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27 Shopify Integrations Your Store Needs

Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platforms for reselling, manufacturing, or drop shipping. But running a Shopify store with the basic set of features may not be enough for turning a profit.

You can expand the functionality of your Shopify online store with integrations to manage your inventory more efficiently, integrate advertising, or optimize your website to positively impact your bottom line. This list will feature 27 Shopify integrations (most of which have a free plan) that can help you in all areas of your business.

What are Shopify integrations?

Shopify integrations are apps that can add features to a basic Shopify store. They don’t require using specialized software, and function as add-ons — you can download one from the official Shopify store, configure it, and use it in your ecommerce store with no coding skills required.

While Shopify’s basic features can be enough to run a business, these Shopify integrations broaden the scope of functionality you can use, from adding a small element to your website to managing shipment and logistics.

You can also integrate Shopify with pretty much any other app with a data integration solution. An app like can connect Shopify with a spreadsheet or a data visualization solution like Looker Studio (former Google Data Studio) and export your sales data automatically.

The ultimate Shopify integrations list

Most Shopify stores could use an integration or two to upgrade the level of services they’re providing to their customers or to improve efficiency.

We’ll explore the 27 most convenient integrations available at the Shopify app store, including ones that can improve your marketing, sales, design, and inventory management, as well as those that allow you to trade on more platforms than just Shopify.

Let’s start our list with the integrations almost any business needs, a Shopify integration that can automate data export and support sales and marketing analytics.

Shopify integration for automation and analytics

Analytics is key to making the right business decisions, and doing it comprehensively can be hard on the platform itself. Here’s a top pick that can assist you with that. Shopify 1

Pricing: Starting from $64 per month, 14-day free trial. is an all-in-one data automation and analytics platform. It provides an ETL solution that implements four separate Shopify integrations:

  • Shopify to Google Sheets – for reporting, analytics, sharing, and backup
  • Export Shopify to Excel – for reporting, analytics, sharing, and backup
  • Shopify to BigQuery – for advanced reporting, analytics, and backup
  • Shopify to Looker Studio – for advanced reporting and analytics

This way you can automatically export Shopify into Google Sheets or another report or dashboard to monitor the performance of your online store. With the no-code integration builder, you can schedule exports of Shopify product listings, orders, and other data at nearly real-time frequency. You can also set up a webhook to run export products as soon as they’re added and orders as soon as they’re placed, and you have a fully functioning integration.

Where shines, though, is data analytics. You can take it to another level by using to automate reporting and analytics of your sales and marketing data with the help of an interactive dashboard built in Looker Studio, Tableau, or Power BI.

Configure it to analyze key performance metrics for your sales and add other data sources like HubSpot CRM, QuickBooks Online, Google Analytics for organic traffic and conversions, or Facebook for paid social media marketing. This will give you a full picture of what’s going on with your business and lead you to improvement opportunities.

If creating an analytics solution seems like too much for you, don’t worry.’s data consulting team can configure all the automation workflows and analytics, lifting this work off your shoulders to save time. The only thing you have to do is check the key metrics in the dashboard and make informed business decisions based on them.

Shopify integrations for design

Standing out among hundreds of other Shopify stores takes a bit of creativity. You can help the creativity manifest itself with these Shopify integrations.

Product Reviews

6 product reviews by shopify

Rating: 3.6

Pricing: Free

Social proof is one of the most important factors in digital marketing. Showing that other people make purchases at your store and were satisfied with your goods and customer service can help drive more sales.

This free app lets you integrate customer reviews into your website, from letting the customer leave a review on the site to displaying it in the review section.

It’s a pretty simple app, but a necessary one, and it’s free forever.


7 instafeed

Rating: 4.9

Pricing: Free basic features, pricing starts at $5.99

User-generated content is another form of social proof. InstaFeed lets you ingrate USG from your Instagram account with the Shopify store and display it with a grid view.

If your Instagram doesn’t have enough user-generated content, you can use the app to show visual content on the website to entice customers to subscribe to your page and drive sales on social media.

The app lets you connect one account and show posts in a grid for free. The paid plans allow you to connect multiple accounts and display reels.

Shopify Translate & Adapt

8 shopify translate and adapt

Rating: 4.3

Pricing: Free

This free tool lets you translate pages of your Shopify store and sell to multiple locations. It’s completely free to use and translates every element of the page automatically.

If you support shipments abroad, then this integration is a must-have.

PageFly Landing Page Builder

11 pagefly

Rating: 4.9

Pricing: Basic features are free for one page, paid plans start at $24

When it comes to designing how your store looks, PageFly is a pretty good app. It lets you build landing and product pages starting from a template or completely from the bottom up.

It probably won’t be that important for a beginner entrepreneur, but if you’ve been running your Shopify store for some time and want to have a redesign from Shopify’s basic template, it’s a good choice.

Shopify integrations for marketing

Letting people know about what you offer is crucial in digital marketing. These Shopify integrations help you with that.


12 tiktok

Rating: 4.6

Pricing: Free, optional ad spend

Despite the common misconceptions about the platform, TikTok has become a place where many people discover new products and brands. You can integrate TikTok with your Shopify store to run video ad campaigns and generate new sales.

The only drawback here is that you have to do a really good job with product videos for this type of ad to work.

Facebook & Instagram

13 facebook

Rating: 3.2

Pricing: Free, optional ad spend

Most Shopify store owners will run social media ads to generate sales, and it’s much easier with this simple integration tool. It lets you sync Instagram and Facebook profiles and import products for the ad campaigns to make creating ads a simpler process.

You can also connect your store to Meta’s social media platforms to sell on the Facebook marketplace or Instagram shoppable posts.


14 mailchimp

Rating: 3.5

Pricing: Up to 500 contacts, paid starts at $13

Shopify Email is a great email marketing app that will cover the needs of most businesses. But if you want to take your email marketing efforts a step further, you may want to use Mailchimp.

It’s the most popular email marketing tool on the market, and offers a bit more than just email automation. You get access to statistics from your industry that can improve your strategy, an AI content tool to improve your copy, and pre-built pop-ups to build an email list.

Unlike Shopify Email, you can continue using this email marketing platform even if you decide to migrate from Shopify to another platform.


15 uppromote affiliate marketing

Rating: 4.9

Pricing: Up to 200 orders per month, paid plans start at $29.99

Affiliate marketing is a marketing technique that has other people who have an audience direct customers to your store for a fee. It’s a good way to start selling on Shopify. Even though you may pay a significant percentage of the initial sale as a fee, you’ll be getting a referral from a reputable source and may earn a lot more over the customer’s lifetime.

UpPromote helps you find affiliate partners that will promote your products online and manage payments.

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

9 smile loyalty and rewards

Rating: 4.8

Pricing: Up to 200 monthly orders, pricing starts at $49 is an integration that aids you in creating and running a loyalty and reward program. It’s a great marketing technique that can help attract new customers and reengage existing ones, but it should be used carefully. Creating discounts does eat into your bottom line and can’t be the only way to generate sales.

This app lets you create a referral program that earns discounts for customers who refer their friends and a loyalty program that awards redeemable points for purchases to promote customer spending.

Shopify integrations for inventory management

You can’t manage your store’s inventory with multiple apps, so choose one from the list. 


16 sellbrite

Rating: 3.8

Pricing: 30 free orders per month, pricing starts at $19

Sellbrite doesn’t give you a lot of orders to manage in the free plan, but it’s an incredibly convenient inventory management tool.

Not only does it help you manage your store’s inventory on Shopify, but it can also connect your Shopify store with Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Walmart. You can manage inventory across multiple marketplaces from the admin panel and all orders are automatically sent to Shopify fulfillment.


17 stocky

Rating: 3.5

Pricing: Free

Stocky is a free app made by Shopify that can cover most inventory management needs for any type of business. It lets you manage availability, fulfill orders, and track payments.

It also has some analytical capabilities. For instance, it lets you access historical data on purchases to see sales dynamics, and conduct ABC analysis to learn what products bring you the most revenue.

Shopify integrations for sales optimization

Marketing introduces more people to your business. Conversion optimization makes sure more of those who visit make a purchase. Here are five Shopify integrations that help you boost sales.

Omega ‑ Multi Facebook Pixels

20 omega multi facebook pixel

Rating: 4.9

Pricing: $12.99, 7-day free trial

Data analytics is key to understanding how your store performs and improving its performance. Omega is an app that helps with that.

It lets you integrate Facebook Pixel into your store with little to no work and view reporting in the app. It also saves you money on the initial stages of running Facebook ads by streamlining the learning phase.

Frequently Bought Together

21 frequently bought together

Rating: 4.9

Pricing: $9.99

This is a simple and effective tool for making upsells. It lets you automatically generate a list of frequently bought together products for each product in your store and manually fine-tune it if needed.

The app simplifies upsells and can help your store generate more revenue without doing any major changes.

Recharge Subscription

22 recharge subscription

Rating: 4.6

Pricing: $99, 30-day free trial

Recharge is a subscription management app. If your business runs on a subscription model, Recharge can help you manage your customer base and streamline payments and customer support.

Another built-in feature of this integration is analytics. It lets Shopify business owners monitor their store’s performance and find opportunities for improvements.

Recommended Product – Salesup

23 recommended product sales

Price: 4.8

Rating: Free

Much like Frequently Bought Together, this app helps with upsells and cross-sells. It lets business owners automatically recommend a popular product to website users.

Another feature is displaying products that users have previously viewed in the footer of the page.

This Shopify integration has a limited scope of functions, but what it does help with can result in improved overall sales so it’s worth adding it to your arsenal.

Bulk Discount Code Bot

24 bulk discount bot

Rating: 4.9

Pricing: Three discount sets for free, pricing starts at $19

Bulk Discount Code Bot is another quite simple app that helps immensely in its area of use. It generates discount codes to use with your standard marketing efforts and integrates them in your store so customers can redeem them to receive a discount.

Shopify integrations with marketplaces

All of the marketplaces can be integrated with Shopify via Sellbrite. If you prefer to stick with Stocky instead, you can integrate each marketplace individually.

Etsy Integration – QuickSync

etsy integration

Rating: 4.9

Pricing: $29/month, 30-day free trial

In case you’re selling on both Etsy and Shopify, you can integrate both stores with this app by QuickSync. Etsy Integration allows you to sync your products and orders between two stores to save time and avoid canceled orders from inventory errors.

CedCommerce eBay Integration

26 cedcommerce ebay integration

Rating: 4.7

Pricing: 50 products for free, paid plans start at $29

eBay sellers can integrate their store with Shopify via this CedCommerce app. It exports Shopify products to eBay with the option to add multiple seller Shopify accounts and synchronizes the inventory to avoid confusion for customers.

Amazon Importer Spreadr App

27 amazon importer spreadr app


Pricing: $5, 7-day free trial

This app is pretty cheap for what it can do. Spreadr App can upload Amazon products on Shopify, synchronize inventory, and regulate markup in bulk.

It also lets you change the “Buy” button to “Check price on Amazon.” A great choice for dropshippers.



Rating: 2.7

Pricing: Free

Developed by Walmart, this app is a simple integration of your Shopify store with Walmart online marketplace. It synchronizes availability and redirects orders from Walmart to your Shopify store for fulfillment.

Free and essential Shopify integrations

Some of these integrations do have paid plans but can help you even with the free plan, at least until your Shopify store has a lot more clients. These five cover the most important aspects of any Shopify business and can be an improvement for almost any brand.

Shopify Email

1 shopify email

Rating: 3.8

Pricing: 10,000 free emails per month

Shopify Email is a nominally free email marketing app that will cover the needs of most small business owners. It lets you create branded emails with a drag-and-drop builder, create automated email sequences, and track the results in the Shopify admin panel.

You can customize your emails and segment them to serve different types of customers you get on Shopify. It’s a simple and versatile tool that will cover your email marketing needs up to 10,000 emails per month.

After that, the price is $1 for a thousand emails.


2 peek

Rating: 4.7

Pricing: Analyze 100 customers for free, pricing starts at $29 per month

Peek is an analytics app that can give you insight into how your customers interact with your store and facilitate growth. It does two major things that every Shopify business owner needs: record customer journeys across your website and conduct customer surveys after a purchase.

This lets you see where customers get stuck or leave your website and provides you with a direct way to get their opinion on your website with a survey. Use these customer information insights to rework your store’s UX and improve conversions.

With a free plan, you only get to analyze a hundred visitors per month, but for a beginner entrepreneur, this can be a way to optimize store performance early on.


3 easyship


Pricing: 50 shipments per month for free, pricing starts at $29

Virtually no shipping Shopify apps are free, but you do need one to streamline logistics from day one. Easyship is an optimal choice — it supports most major shipping companies all across the globe and lets the customer choose the best shipping option in terms of price and speed.

In the free plan, you can only work with 50 shipments per month, but many beginner stores won’t need more than that for some time. It’s a good way to start your Shopify business journey by offering a good customer experience from the very first day.

Smart SEO

4 smart seo

Rating: 4.9

Pricing: Basic optimization is free, pricing starts at $9.99

Even if your Shopify business runs ads on Google or social media, you should be aiming to get organic traffic from Google too. The best way to get closer to that goal is to optimize your website for the search engine.

Shopify’s structure is already pretty good at this because most stores will meet Google’s Core Web Vitals like loading fast and having all the elements of the page display correctly. With this SEO integration, you can improve your SEO further.

It provides all the basic technical SEO improvements for free. The paid plans only let you add more volume like optimizing up to 3000 images for search and accessing some advanced features like bulk editing SEO tags.


5 avada

Rating: 5

Pricing: Free

Customer support is crucial for your brand image and for your bottom line. Avada helps you create a customer help desk solution for free.

It may appear basic, but it provides various tools that the absolute majority of beginner entrepreneurs can use for a very long time. Avada lets you create unlimited FAQ pages to help resolve potential customer questions and integrate a WhatsApp or Facebook chat with your Shopify store.

This way, you can deal with customer feedback with a live chat from your phone and respond in a timely manner.

What are the best Shopify integrations?

There’s no clear answer as to what are the best Shopify integrations. Every story is different and you may need a different set of integrations. But if we were to showcase the best picks for each category, these are the integrations you should take a closer look at and consider.

  • Sellbrite to manage your inventory across multiple marketplaces.
  • Facebook & Instagram to run social media paid ad campaigns.
  • PageFly to design beautiful and converting pages.
  • Shopify Email to run a simple and effective email marketing campaign.
  • to access, understand and act on data to make data-driven decisions.

Choosing the right integrations for your store can be a hard decision, inadvertently, you’ll want to install all of them. If you’re not quite sure what to choose, then settle for the ones we’ve just mentioned above, learn to use them effectively, and add more if you feel like you’re lacking potential.

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