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11 Best Looker Studio Marketing Dashboards for Reporting

Creating reports is an important part of the whole marketing strategy. Data without interpretation and analysis don’t offer valuable insights. However, creating dashboards and reports can be a challenging task, especially if you are manually collecting and introducing data. 
In this article, we are coming to the rescue with the best Looker Studio marketing dashboards that will make your reporting easier and better. However, before we share some of the best, easy-to-use, and free templates for Looker Studio, let’s see what the main benefits are of using these types of marketing reporting dashboards. 

Benefits of using marketing reporting dashboards in Looker Studio

Why Looker Studio and not another option? Why use a pre-made marketing reporting dashboard? Well, because there are a lot of advantages, compared to creating your manual reports from scratch. 

  • Better data visualization: Most Looker Studio marketing reporting dashboards come with graphs, charts, and other data visualization elements that will make your report easy to understand and share with stakeholders or managers. 
  • Easy to use: All of the templates we are going to share are configurated and include the most important metrics you need to monitor for each activity or channel. All you will have to do is to use your own data. This means connecting your source (Google Analytics, YouTube, Google Spreadsheets, Facebook Ads, etc.) to Looker Studio so that the data can be exported and modified. 
  • Customizable: Don’t need all of the metrics showcased? No worries, you can make changes to the marketing reporting dashboard to better suit your needs. 
  • Collaboration and Shareability: Looker Studio reporting dashboard can be shared with your manager or clients. Also, your co-workers can have access to them so that they can add their own insights and data. 
  • Free and fast: Most of these Looker Studio templates are free to use, while for some you just need to pay a monthly subscription that is budget-friendly. However, it is worth it considering that it will take you a few minutes to add your data instead of spending hours collecting and introducing data manually. 

Convinced? Let’s take a look at the best Data Studio templates.

11 best Looker Studio marketing dashboards

1. Facebook Ads dashboard by

Paid ads can be extremely effective when implemented correctly. But how can you check your PPC campaign performance? Well, Facebook offers basic analytics in Meta Ads Managers. However, it is not very user-friendly and can’t be shared directly with stakeholders and managers. 
No worries, this Facebook Ads marketing dashboard for Looker Studio by is free to use and shareable. is a data automation and analytics platform that allows you to connect your favorite data sources (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Mailchimp, etc), extract and transform data, and export it to your selected destination. For the destination, you can select Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Looker Studio (Google Data Studio), or BigQuery. 
This marketing dashboard comes with many essential metrics that show you the performance of your ads campaign and where you need to make improvements. You can see Impressions, CPM, Link clicks, Unique Clicks, Amount spent, CPC, and many other KPIs. 

The best part? You can automatically export data from Facebook Ads directly to Looker Studio with This means that your data will be refreshed on a schedule and you don’t have to worry about formatting the report manually. The template comes with instructions on how to export data automatically. If you need additional information to connect the tools, you can read this step-by-step guide to connecting Facebook Ads to Looker Studio

2. Google Ads dashboard by

Want to make sure that your paid ads on Google are performing well and also share the results with your managers or clients? We’ve prepared a Looker Studio dashboard for Google Ads that will automate your reporting and allow you to see your ads performance. As you can see, this dashboard template provides insights about your most valuable metrics such as Clicks, Conversions, CPA, CPC, Click through rate, and Impressions. 

This dashboard from can be automatically updated on a schedule you set out. Just like the dashboard for Facebook ads, you can extract data automatically from Google Ads to Google Looker Studio with and the dashboard will be updated within seconds. If you need extra details, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to connect Google Ads to Looker Studio with

3. LinkedIn Ads dashboard by

In addition to FB Ads and Google Ads, also created a LinkedIn Ads dashboard template. It’s a decent analytics tool to monitor the performance of your advertising campaigns on LinkedIn. The set of key metrics is similar to what the dashboards above have: amount spent, clicks, CPC, and others. However, you will also get information about leads and lead form opens. 

Any dashboard designed by has a built-in connector. So, you’ll only need to connect your LinkedIn account and will create a data source in Looker Studio. Set a desired schedule and enjoy the up-to-date information on your marketing dashboard.

4. SEO Dashboard by DataSasi

3. SEO marketing dashboard

Want to have a clear overview of your SEO performance? This SEO marketing dashboard for Looker Studio will help you spot the most important changes in your SEO efforts. You can see various invaluable metrics such as queries, top-performing landing pages, search intent, clicks, and impressions.

5. Multichannel Dashboard by IntelliAd

4. Multichannel marketing dashboard

If you offer complete digital marketing services and are implementing campaigns on various channels, then you will need a multi-channel dashboard to have an overview of those campaigns. This marketing dashboard provides insights into how each channel is performing. You can look at metrics such as Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, Revenue, Cost, and CTR. 

6. Web Analytics Dashboard by DataSasi

5. Web Analytics dashboard

Google Analytics is used by thousands of marketers to uncover insights about their website visitors and web performance. However, Google Analytics is not the best when it comes to data visualization. If you want to prepare a report that helps you see all of the most important metrics on one page, you can use a template like this one. This web analytics dashboard shows you Sessions, Pages/Sessions, Goal completions, Page views, Bounce rate, and many other important metrics. 

7. Search Console Dashboard by Google

6. Google Search Console dashboard

If you want to make sure that your content marketing efforts are paying off, you need to take a closer look at your Google Search Console. With this Search Console dashboard from Google, you can see all of the important metrics on one page which allows you to have a clear overview of your top-performing content and queries. You can analyze Search Console data like Impressions, CTR, Clicks, and Average position. 

8. Digital Analytics Dashboard for eCommerce by Treffsikker

7. eCommerce digital dashboard

How is your eCommerce performing? Discover with the help of this Looker Studio dashboard. The digital analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into the performance of your online store. Some of the metrics included in the template are Revenue, eCommerce Conversion rate, Transactions, and Sessions. 

9. YouTube Dashboard by YouTube

8. YouTube dashboard

YouTube is the largest video-sharing social media platform, and considering that video marketing is trending right now, you really need to keep an eye on this channel. To see how your videos are performing, you can use this native Looker Studio report template from YouTube. With this template, you can keep an eye on the most relevant metrics such as Views, Hours Watched, Video shares, and Average View Duration. 

Alternatively, you can check out the Looker Studio YouTube template designed by

10. BigQuery Firebase Events Dashboard By Google

9. Firebase dashboard

Developing apps is challenging, especially if you are not analyzing their performance. Firebase is a platform that helps you create and grow apps. If you are looking for a dashboard template where you can see the most important data from Firebase, look no further. This Looker Studio dashboard for Firebase shows you some of the most important metrics, including Active users, Events, Conversions, and Users. 

11. Site Speed Performance Dashboard by DataBloo

10. website speed dashboard

Did you know that 40% of visitors will leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load? This shows that website performance is not just about how many people visit it, but also about how fast it loads and if it has any indexing problems. If you want to make sure that your site loads at the speed of light, then you should check out this site speed performance dashboard. Analyze metrics like Average page load on mobile, desktops, and other devices. 

Best practices for marketing reporting dashboards in Looker Studio

Want to use one of the examples we’ve added above? We’ve prepared a few best practices you should consider before getting started. 

  • Check the metrics: The whole meaning of using a reporting dashboard is to have a clear overview of the most important metrics and KPIs for your campaigns. While you might like the design of any of the marketing reporting dashboards presented, you will need to check and see if they include all of the metrics you want to monitor and analyze. 
  • See if the template is free: Check to see if the dashboard is free to use or if it is just a demo. Some of the dashboards are just demos, so you have limited content that you can use. 
  • Read the instructions: These dashboards usually come with a few instructions on how to use them. The dashboards from also show you how to automatically extract data from Facebook Ads or Google Ads directly to Looker Studio. This way, the report will be updated automatically, on a schedule. 
  • Customize the report: Don’t forget to add your branding assets such as your logo to the report to make it your own. It will make the report ready to share with stakeholders. 

How to create marketing reporting dashboards in Looker Studio?

Want to create your own report from scratch? No worries, we’ve prepared a short step-by-step tutorial that will help you make dashboards and reports in Looker Studio like a pro. 

  • Open Looker Studio and select the account you want to use. Then, select Blank Report.
  • Looker Studio will ask you to choose one of its connectors from which you want to import data. For this example, we are going to use to export data from Hubspot. Before we get started with the connector, let’s configure the export from Hubspot to Looker Studio so that you can schedule exports and benefit from real-time data. 
  • You will need to authorize’s access to Hubspot data. Select an account and offer permissions to to allow this export. 
Tutorial 5
  • Select the data entity you want to export from Hubspot. For this example, we selected “Contacts”. 
Tutorial 6
  • You can click finish and proceed if you don’t need to add date filters and other advanced filters. Next, you will need to set up the destination. 
  • Generate an access token if you did not do that earlier and copy it. Click the button to create a data source in Looker Studio and follow the instructions.
  • Authorize Looker Studio and’s connection. After this, you will be able to complete the connection between and Looker Studio. The data you’ve selected will be added to Looker Studio. 
Tutorial 7
  • After your analytics data is pulled from Hubspot it’s time to add some scorecards. Click on Insert and a dropdown menu will appear from which you can select the scorecard. 
tutorial step8
  • Once you have selected the scorecard and placed it on your dashboard, you just need to select the right metric. For this example, we used “ID”.
Tutorial 9
  • To make data easier to analyze, you will need to add some data visualization elements like graphs. Click on Insert once again and add the chart. 
  • We’ve added a pie chart. Now, select the metric you want to display. For this example, we selected “Job Function” to see the jobs of our contacts and make a comparison.  
tutorial 11
  • It’s time to make this dashboard your own. You can style it just the way you like. To do so, you will need to click on Theme & Layout and select what you like. 
tutorial 12

That’s it! Now you can add the scorecards, graphs, and charts you need to better showcase your data. Click on View to see your dashboard. Here’s how ours looks: 

tutorial final

Also, don’t forget to give a name to your report and add all of the branding elements necessary such as a logo. Personalize the dashboard and share it with stakeholders, managers, or co-workers. 

Should you use dashboard templates or create marketing reports in Looker Studio from scratch?

If you want to make sure that your marketing efforts are not in vain, then you should monitor and analyze the most relevant metrics for your marketing campaigns. There are hundreds of ready-to-use templates that you can choose from in Looker Studio. 

These templates, like the ones we included in the article, focus on the most important metrics for each marketing strategy and they come with various data visualization elements. However, if you are in need of an in-depth report, then you might need to create a customer dashboard. Creating a Looker Studio dashboard from scratch can be a bit challenging. However, it allows you to have a tailored report where you can include any metric you need.

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