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Tutorial on How You Can Export WooCommerce Products Manually and Automatically 

To export WooCommerce products, you need to find a magic Export button that will generate and download a CSV file with the necessary information. This is a fast manual method to do the exporting job. However, you can also automate data export from WooCommerce at a custom frequency, say every day. This article will guide you through both the manual and automated exporting options, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. 

How to export products from WooCommerce manually

The fastest way to export products from WooCommerce consists of four steps:

  1. Go to All Products.
  2. Click the Export button.
  3. Specify the columns, product types and categories for export.
  4. Download a CSV file.

Here are the details of this exporting method.

Export WooCommerce products as CSV

Export as CSV is an actionable method if you need to export WooCommerce products one time or do it every now and then, for example, once or twice a month. WooCommerce provides built-in functionality for this that only needs a few clicks. 

  • Go to All Products, then click Export.
1.1 export woocommerce products
  • Then you can filter out the data to be exported:
  • Select columns
  • Select product types
  • Select categories
  • Include custom meta
1.2 export woocommerce products
  • Click Generate CSV to download a file with your WooCommerce product data to your computer. You can then open it using a spreadsheet app, for example, Microsoft Excel. Here is what it looks like:
1.3 export woocommerce products

WooCommerce export products as XML 

Another native method to export products from WooCommerce works best if you need to migrate your data to another WordPress installation. It allows you to export WooCommerce products in XML format.

  • Go to Tools => Export, select Products, then click Download Export File
1.4 export woocommerce products xml

An XML file with the data about your products will be downloaded to your computer.

Export WooCommerce products at a custom frequency

If your purpose is to export products from WooCommerce recurrently, let’s say every week, every day, or more frequently, it would be best to connect WooCommerce to a spreadsheet app or even a database. You can easily do this in a few minutes using is a data integration solution to automate data flow from different sources, including WooCommerce to Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and Google BigQuery. 

2.0woocommerce source excel destination
  • Then you’ll need to configure the source – connect your WooCommerce account and select a data entity to export – Products. Alternatively, you can export other product-related data such as product categories, reviews, tags, etc.
2.1 woocommerce source excel destination

You can also filter the exported products from WooCommerce by the date range, status, or even a search string.

2.2 woocommerce source excel destination products
  • After that, you’ll need to configure the destination by connecting a destination app account and specifying where to load data. In our case, we need to select an Excel file and a worksheet. 
3 woocommerce excel integration

Click Save and Run to export WooCommerce products right away. However, our goal is to automate data exports on a schedule. In this case, you need to enable the automatic data refresh and configure the desired frequency.

14 schedule

You can view the results of the exported Woocommerce products by clicking the respective button.

4.1 woocommerce export products

Here is what it looks like:

4.2 woocommerce export products

How to export WooCommerce products with URL

When you export products from WooCommerce with, you get a permalink column with links to your products by default. 

5.1 woocommerce export products url

Exporting products with the native method, which is explained earlier in the text, won’t give you this data.

How to export products WooCommerce with variations

You can get information about WooCommerce products with variations when you export data either as CSV or with However, there is a difference in how it is presented. In a CSV file with the export WooCommerce products, the information about product variations can be found in the type column.

5.2 woocommerce export products variations

Meanwhile, provides you with a more convenient way of tracking WooCommerce products with variations since it gives a separate column for them.

5.3 woocommerce export products variations excel

So, choose which representation works best for you and go with it. 

How to export WooCommerce products with images

The correct answer to this question depends on the purpose of exporting WooCommerce product images. Say, if you are migrating to another WordPress platform, you should check out the XML exporting option.

Both the CSV and WooCommerce integration by provide you with a column named Images. However, this only contains URLs of the product image. Actually, also provides information about images, such as when they were created and modified.

5.4 woocommerce export products images

With these links, you can open images in your browser and download them in the usual way. Right-click and select Save image as… 

5.5 woocommerce export products images save as

Which way is the best to export WooCommerce products?

The best way is the one that solves your issue. If you need raw data for making reports or some custom WooCommerce analytics – is the best you can have. It allows you to schedule exports, meaning you won’t have to spend time on manual exports. 

The built-in options to export products from WooCommerce are also good, but they are meant for other purposes such as data migration or for one-time export. We do hope that our guide will help you make a smart choice to satisfy your needs. Good luck with your data!

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