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15 Top Survey Tools for Small Businesses 2023

When it comes to making key business decisions, surveys may provide you with the information you need. Using online surveys to understand your clients better is a terrific way to improve your business. Getting consumers to fill out their surveys may be difficult for many company owners and new marketers who are just starting out. Nevertheless, if one has access to the appropriate software, developing, disseminating, and evaluating online surveys can be very easy. It might also be a good idea to to use all this in a combination with some cutting-edge AI marketing tools to maximize effect.

You are at the right place if you are seeking out top online survey tools that will help you receive more consumer feedback, boost sales, feedback from your employees, boost social media engagement, and more. In this article, we are going to list some of the best online survey tools for small businesses that allow you to develop, deliver, and evaluate surveys.

Let’s get this show on the road!

Criteria for comparing top online survey tools

There are a plethora of survey tools on the market, ranging from tools that perform simple, short surveys, to more in-depth market research and consumer surveys. Before deciding which tool would serve you best, you must first determine what it is that you want to do. 

For comparing the online survey tools available, we will consider the following:

  • Features: We will explore the different features and functionality that each of the top survey tools offer. There are certain key features that one should look out for when choosing online survey tools, such as:
    • Flexible and customizable themes
    • Design templates
    • Multi-language features
    • Collaboration
    • Question types, etc
  • Price: When reviewing and comparing online survey tools, pricing is a crucial factor to consider. This allows you to make better decisions depending on your financial situation.
  • Pros: We will analyze the many benefits of utilizing each of these tools to get a sense of how their strengths vary. We will list out the drawbacks and shortcomings of each of these tools. Both should help you make a better decision.

15 best survey tools for small businesses



Many users consider SurveyMonkey to be one of the best online survey tools available. If you use this tool, it won’t be hard for you to develop, produce, or acquire data in a timely manner for further analysis. Thanks to the tool’s user-friendly interface, SurveyMonkey is easy to use for the respondents as well. The in-app survey builder makes it easy to collect user input in the form of comments, views, and feedback quickly and efficiently. The platform offers pre-built and customizable templates for various survey formats, including consumer, healthcare, or event surveys, and many more.

SurveyMonkey is a good choice for individuals who want a survey tool that won’t waste their time with unnecessary features. Rather, it does a great job by focusing on the most important parts of the surveying process.


  • Customizable templates: SurveyMonkey provides over 270 different survey templates which can be customized the way you want. 
  • Skip logic: This feature enables respondents to skip certain survey sections based on their responses.
  • Question Filtering: You can view how many people have answered a specific question from the range of responses.
  • Mobile friendly: This survey tool is mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • Multi-lingual: Multiple languages are supported. You can design surveys specifically for your target demographic.
  • Tool Integrations: SurveyMonkey offers many users an opportunity to create integrations with tools such as Hubspot, Slack, MailChimp, etc.

Pricing: SurveyMonkey has a basic free plan that enables you to get started, but it is highly limited. To get the most out of SurveyMonkey, you’ll need to upgrade to either of the following plans: teams, individuals, or enterprise. 


In the table below, we have outlined the monthly prices that are calculated and paid for on a yearly basis. The team plan starts with support from three users and above.

 Team advantageTeam PremierEnterprise
Pricing$25/month $75/month Call for price
Survey SharingYesYesYes
Team collaborationYesYesYes
White label surveysNoYesYes
Block RandomisationNoYesYes
All data exports (CSV, PDF, PPT, SPSS, XLS)YesYesYes


In the table below, we have outlined the monthly prices which are billed annually. 

 Premier annualAdvantage annual Standard monthly
Unlimited number of surveysYesYesYes
White label surveysYesNoNo
A/B testingYesYesNo
Data exports (CSV, PDF, PPT, XLS)YesYesYes
Advanced data exports (SPSS)YesYesNo


  • Export data conveniently. 
  • Responsive and customizable templates. 
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • Multi-lingual.


  • Free plan doesn’t enable survey export.
  • Free version is limited.
  • Multiple surveys can’t be merged.



Because of its stunning layout, Typeform is often considered to be among the best online survey tools available. Typeform is a survey builder that places an emphasis on maintaining people’s engagement all the way through the surveying process. It achieves this goal by asking a single question at a time and relying on conditional logic to formulate the appropriate questions to ask as a follow-up.

Typeform’s features make questionnaires aesthetically beautiful and entertaining, two qualities that should be included in every good survey. It is also possible to export and show your surveys on your desktop browsers, as well as mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Typeform’s free edition gives you access to an endless number of questions and answers, as well as exporting options, integration with your apps, and more.

Typeform also has an extensive library of some of the most professional-looking themes we’ve encountered when conducting surveys. 

If you opt to use Typeform, you can also automate the process of exporting responses into a spreadsheet. It’s probably a better approach if you want to analyze, aggregate, visualize, and further process them there. Read more: How to export Typeform to Google Sheets (Excel and BigQuery exports are also available).


  • Pre-built templates: Typeform offers built-in templates depending on what you need to achieve. 
  • User-friendly: Typeform is hassle-free and very easy to set.
  • Compatibility: It’s compatible with your different devices.
  • Third-party integration: Typeform can be integrated into your favorite apps such as MailChimp, Zapier, etc.
  • Logic leaps: This feature in Typeform enables respondents to skip to the questions they choose to answer.

Price: You can get started for free. However, for more access to some features, you need the paid plan. 

In Typeform, you have the option of paying annually or monthly. For monthly payments, the prices are slightly higher, but you get a 16% discount when you pay annually. 

In the table below, we have outlined the monthly prices, which are billed annually.  

Unlimited questionsYesYesYes
Logic JumpsYesYesYes
Add your logoNoYesYes
 Respondent email notificationsYesYesYes


  • Easy to use.
  • Unlimited survey questions and answers.
  • Conditional logic and jump functionality.
  • Customizable.
  • Pre-made survey templates. 


  • According to many reviews, customer service often takes quite some time to reply.
  • More language options are needed.
  • No multilingual support.
  • Free plan is highly limited.



Qualtrics is a platform that allows anyone to conduct surveys and create their own questions at no cost. It can be used to create surveys that are catered precisely to a group of audiences that you have in mind. Qualtrics is an advanced platform for doing research, and it is designed to meet the needs of large businesses as well as academic institutions. It is equipped with cutting-edge analytical features that may be used in major research projects. 

With the help of its drag-and-drop survey builder, you will have no trouble creating highly customizable and easy-to-understand forms. It has more than 50 pre-built templates that can be used to easily design great surveys.

Additionally, it contains integrated data and randomization, conditional branching and display logic, mobile compatibility, and offline mode. Users can choose from the different graph kinds and export results to CSV or SPSS, making it the perfect survey tool for organizations.


  • Real-time feedback: You can get feedback from your survey in real-time from consumers. 
  • Pre-built templates: Customers are provided with access to a collection of more than 50 different templates for use in their projects.
  • Question types: Qualtrics has over 100+ question types that can be used for your survey.
  • API integration: Qualtrics API can be incorporated into several systems or programs.
  • Data Export: The following file types can be exported: PDF, CSV, SPSS, and PPT.

Price: Qualtrics pricing is available from the software supplier, and negotiations are done directly with them.


  • Provision of survey template. 
  • Timely support.
  • Multi-lingual functionality.
  • Customizable.
  • Collaboration.


  • Expensive.
  • Customizing advanced question types may need the aid of a developer.
  • Not user-friendly and not easy to use.



OptinMonster is the best lead-generating software that is currently available. This tool is the best and most effective way to boost the number of people who fill out the survey form for your customer feedback survey. This online survey tool is unparalleled in its class due to the versatility with which it may be used across a wide range of contexts. Because of this, OptinMonster is considered one of the most effective online survey software for smaller businesses. OptinMonster is an excellent option to consider if you want to generate popups that include opt-in forms.

Because OptinMonster may be associated with your email service provider, you have the ability to classify any new leads that you generate. Anyone can quickly and simply develop “optin campaigns” using OptinMonster, allowing them to show their forms to the appropriate individuals, at the appropriate locations, and at precisely the right moments along the customer journey.

There is a good chance that you are already aware of the phrase “optin campaigns.” It refers to a wide variety of elements, including popups, floating bars, full-screen welcome mats, and others.


  • Drag and drop builder: You can customise every aspect of your forms to your heart’s content using OptinMonster’s drag and drop builder.
  • Integrated A/B Testing: When you use integrated A/B testing in OptinMonster, you can test themes, layouts, and headers to discover which one converts the best. The more you test, the higher your conversion rates.
  • Beautiful template library: Over 75 stunning, high-converting, professionally-designed templates are instantly available to you via OptinMonster’s magnificent template collection.
  • Custom branding: Colors, graphics, and the overall look and feel of your templates and surveys can be customized with OptinMonster’s Custom-Branding feature.

Price: OptinMonster has a variety of pricing options to fit your requirements. In the table below, we have outlined the monthly prices, which are billed annually. 

Floating BarsYesYesYesYes
Template LibraryYesYesYesYes
Drag & Drop BuilderYesYesYesYes
 A/B TestingNoYesYesYes
Custom BrandingNoNoNoYes


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Addition of pop-ups.
  • Customer support.


  • Repeated pop-up templates. 
  • Long setup process. logo

One of the standing out survey maker tools is, which helps you to create not only surveys but also forms and quizzes in less than a minute. offers more than 4000 ready-made templates so users can easily find and build any surveys at any time of need.

Also, the tool has many advanced features in its free plan, such as accepting payments, collecting signatures, adding conditions to the questions, and calculating scores. It provides more than 500 third-party integrations that allow you to automate your workflow and reduce the workload. 

Furthermore, has introduced its AI form generator feature that enables users to create forms, surveys, and quizzes with a few words. With its user-friendly interface, it is very practical even for those who will use it for the first time. Thanks to its mobile application, users can create surveys and analyze them everywhere and at any time.


  • More than 25 form fields: diverse question types and various fields to enhance your survey. 
  • AI form generator: There is no need for the hassle of creating surveys. By simply telling what you want, you can create the most detailed surveys.
  • Signature collection: By collecting signatures, you can make your surveys legally binding.  
  • Advanced customization options: It has many advanced customization options that will make your survey unique and eye-catching.

Price: has a free plan with almost all the advanced features in this plan. However, to add your team members and to obtain some privileges, you can buy other memberships. Its paid memberships offer a significant discount when paid annually.

Unlimited users25YesYes
Removing brandingYesYesYes
Conditional logicYesYesYes
Priority supportYesYesYes
Custom subdomainNoYesYes


  • No additional fees
  • AI form generator
  • 500+ third-party integrations 


  • Doesn’t provide a TURF analysis
  • Doesn’t have a page timer

Google Forms

google forms

Google Forms is one of the best survey tools available and is entirely free. It is simple to use and gives you the ability to collect valuable feedback from customers.

Using the drag-and-drop functionality of Google Forms, users can quickly and easily construct surveys in a matter of minutes. The program is very responsive and multi-device friendly. You can easily access it to get any information you want at any time you need it. 

It should come as no surprise that Google Forms is used by millions of people given that it offers dozens of themes that can be customized. It also offers a drop-down design, multiple-choice questions, and built-in analytic capabilities. The format of these surveys may be altered to suit your needs in any way. 

For your cost-free online survey, all you need to do is choose a form, add images and videos, and you will be ready to start collecting responses from respondents. The forms are, of course, completely editable at any moment. Additionally, the tool provides you with statistics and graphics that are updated in real-time. There is a possibility that this data may also be used by other Google products. Your responses will be saved in Google Sheets by default, and you’ll have the option to export them to an Excel file.


  • Email and website distribution: You can use your email or embed your Google form link on your website to share your forms. You can also create a QR Code for Google Form to distribute your survey in the physical world
  • Theme selection: The form will automatically alter the themes for you if you choose the Auto theme feature.
  • Team Collaboration: Google forms make it possible for teams to work together to analyze data. 
  • Reports and Analytics: You can view real-time reports of surveys in graphs and charts.
  • Responsive design: It is adaptable and responsive on all devices and screen sizes.

Price: Zero cost to use.


  • Real-time reports and analytics.
  • Flexibility in editing surveys.
  • Integration with the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides applications.
  • Personalize surveys. 


  • Cannot take payments nor process them. 
  • Reports are fairly elementary in nature.
  • There are a few available embedding choices.
  • Can’t consolidate different poll results into one dashboard.



Nicereply offers a handy, non-intrusive way to collect relevant feedback from the recipients of your emails. The tool is typically used to gauge the customers’ satisfaction after interacting with your staff, get product feedback, assess how recipients feel about the latest newsletter, and many more.

Unlike some competitors, the tool doesn’t force you to use one specific scoring method in your forms. Quite the opposite – whenever you set up a form, you can choose from one of the three industry standards: CSAT, CES, or NPS. You can even run an A/B test to see which method works best for your audience and business goals.

The app integrates with plenty of support tools and the likes of Zendesk and Front, making it easy to plug their surveys into your existing communication.


  • Multiple surveying methods: CSAT, CES, and NPS are available out of the box.
  • Instant ratings: The app saves the survey response the moment a vote is cast. If a user quits the form before completing it, their rating is nevertheless saved.
  • Customization: Nicereply lets you customize the design of your survey, the language, and also the copy.
  • Integrations: 15+ integrations are available, including with apps such as Zendesk, Front, LiveAgent, HelpScout, Mailchimp, Gmail, and Outlook. Zapier connection is also available.
  • API: Nicereply offers a REST API that allows you to build custom apps or widgets and automatically retrieve survey responses for analysis.

Price: Nicereply offers a free 14-day trial; no credit card is required. After that, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans. When paying annually, two months are free.

All featuresYesYesYesYes
 All integrationsYesYesYesYes
Unlimited number of surveysYesYesYesYes
Unlimited surveys sentYesYesYesYes


  • Highly customizable surveys
  • Easy to integrate with almost any customer support tool.
  • Different survey methods allow you to experiment and choose what works best for you.
  • Discrete, user-friendly, doesn’t distract from the content of an email.


  • No free tier after the 14-day free trial.
  • No multilingual support.



When using SoGoSurvey, it is possible to create online surveys, distribute them, and carry out analysis in real time. Users will never again need to go elsewhere for survey-related operations since it comes equipped with such a comprehensive set of capabilities. Consider using it if you own a business and are looking for a survey tool that combines powerful data analytics with an affordable price point. 

Using SoGoSurvey survey tool, it is easy to design surveys that can be shared across a variety of different platforms. You are able to monitor the progression of your project via the use of live reports as you are working on it. It is a bonus that there are survey templates available for any business. These templates include customer satisfaction surveys, event surveys, feedback forms, and plenty of other survey types. 

SoGoSurvey enables you to personalize the look of your survey, upload your own company logo, export survey results into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis, see and share survey results in real-time, and make use of simple skip logic.


  • Skip logic: Depending on the response to the current question, you may direct the reply to a different question or page. 
  • Data analysis: You may use a graph to examine the results of the survey. With SoGoSurvey, you can additionally segment and visualize your data.
  • Translation: SoGoSurvey has the ability to automatically translate surveys into many languages.
  • Collaboration: Multiple users can collaborate to create and deploy surveys within SoGoSurvey.
  • Question types: SoGoSurvey provides a wider variety of question formats, such as image choice and grids.

Price: You can get started for free, but it’s limited. SoGoSurvey has a variety of pricing options, which offer a 10-free day trial, no credit card required. The prices are usually billed annually, although you can pay monthly for the Pro and Premium plans, but the prices are slightly higher.

In the table below, we have outlined the monthly prices, which are billed annually. 

Pricing$25/month$66/month$99/monthCall for price
Skip logicYesYesYesYes
Data segmentation and data visualizationNoNoNoYes
 Data exports (CSV, Word, PPT, XLS)NoYesYesYes


  • Suitable for many business types.
  • Intutitive user interface.
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • Sharing real-time reports. 


  • Extremely high learning curve. 
  • Limitation in third-party integration.
  • Limit on the templates available with the Plus package.



Checkbox is an easy-to-use tool that can be used to create surveys,   questionnaires, forms, polls, and more for businesses across the world. With its built-in data analysis capabilities, access to a whole library of questions, complex skip logic, mobile device-friendly design, user-friendly interface, and multi-platform functionality, it’s evident why so many firms use Checkbox. 

You can use Checkbox to create anything from a simple one-question survey to a comprehensive survey for a large organization’s research needs. In business, government, and healthcare, the Checkbox survey tool is mostly used since it’s simple to use and consistently yields accurate results. Alternatively, you can get a copy of it and use it on your own devices by purchasing a subscription.

Checkbox is now one of the top survey tools on the market because of its low pricing and rich set of features.


  • Real-time reports: Real-time summary of survey results is available for you to see.
  • Collaboration: Participants are able to work together on the survey design.
  • Mobile-friendly: Checkbox allows users to generate surveys while on the go on their mobile phones.
  • Data Encryption: Checkbox uses SSL to encrypt survey data and ensure security and privacy.

Pricing: Checkbox’s hosted Amazon Web Services services start at $480 per year and are suited for companies that don’t want to rely on IT staff for setup and maintenance.

Checkbox On-Premises software costs $4,900 and provides perpetual licenses. Businesses with strict data protection or software update rules should use this product.


  • Adjustable themes. 
  • Graph-generated reports.
  • Easy to use interface.


  • It isn’t cost-effective for individuals and smaller enterprises.
  • More template choices are required.
  • Provides static reports and does not include any analytical functions.


SurveyKing logo

If you’re looking for a survey tool with many unique features, then SurveyKing is a good option. The platform offers tools for market research, including MaxDiff and Conjoint. In addition, they offer Van Westendorp and Gabor Granger questions if you want to conduct pricing research.

Their survey builder is straightforward and offers many question types, skip logic/display logic, and an option to set quotas. They also have a variety of templates you can start with, including employee and customer satisfaction.

Reporting and analytics are standout features of SurveyKing. They offer many statistical models for MaxDiff and Conjoint, including a custom latent class model to identify possible groups of similar users. In addition, the report section makes it easy to create filters and cross-tabulations (pivot tables). You can also share reports with one click, giving end users a chance to manipulate the data themselves.


  • Anonymous surveys: Choose between an anonymous link or an anonymous email collector.
  • Reporting: cross-tabulations, filters, and statistical models (logit and latent class).
  • Mobile friendly: Responsive layouts throughout – question types like Likert and semantic differential scales are specifically optimized for mobile.
  • White label surveys: Use your company website URL for surveys with a subdomain such as

Pricing: It’s free to start. If you want unlimited responses and research questions, you can upgrade to a Pro plan. The plan is billed month to month and can be canceled anytime.

 Starter ProEnterprise
PricingFree$19/monthOn request
Unlimited research questionsNoYesYes
Anonymous surveysYesYesYes
Skip logicYesYesYes
Cross-tabulation  YesYesYes
Data exportYesYesYes
White label surveysNoNoYes


  • Research questions like MaxDiff and Conjoint 
  • Many reporting options 
  • Simple, clean, and easy-to-use UI


  • No external benchmark data, e.g., for Net Promoter Score
  • No multilingual support
  • Limited design and theme options



Making use of Pointerpro, previously known as Survey Anyplace, is an excellent method for the generation of surveys, assessments, and tests. If you want your surveys to be as representative of your brand as is reasonably feasible, you may want to give this online survey tool a try. It is possible to adapt your surveys to meet the requirements of your target audience.

Pointerpro not only allows you to generate questions, but it also provides your audience with valuable consumer data and insights. You are also free to pose open-ended questions. The templates that are included with Pointerpro are sufficient, but the majority of them have a focus that is far too limited for them to be of any use to the typical user.


  • Predesigned templates: Pointerpro provides pre-designed templates that are visually appealing.
  • Data filtering: You can filter your survey report to get just the data you need using Pointerpro data filtering capabilities.
  • Offline functionality: It has the capability to function without being connected to the internet.
  • Unlimited questionnaires & questions: Pointerpro provides a non-exhaustible list of questions that can be included when creating your survey.
  • Include your own branding: You can use your own custom branding to personalize surveys.

Price: You can start with 7-days free, no credit card required. After that, you have the option of paying monthly or yearly. For the yearly price, you get 2 months free.

In the table below, we have outlined the monthly prices.

Pricing$39 month$59 monthOn requestOn request
Unlimted questionsYesYesYesYes
Custom reportNoNoOn requestOn request
Data filteringYesYesYesYes
 Data exports (CSV, PDF, Excel)YesYesYesYes


  • Surveys may be password-protected.
  • Personalise and customize your survey.
  • Multilingual. 
  • Wide range of question types.


  • Not a user-friendly interface. 
  • Can be a bit pricey. 
  • Reporting needs more improvement.



Crowdsignal, originally known as Polldaddy, is a user-friendly interactive content generator that gives users the ability to develop and publish their very own surveys, polls, and quizzes.

With Crowdsignal, it is possible to combine these polls and surveys into blogs, post them on websites and web pages, and disseminate them via social networking platforms. Crowdsignal provides support in the process of acquiring data from a broad variety of sources, including social media and mobile devices, organizing, and conducting analysis of the data. 

The structure of the tool is rather straightforward and easy to use. It has templates that can be customized to meet the requirements of the user. 

By using Crowdsignal to get feedback from clients, you can gain some insight into the needs they have for your product or service. For example, you may learn what features or benefits they find most important.


  • Question types: With the different question types, including multiple-choice, free type, etc. it is simple to create surveys, polls, quizzes, and forms within Crowdsignal.
  • Fully customizable CSS themes: You have the option of using one of the provided CSS themes, modifying the color scheme and fonts, and creating a completely unique look for your survey using your own HTML and CSS.
  • Collaboration: You can collaborate on editing surveys, quizzes, and other projects.
  • Audio file uploads: You can upload audio files when creating your survey.
  • Instant feedback: You can get instant notification of survey responses when your respondent fills in your form. 

Price: Crowdsignal has a variety of pricing options to fit your requirements. The following is an overview of the plans and features available: 

You can start a free plan, but this is limited. However, for the paid plans, you can pay annually or monthly. For the annual plan, you’ll get a 40% discount and a 25% discount for the Premium and Business plans, respectively. 

In the table below, we have outlined the monthly prices which are billed annually. 

Unlimted questionsYesYesYesYes
Audio file uploads NoYesYesYes
Connect to Google Sheets NoYesYesYes
24/7 Email Support NoYesYesYes
Create report filtersNoYesYesYes


  • 24/7 Email Support.
  • No limit on the total number of polls and tests.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Use Google Sheets to organize your data for a more streamlined. approach.


  • Can’t restrict the file formats that a user may upload into the system. 
  • Does not support any extensions that would enhance its functionality. 
  • No integration with your email provider. 



PickFu is a poll creation program that lets you submit questions, choose a target audience, and collect insights for your study. By using this platform, you will have the ability to collect useful feedback from your customers, which will in turn enable you to improve the choices that you make about your company. It is perhaps most helpful to think of it as a kind of online focus group, in which you are able to gather a considerable number of responses to questions that are important to your firm. 

You can also utilize this platform to boost your productivity by asking more questions from the provided question bank. PickFu provides you with machine learning technology that can recognize and prevent illogical replies in your polls so that you can be certain that you are collecting useful information from them. You also have the option to report replies that could be irrelevant or inappropriate. 

PickFu provides support for a wide variety of poll types, some of which include head-to-head, ranked, and open-ended polls, amongst others. Insights are also generated as a result, which can assist you to better comprehend your customers as well as your target market.


  • Tags and labels: You can use tags and labels to organize polls into their different categories. 
  • Data export: You can export your data in CSV format only. It offers the possibility for respondents to score various features and how they could impact a purchase.
  • Poll template: PickFu has flexible poll formats such as head polls, ranked polls, open-ended polls, and click tests. 

Price: PickFu offers a free plan which allows you to pay at the cost of your poll, which starts at $1 per response with a minimum of 50 responses.

To get more discounted polls and better pricing, you should upgrade to the professional plan or team plan, which can be billed either annually or monthly. For the annual price, you get 2 months free. 

In the table below, we have outlined the monthly prices. 

CSV export of resultsYesYesYes
Tags and labels to organize your polls NoYesYes
PickFu API access NoYesYes
An audience tailor-built for your business  NoYesYes

PickFu Pros 

  • Fast survey results.
  • Cost effective.
  • Customisable.

PickFu Cons 

  • Every question in the polls has just one possible answer.
  • Few question types.
  • Restricted access.



Attest is a platform for consumer insight that may help you obtain better knowledge of your target clientele, which is vital for the creation of new goods or services. Attest is made for people in a business who need to make decisions quickly, easily, and with confidence.

With Attest, you have the opportunity to get information that is both immediate and useful. Attest will use its AI-driven insights and the capabilities of the platform’s internal visualization tools to deliver an insight report after your survey has been completed.

Another benefit of using this tool is that it enhances the efficacy of the sales efforts made by your company in new geographical locations. This, in turn, makes it easier to evaluate new markets. Your marketing choices may be influenced by the data provided by Attest, which can help your company accomplish its business objectives.


  • Interactive results dashboard: Attest provides a dashboard that consolidates all of your responses into a single location, where you can then see and engage with the data.
  • Translations: Attest offers convenient translations via an integrated service inside the platform.
  • Question routing: The responses to single- and multiple-choice questions might lead survey takers along a different path through the questionnaire.
  • Display logic: Allowing you complete control over when questions appear. According to prior responses, display new questions depending on the answers that have or have not been chosen in the survey.
  • Survey calculator: Attest provides a sample size survey calculator, which enables you to determine the number of responses needed for your survey.


You can immediately get started for free. However, to get access to Attest’s paid plans and features, you will need to schedule a conversation with an Attest representative.

In the table below, we have outlined the yearly prices.

PricingFrom $25,000/yearFrom $44,000/yearBook a call
Research expertYesYesYes
Early access to new features NoNoYes
Responses 50,000 responses100,000 responses250,000 responses

They also have flexible monthly plans for people and teams who want to do small-scale consumer research in the UK and US markets.

  • 1,000 credits at £636 (£530 + 20% VAT).
  • 1,500 credits at £936 (£780 + 20% VAT).
  • 2,000 credits at £1,224 (£1,020 + 20% VAT).
  • 2,500 credits at £1,500 (£1,250+ 20% VAT).


  • Eporting your data as a CSV file. 
  • Converting data to slides.
  • Data security.
  • Share data easily.
  • Customer support.


  • It comes at a very high cost.
  • Can’t compare surveys easily.
  • Limited characters for questions and answers.



Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom are all supported platforms for the feedback collection tool known as Polly. It offers a range of choices for modifying polls and how they are communicated, such as smart targeting, so users may obtain exactly the information they want. 

Polly gives users the ability to send a poll to a particular channel or group of individuals. It also offers a selection of different types of questions, real-time feedback, data visualization, and API access. In addition to conducting polls, Polly may be used for synchronous collaboration among team members. 


  • Smart integration: Polly can be integrated with your favorite apps to automate tasks.
  • Automated reminders: You can schedule your Polly to go out at specific dates and times.
  • Real-time survey: Determine the size of your audience and ask questions in real-time.
  • Multiple votes: The ability to cast multiple votes is included in the advanced features.
  • Question style: You have the ability to add any question type or style that you like, such as open-ended questions, rating scales, multiple-choice questions, and so on.

Price: To get the most out of Polly, the following plans are categorized based on the Polly product you use. 

Polly for Slack

For the standard plan, you pay for 3 months subscription while for pro plans, you pay for 6-12 month subscription. For the enterprise plan, you can get an annual contract which starts at $5000.

In the table below, we have outlined the monthly prices.

Pricing$0/month$49/month$19/monthBook a call
Exports NoYesYesYes
Admin dashboardNoNoNoNo
Integrations (Google Sheets, JIRA, etc.)NoNoYesYes

Polly for Microsoft team

For standard plans, you pay for 3 months subscription, while for pro plans, you pay for a year’s subscription. For the enterprise plan, you can get an annual contract that starts at $5000.

In the table below, we have outlined the monthly prices.

Pricing$0/month $24/monthBook a call
Unlimted TemplatesYesYesYes
Different question choices YesYesYes
Priority supportNoNoYes
Unlimted responsesNoNoYes


  • Easy-to-use.
  • Fast and flexible data report.
  • Scheduling option.
  • Graphical data display.


  • Limited in usage unless a paid plan.
  • Small emojis, gifs, and videos cannot be added to surveys.


With the help of Involve’s customer engagement tool, you can boost lead generation, customer retention, and customer satisfaction all at once. The team at Involve have made a lot of organizational changes in the quiz maker sector in only a few years. In their early days, they were known as Brandquiz since they offered customized tests and audience engagement for corporations and agencies.

Involve can be used to speed up the sales process and increase the number of new leads. This can be achieved by using interactive material at every stage of the customer journey, tailored to the user’s preferences. For example, leads may be delivered to email marketing and CRMs through process optimization. More leads may be converted with the aid of appropriate product settings and enhanced features such as digital sales assistants and pricing computations. With specialist product surveys, discounts, and freebies, it is possible to get proactive feedback and increase efforts. Client satisfaction and retention are boosted by these factors.


  • Multiple Choice Questions: Allow users to choose one or more responses, indicate which answers are necessary, specify the acceptable answers, and provide fast feedback.
  • Drag and drop builder: To personalize your interactive information, all you need to do is click, type, drag, and drop. There is no need for coding or other high-tech expertise.
  • Team collaboration: You can simply manage teams by inviting members to certain workspaces, assigning editing or viewing capabilities to those users, and more.
  • Integrations: You can send data to other services by using webhooks, native integrations, and Zapier. 
  • Live submissions: In your account, you can see how many submissions are presently being processed for each of your active projects.

Price: You can start a forever-free plan. However, to access more features, the paid plans have a 14-days free trial. You have the option of going for a monthly or yearly payment plan. For a yearly payment plan, you get a 24% discount, a 34% discount, and a 24% discount for starter, professional, and business plans, respectively. 

In the table below, we have outlined the monthly prices.

 FreeStarterProfessional Business
Pricing$0/month $25/month$75/month$195/month
Custom domainNoNoNoYes
Unlimited Number of projectsYesYesYesYes
Partial submissionsYesYesYesYes
Embed in any websiteYesYesYesYes


  • Customizable.
  • Shareable on different social media networks.


  • Sluggish and slow due to animation.
  • Limited third-party integrations. 



SurveyLab is another platform for carrying out surveys. It enables users to build new questions from scratch, generate results, and automatically gather replies from respondents. Because it is a web-based application that runs in your browser, there is no need to download or install anything. In order to use it, all you need is an internet connection. 

SurveyLab allows you to apply skip logic and mix up the sequence in which questions are posed. In addition to this, it is compatible with a wide range of languages and enables teams to communicate and share their discoveries with one another.

The tool also provides support for several languages and numerous data collection channels. These data collection channels include PC/laptop, mobile, SMS, and QR Code surveys. It is compatible with the vast majority of CRM and helpdesk software. The majority of users are pleased with the dashboard’s organization as well as the simplicity of the survey creation process.


  • Multi-device: Support for a wide variety of devices and data gathering methods, such as PC/Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, SMS, and QR Code. Once you’ve created your survey, SurveyLab takes care of customizing it to fit any device.
  • Drag and drop builder: You can simply click, type, drag, and drop your survey to customize it.
  • Multi-language support: It supports many languages, including Hebrew and Arabic, which are written right to left.
  • Choice randomization: With SurveyLabs, you can display the answer options randomly to survey participants in order to prevent bias.
  • Third-party integration: Integrating with client-side systems like CRM, eShop, and BI/DWH helps automate the research and reporting process. Automate your job so you can concentrate on your company.

Price: SuveryLab offers a 14-day free trial. After that, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans. When paying annually, two months are free.

 StarterAdvancedProfessional Enterprise
Pricing$49/month $99/month $249/monthBook a call
Choice randomizationNoNoYesYes
Drag and dropNoNoYesYes
Unlimited questionsYesYesYesYes


  • Can be easily customized. 
  • Mobile friendly.


  • Needs improvement in summaries export.
  • You’ll need to pay more to access more features.
  • Limited in use.
  • Non-understandable menu tags.

How to choose the best survey tool?

You and your team may have a tough time deciding on the best tool for market research, surveys, polls, questionnaires, etc. Consider the features you need and the budget you can allocate for a survey tool. Try out a few tools that meet your criteria and pick the one that you enjoy the most.

Exporting and analyzing your survey results is also very important. Some survey tools provide a means to export your data in different formats. Many offer more or less limited analytics. If you, however, want to visualize your results better or process them further, you may need to export the responses to a spreadsheet or a similar tool. offers a JSON importer capable of automatically importing data from almost any app offering a public API. You can fetch data on a custom schedule, for example, daily, and focus on analyzing the results rather than manually fetching them. The available destinations for your imports include Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and BigQuery.

And if you’d like us to build a dedicated, no-code importer for any of the survey tools you use, let us know via the survey. That’s right – finding new directions for the business is also an excellent use case for online survey tools!

What are survey tools?

Survey tools are digital software that enable the creation, execution, and analysis of a variety of surveys by gathering replies or answers from specific groups of audiences. 

What are the types of online survey tools?

There are different types of surveys that can be conducted depending on your needs.

  • Shopping cart abandonment survey: They are sent out to consumers who have abandoned their shopping carts with selected items still inside. Such surveys aim to determine why someone abandoned their cart and identify checkout issues.
  • Customer satisfaction feedback surveys: Companies use them to get a better idea of what their customers think about the quality of their products and services as well as the quality of their customer service.
  • Surveys for market research: You can increase the quality of the decisions you make by using the results of a market research survey. It will help you better understand numerous facets of the market you are trying to reach.
  • User satisfaction survey: This survey type is used to gauge the level of contentment a customer has with the product or service that they are currently using.

What are the key features of survey tools?

Among all the features, the following are often considered the key ones:

  • Provision of pre-constructed and configurable templates.
  • Skip logic.
  • Ability to add different kinds of questions.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Link to other third-party apps.
  • Exporting of data.

Why are online survey tools important to use?

Online survey tools can be used to increase your business efforts. With these tools, you can perform market analysis to know if your customers are happy with your service, and also get feedback on the quality of your service.

Why should we use survey tools?

Here are some reasons why you should consider using survey tools:

  • You may quickly and easily develop questions by using the tools provided by online survey services. 
  • Online survey tools make it feasible to swiftly and easily poll thousands of people.
  • It is easy to have speedy access to data on client satisfaction and performance analyses.
  • The response rates for using online survey tools have often been higher than those for conventional survey methods.
  • Online survey tools are very adaptable and simple to personalize. 


It is difficult to come up with a solution that works for everyone. However, we hope that after reading this article, you will be able to choose the tools that are closest to your needs. Good luck!

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