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16 Best Marketing Analytics Tools to Use in 2023

As a business owner or marketer, you’ll often collect customer information and competitor data. Such marketing data helps to target the right audience, discover trends and patterns, spot potential issues or opportunities, measure campaign success, and make better decisions.  

Efficient marketing analytics requires a range of processes and instruments such as data analytics, business intelligence, dashboards, reporting, etc. But you can streamline the entire process with proper marketing analytics software. In this article, we’ll cover a few options including their features and benefits, and tell which of the top marketing analytics tools you can count on.

What are marketing analytics tools?

Marketing analytics is the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data from marketing campaigns. The insights and reports obtained from your marketing data can be used to create better strategies, improve the customer journey and calculate metrics such as KPIs and ROI.

Marketing analytics tools are simply software that you can use to track and analyze your marketing campaigns or strategies. They help you speed up the entire process of data analysis, provide more efficiency, and increase the chances of getting more accurate insights from your data. AI marketing tools can significantly optimize your processes by automating even complex creative tasks that usually require human touch, such as producing texts and images.

Types of Marketing Analytics Tools

Every marketing analysis tool is aimed at extracting valuable information from raw marketing data, but approaches to this task might vary. Here are the different categories of marketing analytics tools:

  • Descriptive analytics tools

These are marketing data tools that allow businesses to understand past marketing performance and how it relates to current marketing performance. They use real-time and historical data to figure out what might have gone wrong or right. 

  • Predictive analytics tools

As the name suggests, predictive analytics allows marketers to predict what might happen in the future. These tools often use insights from past marketing data to predict future outcomes. It may not be totally accurate but it helps to prepare for possible events and opportunities.

  • Prescriptive analytics tools

These are marketing analytics tools that can determine what should be done to improve your marketing strategies. Such software for marketing analytics uses the insights and predictions acquired from historical data to recommend the best possible actions to take. 

Some marketing analysis tools can fall under one or more of these categories depending on their features and capabilities. 

Marketing analytics can be used to check the status and progress reports of your marketing campaigns. Each of these tools may specialize in various channels such as website SEO, paid advertising, social media platforms, lead generation tools, email marketing software, etc. 

There’s also a separate category of marketing analytics software that can integrate all your data into one destination for proper analytics. An example of this is, which makes it easy to organize, analyze and generate regular reports from numerous marketing channels.

The 3 top marketing analytics tools to begin with

Here’s a quick comparison of the top marketing analytics tools:

Marketing analytics softwareFeaturesPricingPros & Cons

Data integration
Data automation
Self-updating reports
Business and data analytics services, data visualization
From $19Pros: A reliable platform for integrating and analyzing data.
Cons: Data visualization is available only as a separate service. 
Matomo Analytics

Traffic reporting
Event tracking
Custom dimensions
Privacy protection
From $23 Pros: Does not use data sampling, providing accurate and comprehensive data.
Cons: Requires a certain level of technical knowledge and resources to use effectively.

Event tracking
Customer journey reporting
Cohort analysis
Email campaign automation
From $299Pros: Allows you to track and analyze entire user journeys, helping to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for optimization
Cons: It might be more suitable for businesses with a decent budget and the technical capabilities to leverage its extensive features.

16 best marketing analytics tools you can consider

There are many marketing analytics tools out there that promise to process and extract valuable insights from your marketing data. So, to help you choose an appropriate tool for your business, we’ve put together a list of the top 16 marketing analytics tools:

  2. Heap
  3. Optimizely
  4. TapClicks
  5. Matomo Analytics
  6. Mixpanel
  7. Buffer
  8. Aweber
  9. Kissmetrics
  10. Act-on
  11. Amplitude Analytics
  12. Emarsys
  13. Fathomhq
  14. Plerdy
  15. Google Analytics 4
  16. Looker Studio

Now, let’s discuss each tool in detail.

1. – a platform for data automation and analytics is an all-in-one data analytics and automation platform that offers a combination of reliable solutions and expert services for efficient data management. It allows you to gather, transform and analyze your marketing data so that you can make data-driven decisions. itself is not a marketing tool but it’s designed to facilitate your marketing analytics and reporting tasks. 

First of all, it supports a number of marketing sources to extract data from including Google Analytics 4, Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, and others. 

Second – supports Looker Studio as a destination for your data. This means that you can create custom analytical reports and automate them. If Looker Studio is not an option, you can easily connect your marketing sources to other BI tools such as Tableau or Power BI.

Streamline data analytics & reporting

Streamline your data analytics & reporting with! is an all-in-one data analytics and automation platform designed to close the gap between getting data and using its full potential. Gather, transform, understand, and act on data to make better decisions and drive your business forward!

  • Save hours of your time on data analytics by integrating business applications with data warehouses, data visualization tools, or spreadsheets. Enjoy 200+ available integrations!
  • Preview, transform, and filter your data before sending it to the destination. Get excited about how easy data analytics can be.
  • Access data that is always up to date by enabling refreshing data on a schedule as often as every 15 minutes.
  • Visualize your data by loading it to BI tools or exporting it directly to Looker Studio. Making data-driven decisions has never been easier.
  • Easily track and improve your business metrics by creating live dashboards on your own or with the help of our experts.

Try today at no cost with a 14-day free trial (no credit card required), and join 700,000+ happy users to accelerate growth with data-driven decisions.

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In addition to that, offers data analytics consultancy services to deal with any data-related challenges, such as advanced data visualization, business analytics, setting up data infrastructure, and more. features

  • Automate integration workflows

Export data automatically and specify a schedule for regular data refreshes. The interval for the updates can be hourly, daily, and monthly, or as frequent as every 15 minutes. 

  • Collect data from various sources in one place 

Gather your marketing data from multiple apps and combine them into one destination file, where all your data is always fresh and ready for cross-channel analysis.

  • Back up your data

You can create a backup copy of your marketing data, securely store it in a spreadsheet or database, and have it updated automatically on a schedule that suits you.

  • Analyze and visualize data

Integrate your self-updating spreadsheets or databases with various data visualization tools, such as Tableau, PowerBi, and Looker Studio. This allows you to build pro-level visualizations and make the most of your data with auto-updated dashboards. 

  • Integrate numerous apps 

There are over 60 different data sources available on The list includes such apps as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics 4, Mailchimp, Shopify, and many other popular sources. You can also add custom sources without writing code. benefits

  • You get an all-in-one platform that can provide solutions to any data-related problems and challenges. You can use the data integration tool to automate your dataflows on your own, or request the help of’s data analytics consultants for advanced cases. 
  •’s data integrations are easy-to-use no-code data analytics solutions. They are a good fit for marketing teams and other professionals without a technical background.
  • You can automate your data flows and manage data more efficiently without any manual effort. You can save time and money as well as achieve desired results much faster. 
  • When integrating data from one app to another, doesn’t store your information. It’s a safe and secure tool that guarantees data security.
  • provides a knowledge base where you can find helpful articles. The customer support team is also available to answer your questions and solve any issue. pricing offers a 14-day free trial – no credit card required. The Starter plan is the perfect option to start your acquaintance with It costs $49 per month and provides unlimited access to all integrations and daily automatic data refresh. The higher data management demands would require Squad or Business plans that cost $99 and $249 per month respectively.

At the same time, the cheapest subscription at is $19 – the Lite plan – which is limited to only 3 importers but still provides access to all the core integrations and features.

2. Heap

Heap is a marketing analytics platform that allows companies to completely understand their customer’s digital experiences. It helps in identifying what your customers prefer so you can improve conversion, retention, and satisfaction. 

5 heap homepage

Heap features

  • Session replay

Use replays to understand how and when the majority of users encountered moments of friction. You can even see what transpired during the interaction.

  • Discover hidden issues

Uncover many potential friction points and opportunities in your product’s digital experience. It can help to avoid confirmation bias and wrong decisions.

  • Create user segments

User cohorts can help to understand how diverse users navigate the digital experience offered by your product and how to personalize everyone’s journey. 

  • Build dashboards and share

Create dashboards to monitor important metrics and critical charts. You can also share these insights with your team and track the most viewed dashboards. 

  • Autocapture and custom tracking

You can use autocapture, custom tracking, and server-side events to develop one of the most complete and manageable behavioral datasets.

  • Cross-platform analytics

Monitor and analyze digital experiences across web and mobile platforms. This ensures that your application can be accessed by users on every device. 

  • Integrate with other tools

Connect bi-directionally to several business software tools such as CRMs, e-commerce sites, warehouses, A/B testing and personalization, payment platforms, etc. 

Heap benefits

  • It allows companies to determine how users will interact with their digital products. You can discover helpful features to include and determine what should be improved upon. 
  • Heap allows you to see the entire customer journey, gather data at every touch point, and access plenty of insights. This helps to notice key trends and prospects. 
  • Heap provides tools such as charts, graphs, templates, and dashboards to help visualize and accurately analyze everything about your customers.
  • It allows you to capture events, track real-time data and generate comprehensive reports from your users’ digital experiences across web and mobile platforms.
  • Heap provides frequent training so you can learn how to utilize the features properly. It’s also easy to set up and allows you to start capturing data pretty quickly.
  • It allows marketing and product teams to extract valuable insights from product interactions. You can access every event’s data and make better decisions.

Heap pricing

Heap offers a free plan for those with minimal analytics needs and three paid subscription plans starting from $3,600 per year. 

3. Optimizely

Optimizely is a digital experience platform that allows you to create content, manage an e-commerce business and run experiments to test and optimize every customer touchpoint.

6 optimizely homepage

Optimizely features

  • Content platforms

Optimizely offers functionality that allows you to manage the entire content lifecycle. The Content Marketing Platform can assist with campaigns. Additionally, the Content Management System helps improve digital experiences. 

  • Commerce products

The tool provides useful functionality that helps users manage their businesses.  For example, you can use artificial intelligence to obtain personalized experiences and product recommendations. 

  • Experimentation tools

You can evaluate customer touch points to gather insights and optimize user experience. Web Experimentation allows you to run tests, uncover insights and create better experiences. Feature Experimentation helps to validate new features and deploy quality releases. 

Optimizely benefits

  • It allows marketers to perform A/B tests and optimize the performance of their websites and marketing campaigns. 
  • Optimizely helps commerce businesses to drive more sales, build customer loyalty and increase ROI. 

Optimizely pricing

Optimizely provides customized pricing based on the needs of every company or marketing team. You can get started with the Content Marketing Platform for free or sign up for the $79 monthly plan. 

4. TapClicks

TapClicks is an all-in-one marketing analysis tool that you can use for workflow and project management, big data integration, insights, and analytics, as well as reports and dashboards.

7 tapclicks homepage

TapClicks features

  • Analyze performance

With tapAnalytics, you can discover hidden trends and opportunities in your campaigns. It helps to run calculations on your data, combine data from numerous sources, track goals and budgets, and manage leads and data load status. 

  • Automated data pipeline

The tapData feature can aggregate, blend and send data from over 6000 sources to popular destinations such as BigQuery, Snowflake, S3, Postgres, etc. It provides dimensions, filters, and flexible data controls to help refine data. 

  • Communicate and collaborate

You can use tapReports to create reports that can tell powerful stories and dashboards displaying KPIs and statistics. It also allows you to add recipients and set schedules for sending reports. 

  • Automate your workflow

The tapWorkflow feature can automatically create and assign tasks to the right people. Everyone on your team can set themselves as available or not. The task manager also helps to monitor due dates and assignments. 

  • Automated order entry

You can use tapOrders to create order forms that can record campaign goals, objectives, and booking details. There’s an inventory calendar for reserving slots and bookings. You can also add line items for each product or service. 

TapClicks benefits

  • TapClicks allows you to connect and combine data from numerous marketing platforms. You can also connect to many destinations. 
  • It allows users to share reports quickly. You can also schedule automatic reports via PDF, email, Excel, and other options. 
  • TapClicks offers dashboards, widgets, and other visualizations to help communicate reports to clients and stakeholders.
  • It’s a cloud-native tool that’s quite intuitive and easy to set up. It helps to save time and make the reporting process more efficient. 

TapClicks pricing

TapClicks offers a 14-day free trial – no credit card required. They also provide subscription plans that are tailored to the specific needs of each business, marketer, or agency. 

5. Matomo Analytics

Matomo claims that it’s a ‘Google Analytics alternative that protects your data and your customers’ privacy’. In its true colors, Matomo is an open-source web analytics platform. Using it, you can get comprehensive insights into your website’s traffic, user behavior, and other metrics related to marketing effectiveness. It allows businesses to keep full control of their data.


Matomo features

  • Traffic reporting

Get detailed reports on your website traffic, behavior of your visitors, their demographics, and many more.

  • Event tracking 

Track specific user interactions with your website or webapp. Those include button clicks, form submissions, downloads, etc.

  • Custom dimensions 

Define and track additional data points that are specific to your business needs. You can assign any custom data to your visitors or actions to visualize it further in your reports.

  • Privacy protection

Keep full control of your data, ensuring user privacy.

  • Integration capabilities 

Easily integrate with numerous CMS, digital platforms, ecommerce shots, and other tools.

Matomo benefits

  • Matomo provides comprehensive, real-time insights into your website traffic and user behavior.
  • Its open-source nature allows for customization to fit specific business needs.
  • Matomo allows companies to maintain full ownership of their data and optimize marketing strategies by providing data on what works and what doesn’t.
  • The tool is easy to use and is supported by extensive documentation which makes it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

Matomo pricing 

Matomo offers both a free self-hosted version and paid cloud-hosted plans, starting at $23 per month.

6. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is an advanced user behavior analytics platform that is designed to make your decision-making power by data. This marketing analytics tool helps businesses understand how users interact with their products. It enables you to make data-informed decisions to improve user engagement and retention.


Mixpanel features

  • Event tracking 

Track individual user interactions with your product across multiple touchpoints.

  • Funnels & Retention Analysis 

Understand user journeys, identify drop-offs, and analyze user retention in one place

  • Predictive analytics

Use machine learning algorithms to predict user behavior and optimize your marketing strategies to make them efficient as never before.

  • User segmentation

Segment your users based on their behavior and characteristics. Target proper user segments and increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts. 

  • Integrations 

Connect with various other tools, including CRMs, email marketing platforms, data warehouses, and so on.

Mixpanel benefits

  • Mixpanel provides detailed insights into user behavior, which should help your business enhance UX and retention of your customers.
  • The platform allows you to test and iterate your ideas based on data-driven insights.
  • The powerful analytics and segmentation capabilities of Mixpanel will help you deliver personalized experiences.
  • Mixpanel is an intuitive marketing analysis tool and easy to use. At the same time, it provides extensive resources to achieve the established goals.

Mixpanel pricing 

You can try Mixpanel with a free Starter plan which is quite limited in features. The two paid plans, Growth and Enterprise, are designed to give you answers to a bigger number of questions and empower teams in larger organizations. 

7. Buffer

Buffer is a social media management tool. It allows you to schedule posts on social media platforms, like Twitter, forward plan content and do other management of social media accounts in one place. As a marketing analytics software, Buffer can be used to analyze the performance of posts and other social media marketing activities. 


Buffer features

  • Post scheduling 

Schedule and manage social media posts across different platforms from one dashboard.

  • Social media performance analytics 

Analyze the performance of your posts to improve your social media strategy.

  • Multi-account management 

Manage multiple social media accounts from one platform.

  • Team collaboration 

Work collaboratively with your team on social media campaigns.

  • Custom reports 

Create custom reports to get detailed insights on your social media performance and tune your marketing strategy.

  • Integrations 

Integrate with other digital marketing tools to streamline your processes.

Buffer benefits

  • Buffer simplifies social media management since it allows you to schedule and analyze your posts from an all-in-one dashboard.
  • The built-in detailed analytics functionality helps users improve their social media strategies and make decisions based on data.
  • The platform promotes team collaboration and allows for more cohesive and effective social media campaigns.
  • Buffer is a user-friendly and easy-to-set-up marketing analysis tool that makes social media marketing accessible for all users and promotes team collaboration.

Buffer pricing 

Buffer offers a free plan to connect up to 3 marketing channels. The paid subscription, Essentials, start at $6 per month per channel, and the price will grow depending on the number of social accounts and scheduled posts you need.

8. AWeber

AWeber is an email marketing and automation software. Businesses use it to connect with their audience, deliver compelling emails, segment and manage users, and so on. AWeber is designed to assist in the creation of effective email marketing campaigns and analyze their performance.


AWeber features

  • Email campaign creation

Design and launch attractive email marketing campaigns with the help of built-in functionality.

  • Autoresponders 

Automate email responses to your audience based on specific triggers.

  • Subscriber management 

Manage your email list and segment subscribers based on their preferences.

  • Marketing analytics 

Analyze the performance of your emails to tune current campaigns and improve future ones.

  • Landing page builder 

Use AWeber assistance to create beautiful landing pages to convert visitors into subscribers.

  • Integrations 

Connect with other digital marketing tools to streamline your processes.

AWeber benefits

  • Create and manage email marketing campaigns easily with AWeber’s user-friendly interface and actionable features.
  • Make decisions powered by data and improve campaigns with the help of AWeber’s robust marketing analytics capabilities.
  • Save time and ensure a personalized experience for your audience using AWeber’s automation features.
  • Capture more leads and grow your subscriber base using landing pages created with the AWeber builder.

AWeber pricing 

AWeber offers a free plan for up to 500 subscribers. The paid plans start at $12.50 per month and offer unlimited subscribers as well as an increased set of available features. 

9. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is an advanced analytics and customer conversion automation platform. This marketing analysis tool helps businesses track, analyze, and optimize their digital marketing efforts. Kissmetrics focuses on person-based data, providing insights into customer behavior across multiple touchpoints.


Kissmetrics features

  • Event tracking 

Track user interactions on your web app or website to understand their behavior and use these insights in your marketing strategy.

  • Customer journey reporting 

Get detailed reports on your customers’ journey from the first touchpoint to conversion and detect bottlenecks that you need to avoid.

  • Cohort analysis 

Group customers based on shared characteristics and analyze their behavior.

  • A/B Testing 

Experiment with different elements of your marketing campaigns to optimize them and achieve the highest efficiency.

  • Email campaign automation 

Automate your email marketing campaigns based on user behavior and events that should increase the conversion rate.

  • Integrations 

Seamlessly connect Kissmetrics with other marketing and analytics tools.

Kissmetrics benefits

  • Optimize your marketing strategies and hence investments with insights into customer behavior derived with the help of Kissmetrics.
  • Make data-driven decisions and improve conversion rates using the A/B testing feature and other functionalities available at this marketing analytics tool.
  • Personalize marketing efforts and improve engagement using Kissmetrics’ powerful automation capabilities.

Kissmetrics pricing 

Kissmetrics pricing starts with the Silver plan for $299 per month which is designed for small businesses looking to grow. You can try it for free with a 30-day trial. If you need more, then you can consider Gold ($499 per month) or even Platinum (custom price) subscriptions.

10. Act-On

Act-On is a growth marketing automation platform designed to help businesses attract and retain customers within multi-channel marketing. It provides tools for email marketing, lead management, social media management, and analytics, of course.

act on

Act-On features

  • Marketing automation 

Automate marketing processes to improve the efficiency and consistency of your efforts and achieve expected results.

  • Email marketing 

Create, launch, and track email marketing campaigns with a complete set of tools.

  • Lead management 

Capture, score, and nurture leads to improve conversion rates and increase the growth pace of your business.

  • Social media management 

Manage and track your social media efforts from one platform in the most convenient way.

  • Reporting and analytics 

Analyze marketing performance and get actionable insights to make data-driven decisions on your marketing efforts.

  • Integrations 

Integrate with a variety of CRM, social media, and other marketing tools.

Act-On benefits

  • Save time and ensure a consistent, personalized experience for your audience using Act-On’s automation built-in features.
  • Make data-driven decisions and optimize your marketing strategies with its robust analytics capabilities.
  • Get a one-stop solution with a comprehensive set of tools for managing various aspects of digital marketing.

Act-On pricing 

Act-On offers two pricing plans: Professional and Enterprise. The former starts at $900 per month whereas the details of the Enterprise subscription are available upon request.

11. Amplitude Analytics

Amplitude is a product intelligence platform that helps businesses optimize customer engagement through deep behavioral analytics. Amplitude Analytics is a product analytics solution that provides insights into how customers are using your products and where opportunities for growth are hidden.


Amplitude features

  • Behavioral analytics 

Analyze user behavior to gain insights into how customers interact with your product and make data-informed marketing decisions.

  • Real-time dashboards 

Monitor user engagement and key performance metrics in real-time. Use the power of visualized analytics to derive insights into your marketing efforts.

  • Predictive Analytics 
  • Use machine learning to predict future customer behavior and trends and rest your decisions based on these forecasts.
  • Funnel Analysis 

Monitor user progress through different stages of their journey and identify drop-off points.

  • A/B Testing 

Run experiments to understand what product changes will have the greatest impact.

  • Integrations 

Connect with various other business tools to have a comprehensive view of your operations.

Amplitude benefits

  • Make informed decisions to enhance user engagement and conversion according to detailed insights into user behavior.
  • Anticipate user needs and trends with the help of predictive analytics.
  • Improve product experiences and marketing strategies based on the findings derived from the platform’s real-time dashboards and cohort analysis.
  • Identify trends, spot opportunities, and derive other in-depth insights with the help of Amplitude’s powerful analytics tools.

Amplitude pricing 

Amplitude offers a free plan, Starter, for startups and small teams. The paid plans, Growth and Enterprise, offer more extensive features and support. Their pricing is available upon request.

12. Emarsys


Emarsys is a customer engagement and marketing automation platform. It focuses on delivering personalized customer interactions to businesses across email, mobile, social, SMS, and web channels. Emarsys uses AI-driven insights to optimize customer engagement strategies.

Emarsys features

  • Omnichannel marketing automation 

Automate personalized marketing campaigns across multiple channels to engage your customers.

  • Segmentation and targeting 

Segment your audience based on behavior and preferences for targeted marketing and delivering a personalized experience.

  • Social media and email marketing 

Use the built-in features of this marketing analytics software to automate, manage, monitor, and analyze your social media and email marketing campaigns. 

  • Predictive analytics 

Predict future customer behavior and trends to optimize your marketing strategies using AI-powered algorithms.

  • Integration with CRM and other tools 

Integrate with various CRM tools, ecommerce platforms, and other digital marketing tools. 

Emarsys benefits

  • Deliver personalized, consistent experiences across various channels, improving customer engagement and retention.
  • Obtain predictive insights using AI-powered analytics to make data-informed decisions.
  • Save time and improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts using Emarsys’ automation capabilities.
  • Build and manage loyalty programs to nurture relationships with customers.

Emarsys pricing

You won’t find an Emarsys pricing page on their website since the platform offers custom pricing based on the specific needs of your business. So, if you’re interested in this marketing analytics tool, contact their sales team for a quote.

13. Plerdy

Plerdy is a conversion rate optimization solution that provides businesses with the tools to track and optimize their online performance. These tools, like heatmaps or event tracking, are useful to derive insights into how you can improve your website in terms of usability and increase conversions.


Plerdy features

  • Session Replay 

Monitor website visitor behavior to track and detect anomalies and discover exact user interaction on selected web pages.

  • Heatmaps 

Visualize user behavior on your website to identify areas of interest and friction points.

  • Event Tracking 

Track user-specific actions, such as clicks and form submissions, to evaluate your website design and identify problems that increase vain click rates.

  • Conversion Funnel Analysis 

Analyze user behavior throughout the conversion funnel to identify drop-offs and opportunities for optimization.

  • SEO Checker 

Check your website’s search engine optimization to ensure you’re not losing traffic and conversions. 

Plerdy benefits

  • Get valuable insights into user behavior, guiding improvements in website design, and usability.
  • Identify and address issues that may be hindering conversions.
  • Make sure that your websites are well-optimized for search engines, improving visibility and traffic.

Plerdy pricing 

Plerdy offers many-tentacled pricing that offers packages for what you’d like to use its set of UX, CRO, and SEO tools for. You can start with a limited free plan gradually moving to the All-in-One subscription that starts at $98 per month. 

14. Contentsquare

Contentsquare is a powerful digital experience analytics platform. It’s designed to provide businesses with insights into how users interact with their websites, mobile apps, and other digital products. Contentsquare claims to leverage machine learning algorithms, or AI in marketing language, to deliver predictive analytics. This, in turn, is what should help you improve customer experience and drive growth.


Contentsquare features

  • User Journey Analysis

Analyze user journeys to identify friction points and opportunities for optimization.

  • Session Replay

Review user sessions to gain in-depth insights into user behavior.

  • Heatmaps

Visualize user interactions to understand areas of interest and potential issues.

  • Conversion Funnels

Analyze user behavior across the conversion funnel to identify where users drop off.

  • Predictive Analytics

Predict future user behavior and trends with the help of AI.

  • Integration Capabilities

Integrate with a wide range of other digital tools, including CRM, e-commerce platforms, and analytics tools.

Contentsquare benefits

  • Get deep insights into user behavior to understand what your customers want and how they interact with your digital product.
  • Anticipate user behavior and trends using predictive analytics capabilities to enable proactive decision-making.
  • Identify issues and opportunities with the help of session replay and heatmaps as a visual representation of valuable data.
  • Integrate Contentsquare with a wide range of other tools to obtain a comprehensive view of customer behavior across multiple platforms and touchpoints.

Contentsquare pricing

Contentsquare does not offer established subscriptions but rests on custom pricing based on the specific needs of your business. Whichever product or service you’d like to engage in, contact their sales team for a quote.

15. Google Analytics 4

“How dare you put Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to the end of this list?” – this is what you may ask. In our defense, we wanted to first share some marketing analytics tools that you might not be aware of and leave GA4 for dessert.GA4 is the successor of Google Analytics Universal or its latest version if you wish. This powerful web analytics tool helps businesses understand how users interact with their websites and apps.

google analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 features

  • User-centric Measurement

Understand the journey of your customers across various devices and platforms in a privacy-safe way. GA4 focuses more on customer-centric measurement instead of device-centric.

  • Enhanced Audience Building

Build audiences based on user behavior, demographics, tech attributes, etc. Analyze these audiences or export them to Google Ads for remarketing purposes.

  • Codeless Event Tracking

Configure certain events directly from the user interface, without needing to add code to your site or app.

  • Data-Driven Attribution Models

GA4 uses data-driven attribution models, which use machine learning to assign credit to touchpoints in the customer journey. This helps businesses understand which marketing efforts are driving the most results.

Google Analytics 4 benefits

  • Get a more holistic view of user behavior across platforms.
  • Extract deeper insights and anticipate future trends using the advanced analysis and predictive analytics capabilities of GA4.
  • Monitor the metrics that matter most on the customizable dashboards and reports.
  • Ensure a seamless experience with other Google services and marketing tools.

Google Analytics 4 pricing 

Google Analytics 4 is a free service offered by Google.

16. Bonus: Looker Studio as a marketing analytics software

If you wonder what a BI tool, which Looker Studio is, does on a list of marketing analytics software, then we owe you a free subscription for 14 days 😀

Looker Studio is a universal solution that you can use to turn any data into actionable insights. It allows you to build custom interactive reports and dashboards based on the data you collect from your CRMs, email software, and other marketing apps. So, you can simplify data analysis and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

looker studio

Looker Studio features

  • Customizable dashboards and reports

Create custom Looker Studio marketing dashboards to monitor key metrics and trends. Streamline your reporting to communicate your insights.

  • Data Modeling 

Model your data to understand relationships and patterns.

  • Integration Capabilities 

Integrate with various data sources and other business tools.

Looker Studio benefits

  • Simplify data analysis, making it accessible to all users, not just data scientists.
  • Monitor key metrics and communicate insights with the help of customizable dashboards and detailed reports.
  • Understand complex relationships and patterns in your marketing data.
  • Seamlessly integrate Looker Studio with other business tools and data sources using native or third-party connectors, such as
Streamline data analytics & reporting

Streamline your data analytics & reporting with! is an all-in-one data analytics and automation platform designed to close the gap between getting data and using its full potential. Gather, transform, understand, and act on data to make better decisions and drive your business forward!

  • Save hours of your time on data analytics by integrating business applications with data warehouses, data visualization tools, or spreadsheets. Enjoy 200+ available integrations!
  • Preview, transform, and filter your data before sending it to the destination. Get excited about how easy data analytics can be.
  • Access data that is always up to date by enabling refreshing data on a schedule as often as every 15 minutes.
  • Visualize your data by loading it to BI tools or exporting it directly to Looker Studio. Making data-driven decisions has never been easier.
  • Easily track and improve your business metrics by creating live dashboards on your own or with the help of our experts.

Try today at no cost with a 14-day free trial (no credit card required), and join 700,000+ happy users to accelerate growth with data-driven decisions.

Start 14-day free trial

Looker Studio pricing 

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6 main benefits of marketing analytics software

Every business or marketer who wants to make the most of their campaigns should endeavor to use online marketing analytics tools. They help to amplify your efforts and increase your chances of success. Here are some benefits of using data analytics tools for marketing:

  • Evaluate marketing performance

An online marketing analytics tool can help to measure the performance of your campaigns. First, you will evaluate the metrics of each marketing channel. Then, you’ll proceed to measure the overall ROI of your entire marketing strategy. 

  • Integrate marketing data

Some marketing analytics software tools allow you to combine data from multiple sources into one primary destination. This makes it easier for you to store, manage and analyze your data in spreadsheets or data warehouses.

  • Gain insights and make predictions

Many businesses use some of the best marketing analytics tools to analyze past and present marketing data. This helps you to completely understand your target market, existing customers, competitors, and every other useful aspect of your campaigns. 

  • Identify market trends and patterns

Observing your past marketing data can help to discover opportunities or potential problems in the market. This allows you to understand the strategies that have produced the desired results and what your customers might be more interested in. 

  • Optimize marketing efforts

Marketing data analytics tools provide all the information needed to enhance your marketing campaigns. They ensure that you avoid past mistakes, adjust your budgets, improve each marketing channel and set achievable goals. 

  • Make more informed decisions

Marketing is an integral part of every business, so you need to analyze the results of your marketing efforts. This helps to understand the current state of your business and what actions or decisions can help to guarantee growth and profitability.

How to choose the best option of many tools for marketing analytics?

We’ve discussed the top marketing analytics tools that you can utilize in your business. But how do you pick the perfect data automation and analytics platform? Below are some factors to consider when making such a decision:

  • The type of analytics tool you need

We have three main types of online marketing analytics tools – descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive. There are marketing analytics tools that provide one or more features with such capabilities. Some tools are also great for general business data. 

  • The kind of automation you desire

Most marketing data analytics tools offer some sort of automation. They can reduce manual tasks involved in data integration, preparation, insights and analytics, dashboards and reports, and frequent exports to data destinations. 

  • The insights you’re looking for

Some marketing analytics software tools may provide features that offer insights on leads and existing customers, content and design, digital experiences, phone calls, and others. Others may also provide recommendations.

  • The budget you’re willing to spend

Most marketing data analytics tools have free trials to help you determine if they are right for you. They offer pricing plans based on your data and analytics requirements. The pricing is usually a fixed amount billed monthly or yearly. 

  • The data integration options

Data integration is an important part of the marketing analytics process. You should choose a reporting tool that easily integrates with your favorite CRM, advertising, analysis, cloud storage, and visualization platforms. 

Use analytics tools for marketing to make better decisions

Marketing analytics is a necessary part of every marketing campaign. It helps to identify issues and take immediate action. It also helps in making data-driven decisions in your business.

An ideal marketing analytics platform should offer data collection from various sources, allow you to categorize them, interpret data with dashboards, automate reports, and support multiple users.

Another thing to level up your marketing reporting is templates. Check our article 12 best marketing reporting templates to learn more.

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