

No matter your role or industry, Hypotenuse AI is a versatile content marketing tool that will supercharge your content creation process.


Hypotenuse AI offers a 7-day free trial for all first-time users. Their subscription plans start from $15/month for 25,000 words plus access to a suite of AI-powered tools including image generation and HypoChat. 

If you’re looking to build custom templates or AI models trained on your company’s brand voice, you should consider their Enterprise plans.

Hypotenuse AI pricing

Learn more about Hypotenuse AI

Fields to use AI marketing tools

The impact of technology cannot be overstated – especially with the introduction of AI in marketing. The marketing strategies worldwide have significantly changed over time in a good way. From scaling content creation efforts to improving customer engagement, AI technology plays a crucial role in marketing. 

  • In ecommerce alone, AI continues to be realized through platforms such as personalizing shopping experiences, inventory management, and boosting website rankings. Critically, one among many significant perks includes AI-powered Chatbots such as Tidio and Chatfuel that continue to handle customer inquiries at all hours, providing satisfaction in service and hosting sales optimization. 
  • The continuous influence of AI has made online retailers use predictive analysis, enabling them to forecast the future impact of demand and make real-time adjustments throughout their supply chain based on their analysis. 
  • Content marketing aids additional value from platforms like MarketMuse and Writesonic. They generate engaging blog posts while improving Search Engine Optimization.
  • Simultaneously in social media marketing, AI has simplified operations with advanced features, including precision targeting for audiences, seamless scheduling automation, and performance analysis. 

This tech advancement also eventually made multimedia production easy for creators, an example being Speechelo enhancing audio and video content through authentic voiceover recordings, as well as various tools streamlining video production with the help of AI.AI in marketing has become an essential resource deployed by marketers across industries, often leading to significant shifts in marketing strategy.

Streamline data analytics & reporting

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  • Save hours of your time on data analytics by integrating business applications with data warehouses, data visualization tools, or spreadsheets. Enjoy 200+ available integrations!
  • Preview, transform, and filter your data before sending it to the destination. Get excited about how easy data analytics can be.
  • Access data that is always up to date by enabling refreshing data on a schedule as often as every 15 minutes.
  • Visualize your data by loading it to BI tools or exporting it directly to Looker Studio. Making data-driven decisions has never been easier.
  • Easily track and improve your business metrics by creating live dashboards on your own or with the help of our experts.

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The benefits of using AI-based marketing tools 

Imagine a scenario where your marketing endeavors proceed seamlessly, giving you invaluable analysis and allowing you to make data-driven decisions. This happens with the infusion of AI in marketing.
You can delve deep and leverage AI to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of all your marketing initiatives. 
Explore three primary benefits of using AI in marketing below.

Improved efficiency and productivity

Artificial intelligence (AI) greatly contributes to the field of marketing by simplifying repetitive tasks and saving precious time. 

Consequently, marketers can concentrate on making well-informed decisions and participating in inventive processes. For example, Automizy is an email marketing automation tool that utilizes AI technology to automatically run email campaigns according to predetermined triggers if a user leaves their shopping cart unattended. 

The system can automatically email them to motivate them to finalize the purchase. This relieves marketers from the arduous responsibility of constantly monitoring user actions and manually composing personalized emails for countless hours.

Deeper customer insights and personalization

Artificial intelligence can examine extensive quantities of data for the purpose of acquiring profound insights into customer behavior, thereby facilitating the development of hyper-personalized marketing strategies that better resonate with the intended audience. 

Personalization platforms harness AI technology to analyze real-time customer behavioral data and subsequently offer personalized suggestions and experiences. 

If a user has been actively searching for ‘running shoes’ on an ecommerce website, the AI can dynamically customize the site’s content to prominently showcase running shoes while also suggesting complementary items such as running gear. Consequently, this tailored approach enhances personalization and efficiency within the shopping experience.

Data-driven decision-making

The integration of advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques allows AI systems to predict upcoming patterns and anticipate consumer behavior with accuracy. 
This technological advancement stimulates fact-based decision-making processes instead of relying solely on intuition or guesswork.

With AI marketing tools like Crayon, marketing teams can be alerted whenever competitors gain traction with new features or when specific marketing trends begin gaining popularity. This enables marketers to adopt a strategic approach by incorporating similar features or embracing fresh marketing strategies to maintain their competitive edge in the market.

To maximize value, it’s useful to add to the AI tools a comprehensive data analytics solution like This enables you to make the most of your data by automating your data flows, transforming your datasets and helping to visualize them automatically.

All this allows you to build tailored automated dashboards and reports to understand marketing performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.
All these advantages contribute directly to fostering the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing processes empowering marketers to enhance their reach engagement levels and their return on investment (ROI).

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How to choose the best AI marketing tool for you?

Selecting the right AI marketing tool goes much deeper than just looking at its popularity; it requires careful alignment with your business objectives and needs. 
Consider which specific tasks you aim to automate and determine what valuable insights you hope to gain from an AI marketing tool. Moreover, consider any financial restrictions, which is essential in making an optimal choice. 

It is important to remember that a well-suited tool will seamlessly integrate into your overall marketing strategy while streamlining various tasks along the way. 

Start by referring to the best AI tools for marketing mentioned in this blog as they serve as a solid starting point; then, find one that best accommodates all of your specific requirements.

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