Back to Blog 2.0: Meet the Revamped Platform & Take Your Data Analytics to a New Level is constantly evolving as it introduces new features and data sources with every update. However, the latest release goes far beyond regular improvements.

Recently, the platform received some major functionality updates, and we are thrilled to announce the launch of 2.0. This benchmark revamp introduces an entirely new level of data automation and data analytics available to you with 2.0 capabilities. 
Let’s explore the main novelties and see how they can help you turn your data into action points even easier and faster than before. If you haven’t used yet, it’s a great time to sign up and put it to the test with our 14-day free trial. 2.0: an overview 

An impressive set of new features, data sources, and direct integrations allows you to manage, transform, and visualize your data as part of one seamless process orchestrated through

NEW Destination: Looker Studio 

We are proud to introduce the fourth destination app now available in in addition to Google Sheets, Excel, and BigQuery. Now, you can extract data from dozens of sources and transfer it directly to Looker Studio (former Google Data Studio) for building insightful visualizations.

You can use to collect data across various sources, blend it into one dataset, prepare it for analysis, and set a direct integration with the most popular data visualization tool. This is an easy and efficient way to build comprehensive auto-updating dashboards, always reflecting the latest data.

Before this, you would need to save your data in a spreadsheet or database prior to connecting it automatically to Looker Studio. Now, this intermediate step is eliminated, and you can easily send your data to the visualization tool in just several clicks.

Need help with setting up Looker Studio destination? This Help Center article will walk you through the process in detail.

Transform module 

Another breakthrough addition is a powerful boost for’s ETL functionality. The new Transform module revolutionizes the way you can manage your data with It allows you to preview the data you want to export and transform it however you need before transferring it to the destination app.

2. Preview and Transform module data stitching

With the Transform module, you can:

  • Preview data – check if the data you need to extract loads correctly before actually exporting it. If you combine datasets from several sources, you can see if your data blends smoothly.

  • Manage columns – now allows you to hide the columns you don’t want to export, as well as add new columns, rename and reorder them, change their type, and merge information from several columns into one.

  • Filter data – you can use various filters to extract only the data you need based on a set of criteria. To do so, you just need to select the column that contains the filtering criterion (for example, status) and specify the desired value.

  • Perform calculations – you can calculate new metrics based on your data directly within’s interface. All you need to do is to add a new column and provide a formula for the calculations.

As a result, you can import clean data that is ready for analysis and contains only the information you need. This means you don’t have to save your data to a spreadsheet before exporting it to do the calculations. There’s also no need to edit the imported data in the destination app and waste time on preparing a concise report from an overly detailed database. Your data, crisp and rich in value, will be transferred wherever you need it, whenever you wish, and in the format you want twice faster. 

If you wish to drill down into the details of using this functionality, check our brief tutorial on the Transform module.

70+ data sources and 280+ integrations

With’s ever-growing collection of new sources and importers available, you have even more opportunities to conveniently manage all your data from a single place. Some of the latest additions are Stipe, YouTube, and Instagram Ads, with more to come in the nearest future.

With over 30 Premium apps released before, can now boast 70+ data sources and over 280 different integrations. Even more sources can be available to you as custom integrations can be set up on request – even for apps that are not currently included. Check the full list of sources to see what’s new. You can also use the Categories menu on the left to choose from multiple categories. If you can’t find the integration you need, send us a request for the custom integration from the sources page.

3. data sources

Numerous data sources, along with the available custom integrations, allow you to use a single solution to automate, visualize, and analyze all your data across your company. You don’t need to use separate tools for different apps and overcomplicate your data flows. Leveraging 2.0 makes managing data effortless and gives you all the instruments you need to power data-driven decisions.

These major updates are already available for all users. However, 2.0 keeps evolving and will soon offer you even more instruments to tap into the potential of your data. 

Coming soon: a sneak peek at more updates

Here are some other exciting improvements that are already underway.

  • Dashboard templates & Importer templates. This is an incredibly useful and powerful functionality that will save you an enormous amount of time and effort. We are already building dozens of free dashboard templates that will be connected directly to importer templates. This means that you will be able to create your own dashboard automatically! For example, this will allow you to make a visualization like this one with just a few  clicks:
  • You will just need to select an importer template and simply connect your account. Actually… that’s it! All the settings for the source (what data to pull) and for the destination (how to visualize) will already be there. We are truly excited about this functionality as it will make visualizing data so much easier 📊 To get a better idea of how this works, try this Google Ads dashboard template to build your own visualization in minutes.

  • New design. Our team is currently working on creating a brand-new reimagined look and feel for the website, along with some major user experience improvements within the product itself. In a nutshell, 2.0 will soon receive a fresh image matching the level of its new advanced functionality. Setting up importers will become even easier, while visualizing and managing data effortlessly will be the focus of the revamped design. Here’s a sneak peek of how the new interface might look:
5. new interface preview
  • More new sources and features. On top of that, there are numerous other updates and improvements planned. In the near future, we will add functionality for creating formula-based columns and sorting data. We are also working on adding Calendly to our sources, building an Excel add-in, and more. 

Stay in touch with us on social media to be the first to know about the updates.

How can you benefit from 2.0?

In a data-driven world, it’s a no-brainer that every organization needs to make data-driven decisions. But doing so is not always a walk in the park as gathering, understanding, and interpreting data can be a real challenge. is designed to facilitate your data analytics journey, and here’s how you can benefit from a new 2.0 platform.

big coupler 2 0 1280x532 1
  • Collect data from all your apps in one place. For example, you can use 2.0 to gather your ad and marketing data from Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube, Mailchimp, LinkedIn Ads, and other sources in one place for analysis or fast visualization.
  • Blend data into a single database. For instance, if you need to combine campaign data from Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads, you can do this directly within the interface. Just preview your data and manage the columns so that all impressions and other metrics from both apps land in the same column. Since the two apps offer slightly different data, you can also calculate the missing metrics yourself in the preview stage.
  • Clear the noise in your data. Get your data organized and structured with no coding skills using our Transform module. Transfer to the destination app only the data you need and in the format you need to get it ready for analysis. With a few clicks, you’ll be able to make meaningful dashboards out of your data silos.
  • Visualize data in minutes. Thanks to the direct Looker Studio integration, visualizing your data is a fast and smooth process powered by reliable automation. With the upcoming Dashboard & Importer Templates, it will become instant ⏱️Use your data collected from multiple sources to quickly create comprehensive cross-channel dashboards with direct integration to Looker Studio. Alternatively, you can transfer your data to Tableau, Power BI, and other data viz tools via a Google Sheets integration.
7. Ad performance dashboard in Looker studio example
  • Derive more insights faster. Save huge amounts of time and boost efficiency by streamlining your data flows. As 2.0 features powerful ETL functionality, you can quickly and easily prepare your data for further analysis and create automated reports that contain only the most valuable data.

  • Leverage end-to-end data management. Gather data from dozens of apps, blend it together, transform it prior to exporting, visualize it or build custom reports, and refresh your data in the destination app automatically – all within one comprehensive solution.

  • Benefit from enhanced data analysis. provides businesses with professional data analytics services to help you unlock the true value of your data. Furthermore, we build custom integrations to ensure you have all you need to get your data analysis-ready. 

  • Make data-driven decisions easier. 2.0 offers you a complete set of instruments, integrations, and services to help your company become fully data-driven and propel your business forward. 

Try out the new functionality offered by 2.0

Now that we’ve explored the exciting new features available in the revamped platform, it’s time to try them out. Discover the new functionality and see how it can further enhance and simplify the data automation process in your organization. We hope that 2.0 will help you gain ultimate data transparency and extract more valuable insights faster and easier than ever. 

Got excited by the new platform but don’t have a account yet? You can sign up in just a few clicks and start your free 14-day trial (no card required).

Stay in touch for the next updates!

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